Miguel de Fuenllana

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Miguel de Fuenllana wrote music exclusively for the vihuela, a sixteenth century Spanish precursor to the guitar. His body of work probably constitutes the most important for this instrument from his…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Fantasia de redobles, for vihuela Chamber Music
De los álamos vengo madre, for vihuela Chamber Music
Con qué la lavaré? Miscellaneous (Classical)
De Antequera salio el moro, for vihuela Chamber Music
Duo de Fuenllana "Tant que vivray" Chamber Music
Morenica, dame un beso, for vihuela Chamber Music
De Antequera sale el moro, for voice & vihuela (after Morales) Vocal Music
Glosa sobre "Tan que vivray," for vihuela Chamber Music
Passeavase el rey moro, for voice & vihuela Vocal Music
Work(s) Miscellaneous (Classical)
Morenica, dame un beso, for voice & vihuela 1554 Vocal Music
Vos me matastes Miscellaneous (Classical)
Duelete de mí, señora, for vihuela Chamber Music
Teresica hermana, for voice & vihuela (after Flecha) Vocal Music
Duélete de me, señora, for voice & vihuela (after Vasquez) Vocal Music
Orphenica Lyra, 6 books of pieces for vihuela and for voice & vihuela Chamber Music
Fantasia sexta Miscellaneous (Classical)
De los álamos vengo, for voice & vihuela Vocal Music
Duo de Josquin Chamber Music
Duo de contrapunto, for vihuela after Flecha the older's Si amores me han de matar Chamber Music
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