Mick Abraham's was one of the more unfortunate hard-luck stories in rock music. Best known for his work on Jethro Tull's debut album, This Was, where he played blues licks that had critics comparing him favorably to Eric Clapton, he left the group, and since then has never managed to achieve lasting success as a recording artist, or the world-class fame of his former bandmates. Leading various incarnations of his best-known band, Blodwyn Pig, he has persevered over the last quarter century, and achieved some major cult recognition, especially in England. Abraham's joined his first band, the Crusaders, in 1964, alongside pianist Graham Waller, drummer (and Screaming Lord Sutch/Cyril Davies veteran) Carlo Little, and bassist Alex Dmochowski, all backing singer Neil Christian. Abraham's' musical hero was Alexis Korner, the man who -- with ...
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Mick's Back 1996 Mick's Back
Mick Abrahams 1971 Mick Abrahams
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