A vocalist and songwriter who blends modern pop with R&B and dance music, Miriam Bryant's strong voice and passionate delivery have made her a star in her native Sweden and earned her an international following. Bryant was born in Gothenburg, Sweden on March 8, 1991; her father was English and her mother was Finnish. She studied choral singing as a youngster, and went on to take courses in musical theater. Her entrée into pop music came in late 2011 when a close friend of hers, Victor Rådström, asked her to help him with a school project in which he needed to produce three original songs for a new artist. Bryant co-wrote and sang three tunes for Rådström's assignment, and in 2012 one of them was released as a single, "Finders, Keepers." The single attracted enough attention to land her a deal with Sweden's Stereoscope Music, and in ...
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