Mitzi Meyerson

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Mitzi Meyerson specializes in obscure harpsichord repertoire, reviving the music of fascinating but forgotten Baroque composers.
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Mitzi Meyerson is an American harpsichordist and teacher. Raised in a musical family, she gave her first concert at seven. Following her university and graduate work in Chicago and Oberlin, she traveled to London, where she co-founded Trio Sonnerie with violinist Monica Huggett and viola da gambist Sarah Cunningham. Meyerson is a specialist in the lesser-known harpsichord repertoire, and she has researched and recorded music by English composers Richard Jones and John Jones, in addition to her recordings of music by Jean-Philippe Rameau, Dietrich Buxtehude, François Couperin, Claude-Bénigne Balbastre, Johann Caspar Ferdinand Fischer, Georg Böhm, and other Baroque composers. Meyerson is full professor of historical keyboard instruments at the Berlin University of Arts, a position formerly held by Wanda Landowska. Meyerson is also a professional photographer and a doula. She has recorded for Glossa, Harmonia Mundi, MDG, and other labels.