Michael G. Cunningham


Year Title
Aedon, for electronics & orchestra Orchestral
2014 Analects, for chorus Choral Song Cycle
Chrysalis at Mardi Gras, ballet Ballet Ballet
Come, Holy Spirit, for chorus & 4 clarinets Choral Sacred music
Concerto for piano & orchestra, Op. 26 Concerto Concerto
Concerto for trumpet & orchestra, Op. 23a Concerto Concerto
Counter Currents for orchestra, Op. 16a Orchestral
1959 Dialogue for orchestra & wind trio, Op. 11a Orchestral
2003 Diaphony for orchestra & wind trio, Op. 229 Orchestral
Free Designs, symphony Symphony Symphony
Gastein Masterwork, for orchestra Orchestral
1970 Gnosis, for chorus Choral Part Song
Irish Symphony Symphony Symphony
Islands for orchestra, Op. 99 Orchestral
2003 Kaleidoscope, for orchestra, Op. 227 Orchestral
2014 Memorial Concert Mass, for chorus Choral Sacred music
The Nightingale, for 2 sopanos, chorus & piano Choral Part Song
Nyadina, ballet Ballet Ballet
Posies, for chorus & harp Choral Part Song
1988 A Psalm of Life, for chorus Choral Part Song
Schubert Honorarium, for orchestra Orchestral
1997 Shall I Compare Thee?, for chorus Choral
She, ballet Ballet Ballet
1959 String Quartet No. 1, Opp. 10 & 14 Chamber Music String Quartet
1967 String Quartet No. 2 ("Three Satires"), Op. 22 Chamber Music String Quartet
1975 String Quartet No. 3 ("Partitions"), Op. 69 Chamber Music String Quartet
1985 String Quartet No. 4 ("Interlacings"), Op. 117 Chamber Music String Quartet
String Quartet No. 5 Chamber Music String Quartet
String Quartet No. 6 Chamber Music
2005 String Quartet No. 7 ("Back Home"), Op. 241 Chamber Music String Quartet
Symphonic Arias (Night) Orchestral
1976 To Daffodils, for chorus Choral Part Song
TransActions, for orchestra Orchestral
1989 Venus & Adonis, for orchestra, Op. 141 Orchestral
1994 Violin Concerto, Op. 166 Concerto
1992 Wakefield Autumn, for orchestra, Op. 151 Orchestral
1961 The West Wind, for chorus Choral Part Song
Yeats Madrigals, for chorus & piano Choral Song Cycle