Michiel VanDer Kuy


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Year Album Artist
2012 I Love ZYX: Italo Disco Collection 14 Composer
2010 Italo Dance Classics [Music & Melodie] Composer
2010 The World of Hits of the 80s [Music & Melody] Composer
2009 Dave Pearce: Trance Anthems 2009 Producer, Composer
2008 Central Energy, Vol. 7 Composer
2007 I Love ZYX: Italo Disco Collection 6 Composer
2005 Gatecrasher Classics, Vol. 2 Producer, Composer
2005 The Best of Italo Disco, Vol. 11 Producer
2003 Amsterdam Nights: A Collection Of Dutch Club Grooves Producer, Composer
2003 I Love Synthes12er Dance, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 21st Century Trance, Vol. 2 Composer
2000 Clubber's Guide to Ibiza Summer 99 Judge Jules Producer
2000 Gatecrasher: Red Composer
2000 Mixed Up, Vol. 4: Story of Italo Bootmix Composer
2000 Red Gatecrasher Composer
2000 Who Needs Guitars Anyway? Alice Deejay Composer
1999 40 Classic Dance Anthems Dave Pearce Composer
1999 Kiss Clublife Composer
1998 Hit Mix '98 Composer
1997 Trendance, Vol. 6 Composer
1995 Guardian of Forever Laser Dance Producer
1995 I Don't Wanna Be a Star Corona Producer
1994 12" Mixes Koto Composer, Producer
1994 Fire on Earth Laser Dance Composer
1994 Laserdance Orchestra, Vol. 1 Laser Dance Composer
1993 4 Maxi-CD Collection Laser Dance Composer
1993 Around the Planet Laser Dance Composer
1993 From the Dawn of Time Koto Producer, Composer
1993 Hypermagic Laser Dance Producer
1993 Masterpieces Koto Composer
1993 Plays Synthesizer World Hits Koto Producer, Arranger
1993 The Best of Laser Dance Laser Dance Composer
1988 The Best of Italo Disco, Vol. 10 Composer, Producer
Greatest Hits & Remixes Laser Dance Composer, Producer
Modulation Rygar Composer
The 12" Mixes Koto Composer, Producer
The Best of Disco Fox Composer
Trance Nation: The Collection Composer, Producer