According to the wacko M.I.R.V. website, the moniker of this San Francisco Bay band signifies: (1) Multiple Independently targeted Re-entry Vehicles, (2) Many Inebriated Rude Vermin, (3) Mutant Industrial Rock Vaudeville, or (4) Men in Red Velvet. In all actuality, chances are M.I.R.V. stands for clear-haired lead loon Mirv Haggard. Like grade Z Zappas, this quartet aims at the big and easy target of hard rock. M.I.R.V. likes to fly off the handle, writing songs about whatever subject they want played in whatever style tickles their fancy at the moment. M.I.R.V. debuted with the odd opera Cosmodrome on kindred tweeker Les Claypool's Prawn Song label. Feeding Time on Monkey Island freed the "Unabomber" which wrapped a methadone melody around Cops and Yngwie Malmsteen quotes. Dancing Naked in a Mine Field continued the insane antics, but ...
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