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Year Album Artist
2022 Before After Daryl Hall Composer, Mixing, Producer
2022 15 Ans: Best Of Grégory Lemarchal Composer
2021 Pedacitos De Mi Antonio Orozco Composer, Producer
2018 Lounge Music 2018 Mixing, Producer
2014 Top 100 90s Producer
2012 Cinq Ans Grégory Lemarchal Composer
2011 100 Essential Hits: Woman Composer
2009 History Elevate Kevin Saunderson Producer, Mixing
2009 Complete Chillout Producer
2008 Super Hits Billy Ocean Producer
2008 Moments in Dance Tony Humphries Producer
2008 Essential Festival: Pink Composer
2008 Chilled 1991-2008 Producer
2008 101 90's Hits [EMI] Producer
2007 Les Pas d'Un Ange: l'Integral Grégory Lemarchal Producer, Composer
2007 La Voix d'Un Ange Grégory Lemarchal Composer
2007 Final Attraction Cinema Bizarre Composer
2007 90s Love Songs Mixing, Producer
2006 Where's the Pleasure? Protocol Composer
2006 Summer Chill Classics: Café Buddha Box Set/Classic Buddha Lounge Producer
2006 She Waits for Me, Pt. 1 Protocol Composer
2006 Olympia '06 Grégory Lemarchal Composer
2006 Même Si (What You're Made of) Grégory Lemarchal / Lucie Silvas Composer
2006 90's Soul Mixing, Producer
2005 What You're Made Of Lucie Silvas Composer
2005 Very Best of Natural Woman Producer
2005 Ultimate Easy Album Producer, Mixing
2005 The Game Is Won, Pt. 2 Lucie Silvas Producer
2005 The Game Is Won, Pt. 1 Lucie Silvas Producer, Composer
2005 Popstar Composer
2005 Now That's What I Call Music! 60 [UK] Producer
2005 Je Deviens Moi Grégory Lemarchal Composer
2005 Hit Factory, Vol. 2 Johnny Budz Producer, Composer
2005 Free Me Emma Bunton Producer, Mixing, Keyboards, Percussion, Bass, Composer
2005 EP Emma Composer, Guitar (Bass), Keyboards, Percussion, Producer
2005 Don't Look Back Lucie Silvas Composer
2005 Breathe In Lucie Silvas Composer
2005 Breathe In Lucie Silvas Producer, Executive Producer, Composer
2004 Ultimate Summer Dance Mix Producer
2004 Tunde Tunde Producer
2004 The Very Best Club Anthems... Ever! Producer, Composer
2004 The 18th Day... Estelle Producer, Mixing, Percussion
2004 Strange Love Phixx Producer, Keyboards, Composer
2004 Relaxed & Remixed Lighthouse Family Producer, Mixing
2004 Now That's What I Call Music! 59 [UK] Producer
2004 Being Somebody Liberty X Producer, Multi Instruments, Composer
2004 Angel Beach, Vol. 2: The Second Wave Producer
2003 What My Heart Wants to Say Gareth Gates Producer, Instrumentation
2003 Very Best of Chillout Sessions Producer
2003 Tune in: Chill Out Producer
2003 Now That's What I Call Music! 56 [UK] Producer, Composer
2003 Now That's What I Call Music! 55 [UK] Producer, Composer
2003 Jumpin' Liberty X Producer, Instrumentation, Composer
2003 Hits 80s-90s Mixing, Producer
2003 Go Your Own Way Gareth Gates Producer, Clavinet, Keyboards, Guitar (Bass)
2003 Funky Dory Rachel Stevens Producer, Mixing, Keyboards, Guitar (Bass), Composer
2003 Coincidence vs. Fate Paul Haig Producer, Mixing
2003 Best of Club Nation Producer
2003 Best of Chillout Producer
2002 This Is the Best of Chillout [Box Set] Producer
2002 Songs From The Chillout Lounge Producer
2002 Renaissance Worldwide Robert Miles / Dave Seaman Producer
2002 Greatest Hits Lighthouse Family Producer, Arranger, Mixing
2002 From Now On Will Young Producer, Mixing
2001 The Chillout Session, Vol. 2 Producer
2001 The BBC Sessions B-Movie Bass
2001 Pure R&B Producer
2001 Ibiza Summer Anthems Producer
2001 Chill Out in Ibiza, Vol. 2 Producer
2000 This Is Chill Out, Vol. 1 Producer
2000 Simply the Best [Warner Bros. 40 tracks] Producer, Mixing
2000 Pure Garage, Vol. 2 Producer
2000 Love, Vol. 4 Producer, Mixing
2000 Bains Douches, Vol. 2 Producer
1999 The Chill Out Album Producer
1999 Simply the Best Radio Hits Timeless Collection Producer
1999 Now: 1998 Producer
1999 Ministry of Sound, Vol. 8 Producer
1999 Brasil 2Mil: The Soul of Bass-O-Nova Producer
1998 Supernatural Des'ree Producer
1998 Now That's What I Call Music! 40 [UK] Producer
1998 Now That's What I Call Music! 39 [UK] Producer
1998 Jive Dance Party Hits Producer
1998 Fresh Hits '98 Producer
1998 Box Hits '98 Producer, Mixing
1998 All Time Greatest Movie Songs [UK] Producer
1997 Smash Hits Summer '97 Producer
1997 Renaissance Worldwide: London Producer
1997 Pure Hits '97 Producer
1997 Postcards from Heaven Lighthouse Family Producer, Mixing
1997 New Soul Grooves Producer
1997 Most Beautiful Soul Album on Earth Producer, Mixing
1997 Lifted Lighthouse Family Producer, Mixing
1997 Flying Away Smoke City Producer
1997 Can't Stop Dreaming Daryl Hall Producer
1996 Retro Dance Club, Vol. 3 Producer
1996 Retro Dance Club, Vol. 1 Producer, Mixing
1996 Now That's What I Call Music! 35 [UK] Producer
1996 Now That's What I Call Music! 34 [UK] Producer, Mixing
1996 Now That's What I Call Music! 33 [UK] Producer
1995 World of Noise Producer
1995 Ocean Drive Lighthouse Family Producer, Arranger, Mixing
1995 Now: 1995 Producer
1994 What Silence Knows Shara Nelson Producer, Mixing
1994 Hits 94, Vol. 1 Producer
1994 Energy Rush: 7th Heaven Producer
1994 Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience, Vol. 4 Producer, Mixing
1994 Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience, Vol. 3 Producer
1994 Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience, Vol. 1 Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1994 100% Hits Producer
1993 Soul Alone Daryl Hall Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1993 Clive Griffin Clive Griffin Producer
1993 Best of Dance '93 Producer
1992 Voodoo Soul Yo Yo Honey Producer, Mixing, Composer
1990 The Chimes The Chimes Performer
Éxitos Imprescindibles: 90s Mixing, Producer
Weekend Brunch Mixing, Producer, Recording Arranger
Viaje a 1997 Mixing, Producer
Viaje a 1995 Mixing, Producer, Recording Arranger
Viaje A 2004 Composer, Producer
Uplifting Songs [2020] Mixing, Producer
Uplifting Anthems Mixing, Producer, Recording Arranger
Universal Presenta...Clásicas De Los 90´S Mixing, Producer
Total Woman Composer
Top of the Spot Mixing, Producer
The Best 90's Album in the World Ever [Universal] Mixing, Producer
Tesoros Musicales: Clasicos Mixing, Producer
Tesoros Musicales: 90's Mixing, Producer
Tesoros Musicales, Vol. 1 Mixing, Producer
Summer Chill [Universal] [2020] Mixing, Producer
Relax in Bangkok Mixing, Producer
Rain in the Summertime Songs Producer
Radar de Éxitos: UK Mixing, Producer, Recording Arranger
Radar de Éxitos: Legendarios Mixing, Producer
Radar de Éxitos: 90 Mixing, Producer
Pra Cantar Internacional 80 e 90 Mixing, Producer
Pop 90s Mixing, Producer
Pop 1990s Mixing, Producer
Pasaporte a los 90s Mixing, Producer
Nineties Party Music Mixing, Producer
Nineties Nostalgia Mixing, Producer
Música Para Niños: 90s Mixing, Producer
La Voz 2020: Batalla Final [En Directo En La Voz, 2020] Composer
I am in Love Composer
I Heart 90s Mixing, Producer
Greatest Hits of the 90's Mixing, Producer
Grandes Temazos de los 90's Mixing, Producer
Grandes Temazos Clásicos Mixing, Producer
Feliz Día De la Madre Mixing, Producer
Feel Good Friday [2021] Mixing, Producer
Favorite Love Songs Mixing, Producer
Drew's Famous Instrumental Pop Collection, Vol. 65 Composer/Lyricist
Dale Al Play! 90s Mixing, Producer
Cinematic Reflections Mixing, Producer
Chill Reggae for Kids Mixing, Producer
Canciones Para Una Noche De Verano Mixing, Producer
Best of Boy Bands [Universal] Mixing, Producer
Best of 90's: Anni Novanta Mixing, Producer
Beautiful Songs [Universal] Mixing, Producer
Backpack Australia Mixing, Producer
90s: 60 Definitive Hits [Rhino] Producer
90s Songs Mixing, Producer
90s Smash Hits Mixing, Producer
90s Love Songs [Febrauary, 2021] Mixing, Producer
90s Hits Mixing, Producer
90's Remix Producer
90's Music Grandi Successi Mixing, Producer
90's Mixtape Mixing, Producer
90's MixTape [Universal] Mixing, Producer
90's Hits It's Party TIme Mixing, Producer
80s, 90s, 00s Mixing, Producer
80s & 90s Classics Mixing, Producer
40 Éxitos: En Inglés Mixing, Producer
40 Éxitos: Clásicos Mixing, Producer
40 Éxitos De Los 90's, Vol. 1 Mixing, Producer
1990s Pop for Kids Mixing, Producer
100 Hits Composer
100 Essential Love Songs Composer
100 Essential Hits: 90s Mixing, Producer, Recording Arranger
00s Summer Sound Waves Composer

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