Detroit, MI's Walls of Jericho weren't just noteworthy because they were a metalcore band with a screaming female on vocals. They are also worth remembering because they adeptly balanced old-school hardcore, thrash metal, and "chugga-chugga" metalcore with a ferocity and dedication unmatched by many of their contemporaries. Containing former members of the band Earth Mover, Walls of Jericho came together in September of 1998 around Candace Kucsulain (vocals), Wes Keely (drums), Chris Rawson (guitar), Aaron Ruby (bass), and Mike Hasty (guitar). They began playing shows soon after, supporting more established bands throughout the Midwest, like Buried Alive, Hatebreed, Racetraitor, Brother's Keeper, and Reach the Sky. Less than a year later, in April of 1999, the band issued a 7" EP through Underestimated, which was followed shortly ...
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The Bound Feed the Gagged 1999 The Bound Feed the Gagged
All Hail the Dead 2004 All Hail the Dead
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