One of the longest-running institutions in Canadian punk rock, D.O.A. play tough, straightforward rock in a fast, loud, and hard-hitting style. While they have a pronounced sense of humor, they also have a strong progressive political stripe, and have been willing to decry war, economic injustice, corruption, and environmental issues in their music without compromising their rowdy image. Led by guitarist, vocalist, and songwriter Joe Keithley -- also known to longtime fans by his stage name, Joey Shithead -- D.O.A. started out as a no-frills punk outfit on their early singles (collected on the album Bloodied But Unbowed: The Damage to Date 1978-1984), getting faster and louder on their second album, Hardcore '81. They incorporated hard rock and metal influences on 1985's Let's Wreck the Party and 1987's True (North) Strong and Free.
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