Keiko Abe

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Long considered one of the finest marimbaists in the world, Keiko Abe is also a composer of note, having contributed a number of pieces to her instrument's standard repertoire. Abe was introduced to the…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Mi-Chi, for marimba 08:49 Chamber Music
Dream of the Cherry Blossoms, for marimba 1983 05:20 Chamber Music
Variations on Japanese Children's Songs, for marimba 08:17 Chamber Music
Memories of the Seashore, for marimba 05:21 Chamber Music
Frogs, for marimba 02:43 Chamber Music
Wind in the Bamboo Grove, for marimba 06:02 Chamber Music
Little Windows, for marimba 03:13 Chamber Music
Prism, for marimba 04:18 Chamber Music
Wind Sketch, for solo marimba 05:44 Chamber Music
Tambourin Paraphrase, for marimba 04:10 Chamber Music
Ancient Vase, for marimba 05:23 Chamber Music
Prism Rhapsody II, for 2 marimbas, winds & percussion (revised version) 1996 15:42 Concerto
Memories of the Seashore, for 2 marimbas 1986 06:18 Chamber Music
Ban-ka, for solo marimba 06:15 Chamber Music
Kazak Lullaby, for marimba (based on a Russian folk song) 04:54 Chamber Music
Piacer d'amor, for marimba (based on a theme by G. Martini) 05:03 Chamber Music
Conversation in the Forest II, for marimba, saxophone, oboe & 2 percussionists 1993 09:45 Chamber Music
Itsuki Fantasy for Six Mallets, for marimba 05:40 Chamber Music
Alone, for marimba 03:28 Chamber Music
Prism Rhapsody II, for solo marimba & orchestra (original version) 1996 15:17 Concerto
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