An unrepentant believer in the power of classic rock and R&B, Melissa Etheridge sounded like a throwback to the '70s when she delivered her eponymous debut in 1988. Her raspy delivery recalled that of Rod Stewart and her belief in the restorative power of rock & roll suggested peak Bruce Springsteen, while her commitment to lean, straight-ahead heartland rock aligned her with John Mellencamp. Etheridge would never abandon traditional rock & roll values, but she found a way to not only keep these familiar sounds fresh, but to make them her own. Much of this skill was evident on Melissa Etheridge, Brave and Crazy, and Never Enough -- the trio of records she released around the turn of the 1990s -- albums that generated such rock radio hits as "Bring Me Some Water," "Similar Features," "No Souvenirs," and "Ain't It Heavy," the latter ...
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