French DJ Michael Calfan produces an energetic mix of propulsive EDM and emotionally charged house music, designed to raise spirits and move bodies. His best-known songs, including the 2015 international hit "Treasured Soul," are built around expressive vocals, warm piano chords, and driving beats. Calfan emerged in Paris in 2008, spinning hard-hitting electro-house influenced by Daft Punk and Modjo. His first tracks, such as "Twisted Bitch" and "The Bomb," were aggressive party-starters. In 2011, he employed more EDM buildups on songs like "Black Rave" and "Resurrection," creating a vibe similar to Swedish House Mafia. By 2014, he started to incorporate soulful R&B and gospel samples, much like Avicii and Moby before him. In a steady series of singles that began with "Prelude," Calfan aimed to uplift the spirits of his audience while ...
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