Mika Jussila


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Year Album Artist
2019 Hexed Children of Bodom Mastering
2019 Wolf God Grand Magus Mastering
2018 Decades Nightwish Remastering
2017 Berserker Beast in Black Mastering
2017 Bringer of Pain Battle Beast Mastering
2017 Legends of the Shires Threshold Mastering
2017 Magic Serious Black Mastering
2017 Secrets of the Magick Grimoire Elvenking Mastering
2017 Vehicle of Spirit Nightwish Mastering
2016 Back to the Land of the Dead Ancient Mastering
2016 Jumalten Aika Moonsorrow Mastering
2016 Kodama Alcest Mastering
2016 Visions of Europe Stratovarius Remastering
2015 Endless Forms Most Beautiful Nightwish Mastering
2015 Eternal Stratovarius Mastering
2015 I Worship Chaos Children of Bodom Mastering
2015 The Candlelight Years Insomnium Mastering
2015 The Deal Sumac Mastering
2015 Unholy Savior Battle Beast Mastering
2014 Erdentempel Equilibrium Mastering
2014 For the Journey Threshold Mastering
2014 Scare Force One Lordi Mastering
2013 Battle Beast Battle Beast Mastering
2013 Blodsvept Finntroll Mastering
2013 Halo of Blood Children of Bodom Mastering
2013 Horns and Halos Michael Monroe Artwork
2013 Nemesis Stratovarius Mastering
2013 Outbound Keldian Mastering
2013 Saivon Lapsi Eternal Tears of Sorrow Mastering
2013 The Land of New Hope Timo Tolkki's Avalon / Timo Tolkki Mastering
2012 Emerald Forest and the Blackbird Swallow the Sun Mastering
2012 Equate Way of Purity Mastering
2012 Holiday at Lake Bodom: 15 Years of Wasted Youth Children of Bodom Remastering
2012 Infinite/Intermission Stratovarius Mastering
2012 Kindred Spirits Waylander Mastering
2012 Nocebo Stam1na Mastering
2012 Time I Wintersun Mastering
2011 A Mind's Chronicle Infinita Symphonia Mastering
2011 As the World Bleeds Theocracy Mastering
2011 Epsilon Dreamtale Mastering
2011 Imaginaerum Nightwish Mastering
2011 Imaginaerum: The Score Nightwish Mastering
2011 Live in Finland Sonata Arctica Photography
2011 The Enigma of Life Sirenia Mastering
2011 Under Saturn Retrograde Forgotten Tomb Mastering
2010 Forging the Land of Thousand Lakes Amorphis Mastering
2010 Gold Edition, Vol. 2: The Savage Poetry, Mandrake, Painting On The Wall & Bonus Materials Edguy Mastering
2010 Gravity of Light Tarot Mastering
2010 Live at Apollo Brother Firetribe Mastering
2010 Magic And Mayhem: Tales From the Early Years Amorphis Mastering
2010 Oionos The Foreshadowing Mastering
2010 Ophidia Neverland Mastering
2010 Out of the Ashes Katra Mastering
2010 Polaris Live Stratovarius Mastering
2010 Road to the Octagon Impaled Nazarene Mastering
2010 Sleepwalking in a Nightmare Dark the Suns Mastering
2010 Slip It On Jettblack Mastering
2010 Solitaire Edenbridge Mastering
2010 Soul Saliva The LoveCrave Mastering
2010 Time to Be King Masterplan Mixing, Mastering
200? Verisäkeet Moonsorrow Mastering
2009 9 Degrees West of the Moon Vision Divine Mastering
2009 All Ends in Silence Dark the Suns Mastering
2009 As the Path Unfolds... Crimfall Mastering
2009 Bloodstained Endurance Trail of Tears Mastering
2009 Buck the Odds Peer Günt Mastering
2009 By the Light of the Northern Star Týr Mastering
2009 C.I.A. Pitbull Terrorist Mastering
2009 Darkness Walks Beside Me Black Sun Aeon Mastering
2009 Evige Asatro/Til Dovre Faller Glittertind Mastering
2009 Evocation I: The Arcane Dominion Eluveitie Mastering
2009 For DeAth Depressed Mode Mastering
2009 Glass Spires Glass Spires Mastering
2009 Japanese Hospitality Warmen Mastering
2009 Lokikirja Nightwish Mastering
2009 Made in Hong Kong (And in Various Other Places) Nightwish Mastering
2009 Presence with War Grenouer Mastering
2009 Skyforger Amorphis Mastering
2009 The Chainsaw's Law Infernoise Mastering
2009 The Dead End Dark the Suns Mastering
2008 Almah and Serenity Almah Mastering
2008 Blooddrunk Children of Bodom Mastering
2008 Cherno KYPCK Mastering
2008 Cynic Paradise Pain Mastering
2008 En Busca de Eldorado Eldorado Mastering
2008 Goth N' Roll The 69 Eyes Remastering, Mastering
2008 Icaros Diablo Mastering
2008 Journey of Souls Keldian Mastering
2008 Karma Killer Negative Mastering
2008 Kiuas War Anthems Kiuas Mastering
2008 Korven Kuningas Korpiklaani Mastering
2008 Lifelong Days Grenouer Mastering
2008 Mirror of Souls Theocracy Mastering
2008 Myearthdream Edenbridge Mastering
2008 Nordlys Midnattsol Mastering
2008 Porta Obscura Coronatus Mastering
2008 Raja Stam1na Mastering
2008 The Circle Shuts Squealer Remastering, Mastering
2008 The Promethean Legacy Tragodia Mastering
2008 Through Painful Lanes Alkemyst Mastering
2008 Tracedawn Tracedawn Mastering
2008 Ultra Beatdown DragonForce Mastering
2007 Beyond the Dark Ancara Mastering
2007 Blue Play Passionworks Mastering
2007 Buried Alive Sentenced Mastering
2007 Circus of Fools Machine Men Mastering
2007 Dark Passion Play Nightwish Mastering
2007 Destruction Godiva Mastering
2007 Divine Insanity Lovex Mastering
2007 Evernight Battlelore / Dominici Mastering
2007 Existentia Trail of Tears Mastering
2007 In Darkness Comes Beauty Dark the Suns Mastering
2007 Learning to Rock Sturm und Drang Mastering
2007 Lost and Gone Masterplan Mixing, Mastering
2007 Lux Noctis Coronatus Mastering
2007 MK II Masterplan Mixing, Mastering
2007 Manifest Impaled Nazarene Mastering
2007 Medievil Olympos Mons Mastering
2007 Sentinels of the Sun Morian Mastering
2007 Serenity Kotipelto Mastering
2007 Tervaskanto Korpiklaani Mastering
2007 The Blue Novembre Mastering
2007 The Fourth Season Vanishing Point Mastering
2007 The Insight Eye Illogicist Mastering
2007 The Scythe Elvenking Mastering
2007 The Varangian Way Turisas Mastering
2007 Trinity Visions of Atlantis Mastering
2007 Uneasy Listening, Vol. 2 H.I.M. Mastering
2007 Ur Jordens Djup Finntroll Mastering
2007 V: Hävitetty Moonsorrow Mastering
2007 VII At Vance Mastering
2007 Victory Songs Ensiferum Mastering
2007 Wasting the Dawn The 69 Eyes Remastering
2007 Words Untold & Dreams Unlived Serenity Mastering
2006 21st Century Pirates Private Line Mastering
2006 Again It's Over [EP] Lacrimas Profundere Mastering
2006 Aurora Consurgens Angra Mastering
2006 Chaos Ridden Years: Stockholm Knockout Live Children of Bodom Mastering
2006 Das Humppawerk Eläkeläiset Mastering
2006 Desolation House of Mirrors Mastering
2006 Eclipse Amorphis Mastering
2006 El Camino del Fuego Rata Blanca Mastering, Mastering Engineer
2006 Filthy Notes for Frozen Hearts Lacrimas Profundere Mastering
2006 Framed in Blood: The Very Blessed of the 69 Eyes The 69 Eyes Remastering, Digital Remastering
2006 Get Heavy Lordi Mastering
2006 In Your Face [DVD Single] Children of Bodom Mastering
2006 Journey into the Fourth Dimension Jose del Rio Mastering
2006 Masterpiece of Bitterness Solstafir Mastering
2006 Materia [Peaceville/Snapper] Novembre Mastering
2006 Midnattens Widunder Finntroll Mastering
2006 Monsterican Dream Lordi Mastering
2006 Pro Patria Finlandia Impaled Nazarene Mastering
2006 Reformation Kiuas Mastering
2006 Shape of Despair Shape of Despair Mastering
2006 Sleeping Sun Nightwish Mastering
2006 Tales Along This Road Korpiklaani Mastering
2006 The Black Waltz Kalmah Mastering
2006 The Winter's Wake Elvenking Mastering
2006 Tides Leverage Mastering
2006 Travesty of Heavenly Essence Thyrane Mastering
2006 Unreal End of You Mastering
2006 Virus Heavenly Mastering
2006 Visor Om Slutet Finntroll Mastering
2006 Vol. 4 Lullacry Mastering
2006 Welcome to Carcass Cuntry Jeff Walker und Die Fluffers Mastering
2005 Absence Noumena Mastering
2005 Aeronautics Masterplan Mastering
2005 All That Remains Circle II Circle Mastering
2005 Are You Dead Yet? Children of Bodom Mastering
2005 Between Two Horizons Platens Mastering
2005 Bump 'n' Grind The 69 Eyes Remastering
2005 Burn the Street, Vol. 3 Mastering
2005 Chained At Vance Mastering
2005 Classic Diamonds Doro Mastering
2005 Death Comes in 26 Carefully Selected Pieces: Live Impaled Nazarene Editing, Mastering
2005 Death Metal Finland Sotajumala Mastering
2005 Decrowning Amoral Mastering
2005 Dieversity Entwine Mastering
2005 Elegies Machine Men Mastering
2005 Free Fall into Fear Trail of Tears Mastering
2005 Hall of Flames: The Best and the Rare Edguy Digital Remastering
2005 Highest Hopes: The Best of Nightwish Nightwish Mastering
2005 Illusion's Play Shape of Despair Mastering
2005 In Your Face Children of Bodom Mastering
2005 Kholera Sethery Mastering
2005 King for a Day Francine Mastering
2005 Majestic Gamma Ray Mastering
2005 Motor City Resurrection The 69 Eyes Remastering, Digital Remastering
2005 Seducia Silentium Mastering
2005 Sleep of Reason Eternal Mastering
2005 So Pale Is the Light Cadacross Mastering
2005 The End of This Chapter Sonata Arctica Mastering
2005 The Funeral Album Sentenced Mastering
2005 The Middle of Nowhere Circle II Circle Mastering
2005 Third Age of the Sun Battlelore Mastering
2005 Tools of Destruction Thunderstone Mastering
2005 Utopia Sadistica To Separate the Flesh from the Bones Mastering
2005 Years in Waste Omnium Gatherum Mastering
2004 4:17 AM Before the Dawn Mastering
2004 All That You Fear Impaled Nazarene Mastering
2004 Animal Easy Rider Mastering
2004 Asmund Frægdegjaevar Lumsk Mastering
2004 Ave End Lacrimas Profundere Mastering
2004 Coldness Kotipelto Mastering
2004 Conquistador Olympos Mons Mastering
2004 Emotional Disorder Innerself Mastering
2004 Enigma Prognosis Veneficum Mastering
2004 Ensiferum Ensiferum Mastering
2004 Eternium Diablo Mastering
2004 Happiness Is Fiction My Fate Mastering
2004 Ice Upon the Night Immortal Souls Mastering
2004 Infernal Silent Voices Mastering
2004 Insomnia Human Temple Mastering
2004 Iron Ensiferum Mastering
2004 Kill Your Darlings Bitch Alert Mastering
2004 King of Fools [EP] Edguy Mastering
2004 Let Love Rain on Me Doro Mastering
2004 Nattfödd Finntroll Mastering
2004 Ode to My Misery The Wake Mastering
2004 Once Nightwish Mastering
2004 Open the Gates of Hell Mystic Circle Mastering
2004 Panopticon Isis Remastering
2004 Plague-House Puppet Show Twilightning Mastering
2004 Roadmap of Pain Total Devastation Mastering
2004 Shades Of... Shape of Despair Mastering
2004 Si Yo Fuera Dios Los Suaves Mastering
2004 Silent Room Nightmare Mastering
2004 Since the Day It All Came Down Insomnium Mastering
2004 Spirit of the Forest Korpiklaani Mastering
2004 Stained Imperanon Mastering
2004 Subjected Illogicist Mastering
2004 Suffer Our Pleasures Tarot Mastering
2004 Takatalvi Sonata Arctica Mastering
2004 Terrorizer Dispatched Mastering
2004 The Arms Lapko Mastering
2004 The Burning Thunderstone Mastering
2004 Theocracy Theocracy Mastering
2004 Volvere Fall of the Leafe Mastering
2004 Wintersun Wintersun Mastering
2004 Wither Evemaster Mastering
2003 A Warm Glimpse Farmakon Mastering
2003 A Secret Device Tartharia Mastering
2003 B-Day Tankard Mastering
2003 Beto Vazquez Infinity Beto Vazquez Mastering
2003 Between the Light & Darkness Dark Moor Mastering
2003 Burning Down the Opera Live Edguy Mastering
2003 Criseida Stormrider Mastering
2003 Crucify My Heart Lullacry Mastering
2003 Dark Moor Dark Moor Mastering
2003 Dismal Euphoria Denigrate Mastering
2003 Elements, Pt. 1 Stratovarius Mastering
2003 Fallen For My Pain... Mastering
2003 Gaia Mägo de Oz Mastering
2003 Humppaelamaa Eläkeläiset Mastering
2003 Hypnotic Thyrane Mastering
2003 Inhumanity Mors Principium Est Mastering
2003 Invitation Altaria Mastering
2003 Kivenkantaja Moonsorrow Mastering
2003 Lovecraftian Dark Dawn of Relic Remastering, Mastering, Assembly
2003 Mask of Damnation Requiem Mastering
2003 Masterplan Masterplan Mastering
2003 Memorybox, Vol. 2 Nightwish Mastering
2003 Mirror of Madness Norther Mastering
2003 My Darkness Before the Dawn Mastering
2003 Ocean's Heart Dreamtale Mastering
2003 Our Grain Could Fill Your Stadium The Rollstons Mastering
2003 R'N'R' Memorabilia Andy McCoy Digital Remastering
2003 Reflections Apocalyptica Mastering
2003 Satrap Gaia Epicus Mastering
2003 Seemann Apocalyptica Mastering
2003 Songs for the Withering Rapture Mastering
2003 Spirits and August Light Omnium Gatherum Mastering
2003 Swampsong Kalmah Mastering
2003 Think About It! Gazoo Bill Mastering, Composer
2003 Through the Red Sunride Mastering
2003 Venomous Barathrum Mastering
2003 Wahoo! Eero Koivistoinen Digital Remastering
2003 Wild Human Condition Boomhauer Mastering
2003 Winterheart's Guild Sonata Arctica Mastering
2002 21st Century Timemachine Stringbeans Mastering
2002 A New Dimension of Might Trail of Tears Mastering
2002 Arrival Requiem Mastering
2002 Assembly Theatre of Tragedy Mastering
2002 At Sixes and Sevens Sirenia Mastering
2002 Beyond Abilities Warmen Mastering
2002 Century Child Nightwish Mastering
2002 Doomsday Sun The Black League Mastering
2002 Escape Ram-Zet Mastering
2002 Fermina Fall of the Leafe Mastering
2002 House of Mirrors House of Mirrors Mastering
2002 In the Halls of Awaiting Insomnium Mastering
2002 Infinity Infinity Mastering, Mixing Producer
2002 Jaded To/Die/For Mastering
2002 Jesús de Chamberí Mägo de Oz Remastering
2002 La Leyenda de la Mancha Mägo de Oz Remastering
2002 Murderworks Rotten Sound Mastering
2002 Pahvische Eläkeläiset Mastering
2002 Pervertigo Throne of Chaos Mastering
2002 Slay and Burn Funeris Nocturnum Mastering
2002 Suicide by My Side Sinergy Mastering
2002 The Cold White Light Sentenced Mastering
2002 The Metal Opera, Vol. 2 Avantasia Mastering
2002 They Will Return Kalmah Mastering
2002 Thunderstone Thunderstone Mastering
2002 Time of Despair Entwine Mastering
2002 Under the Cross Squealer Mastering
2002 Waiting for the Dawn Timo Kotipelto Mastering
2001 Am Universum Amorphis Mastering
2001 Back From World War III Jack Meatbeat & The Underground Society Mastering
2001 Darkness and Hope Moonspell Mastering
2001 Follow the Reaper Children of Bodom Mastering
2001 Futile Rapture Mastering
2001 Gone Entwine Mastering
2001 Intermission Stratovarius Mastering
2001 Jaktens Tid Finntroll Mastering
2001 Like the First Time The Bablers Mastering
2001 Mandrake Edguy Mastering
2001 Meet the Scene Mastering
2001 Over the Hills and Far Away Nightwish Mastering
2001 Revenge of Kero Kero Ex-Girl Mastering
2001 Secret of the Runes Therion Mastering
2001 Shadow Shadow Mastering
2001 Silence Sonata Arctica Mastering
2001 Swamplord Kalmah Mastering
2001 The Metal Opera, Vol. 1 Avantasia Mastering
2001 The Prophet of Evil Nostradameus Mastering
2001 The Invisible Man Dallas Wayne Mastering
2000 14 Diamonds: Best of Stratovarius Stratovarius Mastering
2000 Celebrate the Cliche Ben's Diapers Mastering
2000 Crimson Sentenced Mastering
2000 Cult Apocalyptica Mastering
2000 Dinosaurus Stereophonicus CMX Mastering
2000 Groove Baby Groove Stargazers Mastering
2000 Ichor The Black League Mastering
2000 Infinite Stratovarius Mastering
2000 Life Gets You Dirty Michael Monroe Mastering
2000 Mozambique Relief Mastering
2000 Nihil Impaled Nazarene Mastering
2000 Peace of Mind Michael Monroe Mastering
2000 Pitch Black Blues [Bonus Tracks] Cryhavoc Mastering
2000 The Savage Poetry Edguy Mastering
2000 To Hell and Back Sinergy Mastering
2000 Trip with Satan [EP] Hypnomen Pre-Mastering
2000 Vasaraasia Alamaailman Vasarat Mastering
2000 Watusi 99 Hypnomen Mastering
2000 Wishmaster Nightwish Mastering
1999 Addio: Opera's Greatest Farewells Plácido Domingo Tenor (Vocal)
1999 Crushing You with Style Giant Robot Mastering
1999 Ecliptica Sonata Arctica Mastering
1999 Gracefallen Unholy Mastering
1999 Hatebreeder Children of Bodom Mastering
1999 Me Viihdytamme Teitä Y.U.P. Mastering
1999 Puccini: Tosca Fernando Corena / Erich Leinsdorf / Leonard Warren Tenor (Vocal)
1999 Torremolinos 2000 Apulanta Mastering
1999 Werbung, Baby [17 Tracks] Eläkeläiset Mastering
1998 Amore: Opera's Greatest Romances Tenor (Vocal)
1998 Destiny Stratovarius Remastering, Mastering
1998 Heinola 10 Apulanta Mastering
1998 Live Visions of Europe Stratovarius Mastering
1998 Oceanborn Nightwish Mastering
1998 String Tease JPP Mastering
1998 Vain Glory Opera Edguy Mastering
1998 Vainajala CMX Mastering
1997 Angels Fall First Nightwish Mastering
1997 Tsihi Tsihi Sari Kaasinen / Sirmakka Mastering
1997 Wrap Your Troubles in Dreams The 69 Eyes Digital Remastering
1996 Episode Stratovarius Mastering
1996 Krzysztof Penderecki: Stabat Mater - Complete sacred works for chorus a aappella Juha Kuivanen / Tapiola Chamber Choir Mastering
1996 Nämä Päivät, Nämä Yöt Don Huonot Mastering
1996 Rumble City, La-La Land 22-Pistepirkko Mastering
1996 Shostakovich: String Quartets Nos. 2 & 6 Sibelius Academy String Quartet Mastering
1996 Trolltaar Ancient Remastering
1996 Vapaaherran Elämää Ultra Bra Mastering
1995 Fourth Dimension Stratovarius Mastering
1995 Hyonteisia Voi Rakastaa Höyry-kone Mastering
1995 Savage Garden The 69 Eyes Digital Remastering
1995 Trumpet Adagio Jouko Harjanne / Markku Hietaharju Mastering
1994 Edition Wiener Staatsoper Live, Vol. 4 Vienna State Opera Vocals
1994 Esa-Pekka Salonen, Composer Mastering
1994 TV Classics Tenor (Vocal)
1994 Toppatakkeja Ja Toledon Terästä Y.U.P. Mastering
1994 Verta, Pornoa & Propagandaa Don Huonot Mastering
1993 Edvard Grieg: Sonatas for Piano, Cello and Violin Erkki Rautio / Jan Söderblom / Izumi Tateno Mastering
1993 Urmas Sisask: Starry Sky Cycle Lauri Vainmaa Mastering
1992 The Oath of Black Blood Beherit Mastering
1986 Rattlesnake Bite Smack Digital Remastering
1984 On You Smack Digital Remastering
...And Do Not Deliver Us From Evil Forgotten Tomb Mastering
1614 Opera Diabolicus Mastering
Astri Blaze of Sorrow Mastering
Avalon Traumer Mastering
Awakening from Abyss Lovebites Mastering
Blood On the Face Grenouer Mastering
Box Set 1 [Angels Fall First/Oceanborn] Nightwish Mastering
Box Set 2 [Wishmaster/Over the Hills and Far Away] Nightwish Mastering
Box Set 3 [Century Child/Bless the Child] Nightwish Mastering
Crosscore Way of Purity Mastering
Darkness and Light Keldian Mastering
Darkness of Eternity Amberian Dawn Mastering
Decendents Enshrined Frosttide Mastering
Decibel Ritual Agresiva Mastering
Dirty Black Summer Mastering
Domino Sinheresy Mastering
Dreamhunter Imperium Mastering
Entering the Maze Overtures Mastering
Exodromos Wormed Mastering
Flight of Fancy X-Panda Mastering
Hesperia Stormlord Mastering
Human Indu[B]Strial Deflore Mastering
Humananke Embrace of Disharmony Mastering
Hundred Light Years Lunarsea Mastering
Hunter's Moon [Video] Delain Mastering
Hymns for the Drunk Tankard Mastering
InVader Reckless Love Mastering
Katharsis Shear Mastering
Killtrippin' Hammerhed Mastering
Layers of Nothing Silent Lie Mastering
Legacy The Next Step Mastering
Legends Dragony Mastering
Lords of the Hunt Dragony Mastering
Lovebites Lovebites Mastering
Magic Forest Amberian Dawn Mastering
Memories of an Ancient Time Hollow Haze Mastering
Mitos Somas Cure Mastering
One for the Road King Company Mastering
Oscillation Trail of Tears Mastering
Philomela in Dreams Philomela Mastering
Rebirth Overtures Engineer, Mastering
Resilience Lahmia Mastering
Return of the Cosmic Men Galderia Mastering
Return to Heaven Denied, Pt. 2: A Midnight Autumn's Dream Labyrinth Mastering
Scattered Horizons Siren's Cry Mastering
Shihuangdi Thy Majestie Mastering
Stormcrow Cain's Offering Mastering
The Deep & the Dark Visions of Atlantis Mastering
The Engineered Flesh Lyfthrasyr Mastering
The Great Momentum Edenbridge Mastering
The Lovebites EP Lovebites Mastering
The Thin Line Between Hope and Ruin Ragestorm Mastering
The Bonding Edenbridge Mastering
The Legendary Shepherd's of the Forest Holy Shire Mastering
The Storm The Voice Mastering
Vantage Fall of the Leafe Mastering
Varjoina Kuljemme Kuolleiden Maassa Moonsorrow Mastering
Vigorous and Liberating Death Impaled Nazarene Mastering
What Dreams May Come Midas Fate Mastering
What the Oak Left Atlas Pain Mastering