Michael Davis


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Year Album Artist
2015 Metal Matters: Charting the Evolution of Metal Bass, Composer, Group Member, Vocals
2014 Hot Box 1974-1994 Destroy All Monsters Bass, Composer
2013 CBGB [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2012 Deep Roots of the Ramones Composer
2011 Black to Comm: Recorded at the 2008 Meltdown Festival MC5 / Primal Scream Group Member, Composer
2011 The Chiswick Singles... And Another Thing The Damned Composer
2010 The Collection Rage Against the Machine Composer
2009 Abbey Road: Tribute to the Beatles Producer, Vocals, Bass
2009 Halloween, 2 [Original Soundtrack] Composer
2008 Anthology 1965-1971 MC5 Liner Notes, Artwork, Composer
2008 Pretty. Odd. Panic! At the Disco Trombone
2007 Forever Changing: The Golden Age of Elektra 1963-1973 Bass, Composer, Group Member, Vocals
2007 Plug Me In AC/DC Guitar, Performer
2006 Noise Noise Noise The Damned Composer
2006 Sonic's Rendezvous Band Sonic's Rendezvous Band Liner Notes
2005 25 to Life P$C Composer
2005 Are You Ready to Testify? The Live Bootleg Anthology MC5 Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Group Member, Composer
2005 Lords Have Mercy The Lords of Altamont Liner Notes
2005 Purity Accuracy MC5 Composer
2005 Under the Influence: Super Furry Animals Super Furry Animals Composer
2004 Go Blue Go Die Agitated Composer
2004 Punk Generation: Best of Oddities & Versions The Damned Composer
2004 Sonic Revolution: A Celebration of the MC5 MC5 Liner Notes, Group Member, Composer
2004 Ten Songs in the Key of Betrayal Alien Crime Syndicate Guitar
2004 The System Has Failed Megadeth Member of Attributed Artist, Sound Effects, Musician
2003 A Tribute to Rage Against the Machine Composer
2003 Extended Versions MC5 Composer
2003 Live at Sin-é Jeff Buckley Composer
2003 Live at the Grand Olympic Auditorium Rage Against the Machine Composer
2002 Human Being Lawnmower: The Baddest and Maddest Of MC5 MC5 Vocals, Bass, Composer
2002 Live: Anthology The Damned Composer
2002 Pop Art: Underground Sounds from the Warhol Era Composer
2002 Showdown 2: The 90's The Nomads Composer
2001 Live a l'Olympia Jeff Buckley Composer
2001 The Entire History of Punk Composer
2000 Full Circle: A Tribute to Gene Clark Bass
2000 Motor City Is Burning MC5 Composer
2000 Renegades Rage Against the Machine Composer
2000 The Big Bang: The Best of the MC5 MC5 Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Bass Instrument, Bass, Group Member, Composer
1999 '66 Breakout! MC5 Composer
1999 Doggone Your Bad Luck Soul The Hellacopters Composer
1999 Eternal Damnation Live The Damned Composer
1999 Greatest Hits Live MC5 Composer
1999 Marvellous: The Best of the Damned The Damned Composer
1999 Naked Soul Dance Commonbond Bass
1999 Respect the Rock America The Hellacopters Composer
1999 Super Best The Damned Composer
1999 The Shit Factory: Greatest Punk Swindle [Dressed to Kill] Composer
1999 Unlistenable Hymns of Indulgent Damnage Angel Rot Producer, Bass
1998 Blue Moves: Erotic Jazz Performer
1998 Disco 54: Funkin' on the Floor Producer, Arranger
1998 Head Trip in Every Key Superdrag Trombone
1998 LLMF (Live Like a Mutherfucker) Wayne Kramer Composer
1998 Motor City's Burnin', Vol. 1 Bass, Composer
1998 Rarities The Presidents of the United States of America Composer
1998 Space Lord Plus Three Monster Magnet Composer
1998 Starship: Live at Sturgis Armory June 1968 MC5 Composer
1997 Apartment Life Ivy Trombone
1997 Testify The Damned Composer
1996 Phun City, UK MC5 Composer
1996 Politics of Punk, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Teenage Lust MC5 Composer
1996 Ten Cool Ones Mono Men Composer
1995 Live 1969/70 MC5 Bass, Composer
1995 Looking at You MC5 Composer
1995 The Presidents of the United States of America The Presidents of the United States of America Composer
1995 Thunder Express MC5 Bass, Composer
1995 Workshop of the Telescopes Blue Öyster Cult Composer
1994 American Ruse MC5 Composer
1994 Power Trip MC5 Bass (Electric), Composer
1994 Sessions of the Damned The Damned Composer
1993 School Bullies The Damned Composer
1993 Tales from the Damned The Damned Composer
1991 The Light Is Flickering Klaus Flouride Composer
1990 Hornet Pinata Didjits Composer
1990 On Flame with Rock and Roll Blue Öyster Cult Composer
1989 Final Damnation The Damned Composer
1988 Live Detroit 68/69 MC5 Composer
1987 Do It MC5 Composer
1986 South Pacific [1986 Studio Cast] Performer
1984 Two Steps from the Move Hanoi Rocks Composer
1982 Live at Shepperton 1980 The Damned Composer
1981 Rock 'N' Roll High School [Video] Ramones Composer
1979 Machine Gun Etiquette The Damned Composer
1978 Some Enchanted Evening Blue Öyster Cult Composer
1971 High Time MC5 Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Bass Instrument, Vocals (Background), Bass, Group Member
1970 Back in the USA MC5 Composer
1969 Kick Out the Jams MC5 Vocals, Bass, Group Member, Composer
'60s: The Collection Composer
100 Greatest Rock Bass, Composer, Group Member, Vocals
Epiphany David Fouché Bass
Escape Velocity Pablo Composer
Funky Queen The Black Mirrors Composer
Jack White's Jukebox Composer
Michigan Brand Nuggets Composer
Michigan Rocks Bass, Composer
Music From the Motion Picture "Gimme Danger" Bass, Group Member, Vocals
Oh What a Night: 70s Classics Bass, Group Member, Vocals
On the Road University of Kentucky Jazz Ensemble Composer
Rock Classics: The Collection Bass, Composer, Group Member, Vocals
Rock and Roll People Rob Tyner Composer
Ultimate '70s Rock Legends Composer