Mixture 151


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Year Album Artist
2002 Boolean Logic QPE Mastering
2002 Bounces! Bran Flakes Mastering
2002 Consciously Unconscious. Unconsciously Conscious Zbigniew Karkowski Mastering
2002 Return of the Cyklops Mix Master Mike Mastering
2001 Barbeque Beets Mastering
2001 Once11 Versus the Pyramid Once11 Mastering
2001 Uh-Oh! Tipsy Mastering
2000 Eye of the Cyklops Mix Master Mike Mastering
2000 Hard Petting Tipsy Mastering
2000 Moving Parts Christian Marclay Mastering
1999 The Square Root of Negative One We Mastering
1998 Redunjusta [2 Disc] Dogon Mastering
1996 Notdunjusta [Single Disc] Dogon Mastering