Short of G.G. Allin, it would be hard to name a punk rock band that went further to establish a bad reputation than the Dwarves. Playing deliberately crude, high-speed punk rock dripping with bad attitude, the Dwarves -- led by vocalist Blag Dahlia and guitarist He Who Cannot Be Named -- matched their music with lyrics that celebrated all sorts of bad behavior, and their album covers almost invariably featured full-frontal nudity. Add in the band's live shows, which often lasted less than 20 minutes and occasionally included a physical assault on the audience, and you have a recipe for infamy, which the Dwarves rode to a lasting cult following via incendiary albums like Blood Guts & Pussy (1990), Thank Heaven for Little Girls (1991), and The Dwarves Must Die (2004). The Dwarves began in Chicago as a teen garage rock outfit called ...
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