Michael Sarsfield


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Year Album Artist
2014 The Golden Age of Light Music: Bright Lights Composer
2013 Legends Never Die R.A. the Rugged Man Mastering
2012 Mic Tyson Sean Price Mastering
2011 Monumental Pete Rock / Smif-N-Wessun Mastering
2010 Heaven Razah Hell Razah Mastering
2009 Depart from Me Cage Mastering
2009 I'm Not Likely to Change [Bonus Tracks] Andrew Thompson Mastering
2009 Rush Black Gold Mastering
2009 Survival Skills KRS-One Mastering
2009 The Art of Ink Big Tone Mastering
2009 The Salvation Skyzoo Mastering
2008 Divine Fire: The Story of Jedi Mind Tricks [CD/DVD] Jedi Mind Tricks Mastering
2008 Electric Laser Giant Panda Mastering
2008 First of All Shawn Jackson Mastering
2008 Indestructible Ruste Juxx Mastering
2008 King of the Decks DJ Revolution Mastering
2008 Krushed Grapes Hanif-Jamiyl Mastering
2008 Love Is Growth Taiyo Na Mastering
2008 NY's Finest Pete Rock Mastering
2008 The Formula 9th Wonder Mastering
2008 Tragedy & Legacy Black Gold Mastering
2007 All Outta Words... Anthony Dixon Mastering
2007 Deep Hearted Strong Arm Steady Mastering
2007 El Nova Hustle P.I.C. Mastering
2007 I'll Sleep When You're Dead El-P Mastering
2007 Jazzmatazz, Vol. 4: The Hip Hop Jazz Messenger: Back to the Future Guru Mastering
2007 Jesus Price Supastar Sean Price Mastering
2007 Monster Maker C-Rayz Walz Mastering
2007 Red Tape Instrumentals Evidence Mastering
2007 Renaissance Music: The Introduction Rugged Intellect Mastering
2007 The City Never Sleeps Big City Mastering
2007 The Kush Instrumentals Havoc Mastering
2007 Valarie Adams Valarie Adams Mastering
2006 Blood Brothers Outerspace Mastering
2006 Blue Sky Black Death Presents the Holocaust Blue Sky Black Death Mastering
2006 Breathe Blue Stone Mastering
2006 Eastern Philosophy Apathy Mastering
2006 Made in Brooklyn Masta Killa Mastering
2006 Natural Selection [Nature Sounds] Mastering
2006 Not Revenge, Just a Vicious Crush Fifth Hour Hero Mastering
2006 Pressurized Bass Hit Mastering
2006 Servants in Heaven, Kings in Hell Jedi Mind Tricks Mastering
2006 Sidewalk Mindtalk: The Best of the Custom Made Mixtapes Custom Made Mastering
2006 The Concrete Gospel Chief Kamachi Mastering
2006 The Five Percent Album Lord Jamar Mastering
2006 Tuner Heat Bass Freq Mastering
2006 Wrong Way Lightheaded Mastering
2005 Across the Universe: A Beatles Journey Eric Hansen Mastering
2005 Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Bass Hit Mastering
2005 Hurry Up & Wait... Hezekiah Mastering
2005 I Do What I Do Kev Brown Mastering
2005 Terror Firma Reavers Mastering
2005 The Black Market Militia Black Market Militia Mastering
2005 The Hear After J-Live Mastering
2005 The Problem Mathematics Mastering
2004 A Long Hot Summer Masta Ace Mastering
2004 Bass Soundcheck, Vol. 2: Dub Tuners Mastering
2004 Beautiful Ryan Farish Mastering
2004 Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts Mastering
2004 Die, Rugged Man, Die R.A. the Rugged Man Mastering
2004 Evermind Amethystium Mastering
2004 Milk Me The Beatnuts Mastering
2004 My Claim Y@K Ballz Mastering
2004 No Said Date Masta Killa Mastering
2004 Similac Crybaby Mastering
2004 The Revolution Of Yung Havoks Vordul Mega Mastering
2004 Unusual Suspects [Teflon Muzik] Ike Dirty / Jinx Da Juvy / Slash Mastering
2003 Aphelion Amethystium Mastering
2003 Bass Re-Loaded Bass Hit Mastering
2003 Bass Soundcheck, Vol. 1 Mastering
2003 Cafè Lounge Mastering
2003 Global Lounge, Vol. 2 [Neurodisc] Mastering
2003 Hard Trance from Europe Mastering
2003 How We Do Das EFX Mastering
2003 Invisible Invisible Mastering
2003 It's Good to Be Back Lil Willie Mastering
2003 Live Extracts Stewart Walker Mastering
2003 Perfect Trance, Vol. 2.0 Suzy Solar Mastering
2003 State of the World Mastering
2003 The Best of Bass Connection Bass Connection Mastering
2003 Total Eclipse Black Moon Mastering
2003 Weather Proof Cage Mastering
2003 World Moods Nusound Mastering
2002 Earthbound Scott Helland Mastering
2002 Eastern Conference All-Stars, Vol. 3 Mastering
2002 Global Lounge [Neurodisc] Mastering
2002 Movies for the Blind Cage Mastering
2002 Nighthawks Nighthawks Mastering
2002 Step into the Light Todd Royce Mastering
2002 THC: The Hip Hop Collection, Vol. 1 Mastering
2002 Trance Vertigo Scott Stubbs Mastering
2001 Dada Flow Mastering
2001 Garfield's Signatures: House and Trance Revisited DJ Garfield Mastering
2001 Generation Bass Bass Hit Mastering
2001 Guesswhyld Presents Past, Present and Future Mastering
2001 Make You Love Vanessa Daou Mastering
2001 Spiked Venice 13 Mastering
2000 Acid: Flash-Breaks Mastering
2000 Bass: Sweeps and Beats DJ Bassman Mastering
2000 Enamoured Bella Sonus Mastering
2000 Hard Margin The Creators Mastering
2000 Low Bouncing Bass Bass Lo-Ryders Mastering
2000 Songbook David Young Mastering
2000 The Greatest Hits Bass Hit Mastering
2000 Trance Impulse Mastering
2000 Trance Stimuli Mastering
2000 Ultimate Bass Challenge, Vol. 3 Bass Quake / X-Treme Bass Mastering
2000 Ultimate Bass Challenge, Vol. 4 Mastering
2000 Uptown Groove Soundscape UK Mastering
1999 Black Gangster Mastering
1999 Changing the Game Infamous Syndicate Mastering
1999 Dear John Coltrane Vanessa Daou Mastering
1999 Erotic Moods, Vol. 2 Nusound Mastering
1999 Gaelic Voices Mastering
1999 Grey Skies Crooked Lettaz Mastering
1999 Invictus Virgin Steele Mastering
1999 Nothing's Quiet on Eastern Front Mastering
1999 Space Age Tranceology Scott Helland Mastering
1999 Stranger David Kirton Mastering
1999 The BDI Thug Buckshot Mastering
1999 The House of Atreus, Act I Virgin Steele Mastering
1999 Turn of the Century Sonrise Sunset Mastering
1999 Ultimate Bass Challenge, Vol. 2: Bass Shock vs. Bass Erotica Bass Erotica / Bass Shock / Bass Shock Vs. Bass Erotica Mastering
1998 Erotic Moods Nusound Mastering
1998 In the Line of Fire Fatal Mastering
1998 Joyful Noise: Celtic Favorites from Green Linnet Mastering
1998 New York Suicide King Mastering
1998 Phunkotron Spasmik Mastering
1998 These Wicked Streets Skull Duggrey Mastering
1998 X-Treme Bass Mastering
1997 Accept Your Own & Be Yourself (The Black Album) No I.D. Mastering
1997 At the Speed of Light Stillsuit Mastering
1997 Booty Bass Mix, Vol. 1 Mastering
1997 Electronica: Rave 2001 Mastering
1997 Hoodlum [Original Soundtrack] Elmer Bernstein Mastering
1997 Last Kiss Goodbye Brian Tarquin Mastering
1997 Love, Peace & Nappiness The Lost Boyz Mastering
1997 Many Facez Tracey Lee Mastering
1997 So Far: The Collection 1979-1995 Eileen Ivers Mastering
1997 Stone Crazy The Beatnuts Mastering
1997 Super Life Maximum Penalty Mastering
1997 Sweetbelly Freakdown Sweetbelly Freakdown Mastering
1997 Trip Hop Nation, Vol. 2 Mastering
1997 Wrongville Sweet Diesel Mastering
1996 30° Everywhere The Promise Ring Mastering
1996 DJ Honda DJ Honda Mastering
1996 Don't Be a Menace to South Central While Drinking Your Juice in the Hood Mastering
1996 Dungeon of Bass Bass Shock Mastering
1996 Feels So Good Lina Santiago Mastering
1996 God Connections Al Tariq Mastering
1996 Green Linnet 20th Anniversary Collection Mastering
1996 Lethal Riddims: Dancehall Superhits Mastering
1996 Lyfestylez Lost Trybe of Hip Hop Mastering
1996 Scam-A-Mania '96, Vol. 5 Scott & Todd Mastering
1996 Striptease Mastering
1996 Trip Hop Nation [Priority] Mastering
1996 Wild Blue Eileen Ivers Mastering
1995 Bad Seed Bad Seed Mastering
1995 Being Myself Juvenile Mastering
1995 Candy Rain Soul for Real Mastering
1995 CosmicGreetsFlorida Cosmic Baby Mastering
1995 Droppin' Many Suckers Madball Mastering
1995 Good Time: Logic Euro-Dance Compilation,, Vol. 1 Mastering
1995 Green Spock Ears Stillsuit Mastering
1995 Hello Bastards Lifetime Mastering
1995 Music for a Changing World Mastering
1995 No More Dreams of Happy Endings Damnation A.D. Mastering
1995 O No No O Zone I.C.U. Mastering
1995 Tribute to Bob Marley...The Riddim of a Legend Remastering
1994 Back Up Off Me! Doctor Dré Mastering
1994 Bass Sub-Mission Bass Hit Mastering
1994 Countless Random Impacts Mastering
1994 It's Alive Norman Nardini Editing, Mastering
1994 Providence Mercy Rule Mastering
1994 Resurrection Common Mastering
1994 Traditional Irish Music Eileen Ivers Mastering
1993 Digging In Kips Bay Ceili Band Mastering
1993 Intoxicated Demons The Beatnuts Mastering
1993 Lethal Riddims: Dancehall Explosion Remastering
1993 Represent Fat Joe / Fat Joe da Gangsta Mastering
1993 The Calm Comes After Kate Jacobs Mastering
1993 The Clown Sessions Crush Mastering
1993 When I Kiss You (I Hear Charlie Parker Playing) [Remix] Sparks Mastering
1992 Hatred and Disgust Sorrow Mastering
1992 Martin Hayes Martin Hayes Mastering
1992 One Voice Agnostic Front Mastering
1991 Carnivore/Retaliation Carnivore Mastering
1991 Considered Dead Gorguts Mastering
1991 Into Another Into Another Mastering
1991 Slow, Deep and Hard Type O Negative Mastering
1990 Bedtime Story Waxing Poetics Mastering
1990 To the Extreme Vanilla Ice Engineer
1990 Toe to Toe Randy Brecker Mastering
1990 Ultimate Vision Richie Conn Mastering
1989 Handle with Care Nuclear Assault Mastering
1989 London Invasion Digital Mastering
1988 Live at Sweet Basil Randy Brecker Mastering
1988 Summer Cooler Mastering
1987 Retaliation Carnivore Mastering
1986 Morbid Visions/Bestial Devastation Sepultura Remastering
1980 The Nighthawks Mastering
Patience Dana Athens Mastering