Bristolian multi-instrumentalist and producer David Edwards, best known as Minotaur Shock, makes melodic, playful electronic music inspired by the more eccentric aspects of folk, progressive rock, and dance music. His early releases, including 2001 debut full-length Chiff-Chaffs & Willow Warblers, reflected the move from the colder, harder-edged IDM of the '90s to the softer, more organic style of the early 2000s. His 4AD-issued album Maritime (2005) reflected his love of the seaside and sleek '80s pop like Steely Dan and Hall & Oates, while 2012's Orchard, blending live and programmed instrumentation, was influenced by library music and artists such as Mike Oldfield and Kevin Ayers. Edwards later explored a purely electronic, often techno-influenced direction with subsequent releases such as 2021's Qi EP. David Edwards began ...
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