Before the Cro-Mags, the idea of combining heavy metal and hardcore punk was unheard of. But with the release of their classic debut, 1986's The Age of Quarrel, hardcore metal was born, and in its wake came a legion of similarly styled offspring (Biohazard, Vision of Disorder, etc.). The Cro-Mags have endured an endless number of lineup shifts and skirmishes over the band's leadership and just who owns the right to use their name, yet the group continued to record and tour in one form or another, and their influence on hardcore (especially on the New York scene) is massive. The Age of Quarrel's blend of hardcore velocity and metal guitar figures makes it their definitive release, and 1989's Best Wishes pushed their sound into thrash metal territory. 2020's In the Beginning (and the 2020 EP), recorded after many years of uncertainty about ...
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