Claude Feaster


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Year Album Artist
2017 The Singles Collection 1947-1960 Stan Freberg Composer
2017 The Singles Collection 1950-1960 The Crew Cuts Composer
2015 They Tried to Rock, Vol. 3: The Popsters Composer
2012 Music That Inspired American Graffiti Composer
2012 Start Movin' in My Direction Edna McGriff Composer
2012 Street Corner Symphonies: The Complete Story of Doo Wop, Vol. 6 (1954) Composer
2012 The Billy May Collection: 1939-60 Billy May Composer
2010 Good Ol' Fashioned Love The Overtones Composer
2009 Atlantic Records: The Time Capsule Composer
2009 Best Of '50s Rock 'N' Roll 2 Composer
2009 Singles Stan Freberg Composer
2008 Ahhh...Cappella! The Keene Cheshiremen Chorus Composer
2008 Atlantic Vocal Groups 1951-1963 Composer
2008 Disney Doubles: Cars Musician
2008 Doo Wop Love Songs Composer
2007 30 Jahre Rock'n'roll Spider Murphy Gang Composer, Lyricist
2007 Atlantic Top 60: Doo Wop, Rock and Bobby Socks Composer
2007 Atlantic Top 60: R&B Grooves Composer
2007 Chart Toppin' Doo Wop, Vol. 2 Composer
2007 Music for Rock 'N' Roll Composer
2007 Scharf Wia Peperoni Spider Murphy Gang Composer, Lyricist
2006 Acappella Starlight Sessions 45 RPM Composer
2006 Acappella Starlight Sessions The Arrogants Composer
2006 America's Greatest Hits, Vol. 5: 1954 Composer
2006 Atlantic R&B Box Set Composer
2006 Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974, Vol. 2: 1952-1954 Composer
2006 Cars [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2006 Greatest Hits Spider Murphy Gang Composer
2006 Soundtrack to the Doo Wop Era: A Kenny Vance Collection Kenny Vance Composer
2006 True Fifties Composer
2006 Vocal Groups: Classic Doo Wop Baritone
2005 50s Golden Memories Composer
2005 Blowing the Fuse: 29 R&B Classics That Rocked the Jukebox in 1954 Composer
2005 Early Days [Bonus Tracks] Harvey & The Wallbangers Composer
2005 Hits of 54: Little Things Mean a Lot Composer
2005 We're Gonna Rock We're Gonna Roll: It's Only Rock 'N' Roll Composer
2005 We're Gonna Rock: We're Gonna Roll Composer
2004 Doo Wop, Vol. 1 [Platinum] Composer
2004 Fabulous Fifties, Vol. 2 [WEA Box Set] Composer
2004 Magic Moments: The Best of '50s Pop Composer
2004 The Chartbuster Karaoke: Greatest Party Songs Composer
2004 The Roots of Rock 'n' Roll: 1946-1954 Composer
2003 #1 Hits of the 50's [Platinum] Composer
2003 Doo Wop Til You Drop The Mighty Echoes Composer
2003 It's Only Rock and Roll The Speedos Composer
2003 Mona Lisa Smile Composer
2002 21st Century Doo Wop Composer
2002 A Cappella Doo Wop 2 The Mighty Echoes Composer
2002 Casey Kasem Presents: America's Top Ten - The 50's Doo-Wop Years Composer
2002 Golden Age of American Rock 'n' Roll, Vol. 10 Composer
2002 Live at the Sands The Embers Composer
2002 Street Corner Souvenirs: Doo Wop Classics Composer
2002 The 50's Golden Era Composer
2002 The Fabulous Fifties Composer
2001 20th Century Rocks: '50s Rock 'n Roll - At the Hop Composer
2001 Best of the Crew Cuts The Crew Cuts Composer
2001 Dance Hall Days Composer
2001 Doo Wop Favorites [Madacy] Composer
2001 Greatest Hits of the 50s [Boxset #2] Composer
2001 Hearts in Atlantis Mychael Danna Composer
2001 Teenagers in Love [Golden Stars] Composer
2001 The 50's Decade: #1 Hits Composer
2001 The Fabulous Fifties: Unforgettable Fifties [Time Life Single Disc] Composer
2000 Car Cruisin Superhits of the 50's and 60's Composer
2000 Cat's Meow The Alley Cats Composer
2000 Choice Voices! Pop Vocal Group Gems of the 50's Composer
2000 Jammin' Oldies: Watzit Called Jammin' Oldies Composer
2000 Johnny Otis Rock 'N Roll Hit Parade Johnny Otis Composer
2000 Original Artists Hits of the 50's Composer
2000 Original Artists Hits of the 50's, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 The '50s [K-Tel] Composer
1999 #1 Hits of the 50's, Vol. 1 Composer
1999 Shake, Rattle & Roll [MCA] [Original TV Soundtrack] Composer
1999 The Tip of the Freberg: The Stan Freberg Collection 1951-1998 Stan Freberg Composer
1998 50's Greatest Rock & Roll Hits Composer
1998 50's Jukebox Hits [Rebound] Composer
1998 Blue Moon: 26 Doo Wop Classics Composer
1998 Chart Toppers: Rock Hits of the 50s Composer
1998 From the Earth to the Moon [Original TV Soundtrack] Composer
1998 My Funny Valentine Western Wind Composer
1998 Teenagers in Love [Razor & Tie] Composer
1998 The Very Best of Stan Freberg Stan Freberg Composer
1998 Ultimate 50's R&B Smashes Composer
1998 We the Boys Will Rock Ya! Big 6 Composer
1997 1950's Rock N Roll Composer
1997 Doo Wop: Sh-boom Composer
1997 Fabulous 50's [1997 Madacy Box] Composer
1997 Greatest Rock 'n' Roll Hits [Disc 1] Composer
1997 Hit Parade!: 54 Big Hits from the Best of the Hit Parade Composer
1997 Let's Dance [Family Planet] Sharon Composer
1997 Music That Changed Our Lives: 50's Composer
1997 Music That Changes Our Lives: 50's 60's 70's Composer
1997 Rock 'N Roll Relix: 1954-1959 Composer
1997 Rock 'N' Roll Story Spider Murphy Gang Composer, Lyricist
1997 Whole Lotta Rock: 1954-1955 Composer
1996 Happy Days Jukebox Composer
1996 Let's Have a Party! The Embers Composer
1996 Looking for an Echo [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Kenny Vance & the Planotones Composer
1996 Only Rock 'N Roll 1955-1965: 20 Pop Hits Composer
1996 The Best of the Crew Cuts: The Mercury Years The Crew Cuts Composer
1995 Don't It Sound Good: The Great Atlantic Vocal Groups Vocals, Composer
1995 Doo Wop Memories, Vol. 1 Composer
1995 Hits to Remember Composer
1995 Let's Dance! [Drive] Sharon Composer
1995 Taffetas [Original Broadway Cast] Composer
1994 O Western Wind: An Almost a Cappella Song Western Wind Composer
1994 The Doo Wop Box Composer
1994 The R&B Box: 30 Years of Rhythm & Blues Composer
1992 Rhythm & Blues: 1954 Composer
1992 The World Goes Ska The Ethiopians Composer
1991 Atlantic Rhythm & Blues 1947-1974 [Box] Composer
1991 The Fabulous 50's [K-Tel] Composer
1991 Your Hit Parade: The Mid-'50s Composer
1990 Capitol Collectors Series Stan Freberg Composer
1990 Cry-Baby [Original Soundtrack] Composer
1990 The Baby Boomer Classics: The Best of 50s Party Composer
1988 Mir San a Bayrische Band Spider Murphy Gang Composer
1988 The Rock 'N' Roll Era: 1954-1955 Composer
1986 Back to the '50s Composer
1986 Oldies Golden Million Sellers Composer
1978 At the Hop Composer
1975 Live in Japan Carpenters Composer
1957 Child's Garden of Freberg Stan Freberg Composer
1960 British Hit Parade: The B Sides, Pt. 1 January-May Composer
50s & 60s, Vol. 8 Composer
80 Aniversario Peerless, Vol. 1 Composer
Cars Composer
Doo Wop Classics, Vol. 6 [Rhino] Composer
Hit Parade [Mercury] Composer
Ich find Schlager toll-Das Beste Spider Murphy Gang Composer
If You Wanna Be Happy Rocky Sharpe & the Replays Composer
Meant To Be The Koi Boys Composer
Old Payola Roll Blues & Other Hysterical Hits of the 50s Stan Freberg Composer
Please Mr. Disc Jockey Composer
Premium Gold Spider Murphy Gang Composer/Lyricist
Rock 'n' Roll Composer
Rock 'n' Roll Forever: Best of the 50's Composer
Rockin' The Diner Composer
Sh-Boom (Life Could Be a Dream) Darts Composer
Shake It The Koi Boys Composer
Solid Gold Rock'n'Roll, Vol. 1 Composer
Standard Time Michael Jovovich Composer
The Best of Stan Freberg: The Capitol Years Stan Freberg Composer
The Capitol Singles Collection Stan Freberg Composer
The History Of Rhythm And Blues 1952-1957 Vocals
The Rock 'N' Roll Era: R&B Gems - 1954-1955 [1] Composer
UK Record Label Debut Hits: The First Decade 1952-1961 Composer
We Sing, You Swing! Stimmband Composer