Mike Wells


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Year Album Artist
2014 Fistful of Hollow Swingin' Utters Mastering
2014 Jars of Waters Isha Love Mastering
2013 If I Were an Otter: Songs for Kids of All Ages Alice Di Micele Mastering
2013 Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers Nicki Bluhm / Nicki Bluhm & the Gramblers Mastering
2013 Poorly Formed Swingin' Utters Mastering
2013 The Sound of Leaving Twinstar Mastering
2012 Blacklight Magick Necrotek Mastering
2012 Driftwood Nicki Bluhm Mastering
2012 Moonbell Moonbell Mastering
2011 Bringing the War Home Cobra Skulls Mastering
2011 Letters from the Coast [The] Caseworker Mastering
2011 Sad Bear Tony Sly Mastering
2011 Viridian Resonance Revolution State Mastering
2010 12 Song Program Tony Sly Mastering
2010 My Story Sway Peñala Mastering
2010 Part II: The New December Fol Chen Mastering
2010 Say Goodbye To Useless Deru Mastering
2010 Songs For Other People Filthybird Mastering
2010 The Piano Pieces Christopher Ferreira Mastering
2009 Basis to Break This Other Weapons Mastering
2009 Danger Is The Ettes Mastering
2009 Dear Friends and Gentle Hearts American Steel Mastering
2009 French Miami French Miami Mastering
2009 Klamath Mark Eitzel Mastering
2009 Limbs Akimbo Hot Buttered Rum Mastering
2009 Menschenfeind Necrotek Mastering
2009 Midnight to Morning Face on Straight Mastering
2009 Pacific Dust Mother Hips Mastering
2009 Solidago Chris Velan Mastering
2009 The Full Sun Scott Pinkmountain Mastering
2008 All the Secrets You Know Anaura Mastering
2008 Canopy Glow Anathallo Mastering
2008 Child Bearing Man Little Teeth Mastering
2008 Contact Astralingua Mastering
2008 Everyday Including The Union Trade Mastering
2008 ExitingARM Subtle Mastering
2008 Galactic Funktions Galactic Council Mastering
2008 Harlequin Goodnight Forest Sun Mastering
2008 In the Interim Jet Black Crayon Mastering
2008 Last Night The Downfalls Mastering
2008 Leap Second Okie Rosette Mastering
2008 Lost Color Shantytown Mastering
2008 Make Some Quiet The Bell Mastering
2008 Melodious and Harmonious: Claudine Cheng and Friends Claudine Cheng Mastering
2008 On Tape Adolfo Lazo Mastering
2008 Peaceblaster STS9 Mastering
2008 Pretty Swell Explode Odd Nosdam Mastering
2008 Return of the Bastard Tommy Guerrero Audio Engineer
2008 Songbird Sing Nat Kendall Mastering
2008 Status Boundary Full Time Beret Mastering
2008 TV Loves You Back Restiform Bodies Mastering
2008 The Ritual Necro / Sabac Red / Sabac Mastering
2008 Young Family Song Last of the Blacksmiths Mastering
2007 Bellavista Bellavista Mastering
2007 By Ebb and By Flow Alice Di Micele Mastering
2007 Capsules The Balustrade Ensemble Mastering
2007 Connected The Bruises Mastering
2007 Kiss the Crystal Flake Mother Hips Mastering
2007 La Victoria The May Fire Mastering
2007 Love at First Fight Fabulous Disaster Mastering
2007 One Pursuit HMD Mastering
2007 Pressure Nyles Lannon Mastering
2007 The Drunken Dance of Modern Man in Love Chris Robley Mastering
2007 The Late Great Southwest D. Mulligan Mastering
2007 Willow Willow Willow Willow Mastering
2006 Five Pointed Tongue Saros Mastering
2006 The Convenience of Fascism/What All the Schoolchildren Learn Cameron Ember Mastering
2006 When I Was a Young King [The] Caseworker Mastering
2005 777 Matthew McAvene Mastering
2005 Bruno Scissors for Lefty Mastering
2005 Ship in the Attic, Birds in the Subway The Red Thread Mastering
2005 Sonic Tonic [Bonus CD] Ron Blake Mastering
2004 My Daily Routine Portland Mastering
2003 Art d'Echo Gys Mastering
2002 Alfresco Soiree Producer, Engineer, Piano, Composer
1994 Time Atlantic Starr Engineer
A Life Of Crying: Sad Picks Through 2006 Cameron Ember Mastering
Behind Beyond Mother Hips Mastering
Blurred Alex Wise Mastering
Bring Dawn Oberg Mastering
Chronicle Man Mother Hips Mastering
Close My Eyes Curt Yagi Mastering
Collecting Dust Rob Harp Mastering
Concrete Jungle Blktop Project Mastering
Coulda Woulda Shoulda Matt Forbes Mastering
Dusk Garrett Pierce Mastering
East of Monument/The Road to the Crater Half Film Remastering
Elegant Aggression Sureshot Symphony Solution Mastering
Evolutionary Process Pamela Parker Mastering
Hale Souls Gretchen Menn Mastering
In the Throes... The Paper Sons Mastering
Live Your Life Conscious Souls Mastering
Memory Books of Fate Mastering
Mist and Mast Mist and Mast Mastering
No Mans Land Tommy Guerrero Mastering
On the Mend Brian Spence Mastering
Out of Shadows Volary Mastering
Rhapsody In Blonde Scott Gagner Mastering
RoadSideDaisies RoadSideDaisies Mastering
She Rocks, Vol. 1 Mastering
Slinkin' Fog Swamp Mastering
Songs from the Stoop The Brothers Comatose Mastering
Step by Step Ian Franklin Mastering
The Twelve Minutes of Christmas Matt Forbes Mastering
The Music Of Christmas & The Stories Behind The Songs Eamonn McCrystal Mastering
Turn Up the Noise Gregor Ross Mastering
Vacation The Blank Tapes Mastering
Wars and Stripes Steve Pichan Mastering
We Muzik, Vol. 4: The Islands Mastering
We Muzik, Vol.5: Trinidad And Tobago Mastering