Michael Donaldson


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Year Album Artist
2011 The Complete Recordings: The Centennial Collection Robert Johnson Digital Transfers
2007 Dorothy Maynor, Soprano Dorothy Maynor Transfer Engineer
2006 Gangsters and DJ's Box [Box Set] Composer
2005 Cathartic Resume DRK Engineer
2005 Hallucienda DJ Three Composer
2005 Love Won Another Hawke Executive Producer
2005 Merry Mixmas Remix Producer, Remix Programmer
2005 Nova Latino, Vol. 3 Composer
2004 American Sea Shanties and Songs Transfers
2004 Deep River of Song: Louisiana - Catch That Train and Testify! Disc Transfers
2004 Erpland/Jurassic Shift Ozric Tentacles Composer
2004 Frequent Flyer: Rio de Janeiro Composer
2004 Future Past Tense Q-Burns Abstract Message Producer, Executive Producer
2004 Magnus Dominus Corpus MDC Bass, Group Member
2003 Dark Side of Beats: Darque Fonque, Vol. 1-2 Composer
2003 Deadly DJ Cuts Composer
2003 Hed Kandi: Beach House 04.03 Composer
2003 Jerome Pacman's Family Jerome Pacman Composer
2003 New Jazz Science Pimp Daddy Nash Executive Producer
2003 Popular Songbook Alan Lomax Transfers
2003 Songs of the Mormons & Songs of the West Disc Transfers, Tape Transfer
2003 Sound in the Eighth Dimension Liner Notes, Executive Producer, Composer
2003 The Roots of Kin Swamburger Executive Producer
2002 Deep River of Song: Bahamas 1935, Vol. 2 - Ring Games and Round Dances Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
2002 Deep River of Song: South Carolina - Got the Keys to the Kingdom Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
2002 Feel Fantabulous Beef Wellington Executive Producer
2002 Re-Routed Q-Burns Abstract Message Producer, Executive Producer, Composer
2002 Roger Sessions: Duo for Violin and Piano; Sonata for Violin; Peter Mennin: Sonata Concertante; Easley Blackwood: Second Sonata Easley Blackwood / Gilbert Kalish / Paul Zukofsky Assistant, Assistant Engineer
2002 Shadow Masters: New, Used & Absurd Producer
2002 Songs and Ballads of the Bituminous Miners Disc Transfers, Tape Transfer
2002 This Time Q-Burns Abstract Message Composer
2001 Deep River of Song: Georgia Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
2001 Folk Music From Wisconsin Disc Transfers, Tape Transfer
2001 Invisible Airline Q-Burns Abstract Message Composer
2001 Rarewerks Composer
2001 Shame Q-Burns Abstract Message Composer
2001 Sound in the Round DJ BMF Executive Producer
2001 The Deep River of Song: Alabama Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
2000 Afro-American Folk Music from Tate and Panola Counties, Mississippi Tape Transfer
2000 American Fiddle Tunes Disc Transfers
2000 Deep River of Song: Big Brazos Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
2000 Deep River of Song: Virginia and the Piedmont Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
1999 Afro-American Blues and Game Songs Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
1999 Anglo-American Ballads, Vol. 2 Transfers
1999 Bahamas 1935: Chanteys & Anthems from Andros & Cat Alan Lomax Disc Transfers
1999 Earthdance [Higher Octave] Producer, Composer
1999 Mephisto: San Francisco Plasma Funk, Vol. 1 Composer
1999 Ned Rorem: Evidence of Things Not Seen New York Festival of Song Assistant Engineer
1999 Negro Work Songs & Calls [Rounder] Alan Lomax Transfers
1999 Rubinstein Collection, Vol. 14 Arthur Rubinstein Transfers
1999 Stone's Throw from Love: Live and Acoustic at the Great American Music,Hall 06/17/92 Sister Double Happiness Composer
1999 The Rubinstein Collection (Limited Edition) Arthur Rubinstein Transfers
1998 Afro-American Spirituals, Work Songs & Ballads Transfers
1998 Connected [3-2-1] Producer
1998 Darque Fonque, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Electric Manor, Vol. 1: A Sunburn Compilation Composer
1998 Feng Shui Q-Burns Abstract Message Producer, Arranger, Executive Producer, Composer
1998 James Brown Super Bad @ 65: A James Brown Tribute Producer
1998 Mozart Recordings (1940-45) Budapest Quartet Transfer Engineer
1998 Oeuvre Q-Burns Abstract Message Producer, Mixing, Composer
1998 Songs and Ballads of American History and of the Assassination of Presidents Transfers
1998 The Arthur S. Alberts Collection: More Tribal, Folk, and Café Music of West Africa Engineer
1998 The Yoruba/Dahomean Collection: Orishas Across the Ocean Transfers
1998 Traditions of a West Virginia Family & Friends The Hammons Family Tape Transfer
1997 Audio Alchemy, Vol. 2: Directions in Sound Manipulation Composer
1997 Correa de Azevedo: Music of Ceará and Minas Gerais Transfer Engineer
1997 Deep Concentration Producer, Composer
1997 Great Performances From The Library Of Congress, Vol. 6: Budapest String Quartet In Concert At The Library of Congres Budapest Quartet Digital Transfers
1997 Railroad Songs & Ballads Tape Transfer
1997 Songs and Ballads of the Anthracite Miners Disc Transfers
1997 Sound in the Eighth Dimension: Selected Material Executive Producer
1997 Souvenir Budapest Quartet Transfer Engineer
1997 Sunshine State of Mind Composer
1997 The Discoteca Collection: Missão de Pesquisas Folclóricas Transfer Engineer
1997 Touchin' on Something Q-Burns Abstract Message Composer
1997 Wagner: Siegfrien-Idyll; Williams: Fantasia on a Theme by Thomas Tallis; Schoenberg: Verlaerte Nacht, Op. 4 Leopold Stokowski Transfer Engineer
1996 Brahms: Piano Quintet, Op. 34; Schubert: "Trout" Quintet, Op. 114 Budapest Quartet Transfer Engineer
1996 Changes: Modern Moods in Jazz Composer
1996 Great Performances From The Library Of Congress, Vol. 3: Nathan Milstein In Recital Nathan Milstein Digital Transfers
1996 Great Performances From The Library Of Congress, Vol. 5: Budapest String Quartet Budapest Quartet Digital Transfers
1996 Rachmaninoff: String Quartets Nos. 1 and 2; Trio élégiaque, Op. 9 Artur Balsam / Budapest Quartet Digital Transfers
1996 The 1953 Library of Congress Recital Nathan Milstein Digital Transfers
1993 Jurassic Shift Ozric Tentacles Composer
1993 Spirit Cries: Music from the Rainforests of South America & the Caribbean Engineer, Transfer Engineer
1992 Wagner: Götterdämmerung/Siegfried [Excerpts] Lauritz Melchior / NBC Symphony Orchestra / Arturo Toscanini / Helen Traubel Digital Transfers
1991 Delta Blues [Biograph] Son House Engineer
1991 Gershwin Performs Gershwin: Rare Recordings 1931-1935 George Gershwin Transfer Engineer
1991 Heart & Mind Sister Double Happiness Composer
1991 Morton Feldman: Spring of Chosroes; Artur Schnabel: Sonata for Violin and Piano Ursula Oppens / Paul Zukofsky Assistant Engineer
1981 Children of the Heav'nly King: Religious Expression in the Central Blue Ridge Children Of The Heav'nly King Transfers
1980 The Jazz Singer Neil Diamond Guest Artist, Artwork
1962 Negro Blues and Hollers Transfers
Arturo Toscanini: The Essential Recordings Arturo Toscanini Tape Transfer
The Collector Plain Jane Automobile Licensing