Michael Burston


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Year Album Artist
2018 Live at Brixton Academy Motörhead Composer, Lyricist
2017 The Broadcast Archives Ramones Composer
2016 XX Emil Bulls Composer
2015 Pinheads in Buenos Aires Ramones Composer
2015 Songs of Love and Death Beyond the Black Composer
2014 The Box Set Series: Hard Rock Composer
2013 Lounge/Pieces of Heaven, A Glimpse of Hell Hellsongs Composer
2012 The Ramones: Heard Them Here First Composer
2011 The Wörld Is Ours, Vol. 1: Everywhere Further than Everyplace Else Motörhead Composer, Lyricist
2010 Rarities Edition: Ace of Spades Motörhead Composer
2008 Sheep in Wolves' Clothing Composer
2006 Damage Case: Lemmy Anthology Lemmy Guitar, Soloist
2006 Kiss of Death Motörhead Composer
2006 Metal: A Headbanger's Journey Composer
2006 Tribute to Motorhead: Hammer Down Motörhead Composer
2005 BBC Live & In-Session Motörhead Composer
2005 Essential Noize: The Very Best of Motorhead Motörhead Composer
2005 Hate at First Seed Phazm Composer
2005 Singles Collection, Vol. 2 Dropkick Murphys Composer
2005 Weird Tales of the Ramones (1976-1996) Ramones Composer
2003 Heavy Metal: Head Bangin' Hits Composer
2003 Hellraiser: Best of the Epic Years Motörhead Composer
2003 Stone Deaf Forever! Motörhead Composer
2002 Aces Motörhead Composer
2002 Extended Versions Motörhead Composer
2002 Monsters of Rock [Boxsets 2002] Composer
2002 No Class Motörhead Composer
2002 Riotgun/Bullet Treatment: Strength to Endure a Tri Riotgun Composer
2002 Tear Ya Down: The Rarities Motörhead Composer
2002 The Bronze Age Motörhead Guitar
2002 The Very Best of Motörhead Motörhead Composer, Guitar
2002 Under a Pale Grey Sky Sepultura Composer
2001 Maximum Metal Mayhem Composer
2000 Blitzkrieg Over You: A Tribute to the Ramones Composer
2000 Calling the Wild Doro Composer
2000 Motorhead Tribute Composer
2000 Ramones Mania, Vol. 2 Ramones Composer
2000 Retro Illdisposed Composer
2000 The Best Of Motörhead Composer
2000 The Best of Motörhead: Deaf Forever Motörhead Composer
2000 The Chase Is Better Than the Catch: The Singles A's & B's Motörhead Composer
1999 Everything Louder Than Everyone Else Motörhead Composer
1999 Hey! Ho! Let's Go: Ramones Anthology Ramones Composer
1999 Invasion of the Rock Zombies Composer
1999 World of Wrestling Rocks Magnificent Tracers Composer
1998 Hard Rock Cafe: 80's Heavy Metal Composer
1998 Heavy Metal Thunder [Monsters of Rock] Composer
1998 Masters of Rock Composer
1998 Monsters of Rock [Excelsior] Composer
1998 Protect the Innocent Motörhead Composer
1998 Take No Prisoners Motörhead Composer
1998 The Singles Collection Motörhead Composer
1997 Come on Feel the Metal Composer
1997 The Best of Metal Composer
1997 Tromeo & Juliet [Oglio Original Soundtrack] Composer
1997 We're Outta Here! Ramones Composer
1996 Greatest Hits Live Ramones Composer
1996 Masters of Rock Vol. 3 Composer
1995 Last Amigo '95 Ramones Composer
1995 Sacrifice Motörhead Composer
1995 The Best of Motörhead, Vol. 2 Motörhead Composer
1995 ¡Adios Amigos! Ramones Composer
1994 Fistful of Aces: The Best of Motorhead Motörhead Composer
1994 Live at Brixton '87 Motörhead Composer
1994 Motörhead Metal Set Motörhead Composer
1994 Stardust: Metal, Vol. 1 Composer
1994 The Metal Box Set Composer
1993 Bastards Motörhead Composer
1993 The Best of Motorhead: All the Aces/The Muggers Tapes Motörhead Composer
1993 The Best of Motörhead [Roadrunner] Motörhead Composer
1992 March ör Die Motörhead Composer
1991 1916 Motörhead Composer
1991 1916 Live...Everything Louder than Everything Else [Video] Motörhead Composer
1991 Arise Sepultura Composer, Lyricist
1991 Dead Embryonic Cells Sepultura Composer
1990 The Birthday Party Motörhead Composer
1990 Welcome to the Bear Trap Motörhead Composer
1988 No Sleep at All Motörhead Composer
1988 The Decline Of Western Civilization, Part II: The Metal Years Composer
1987 Rock 'N' Roll Motörhead Member of Attributed Artist, Guitar, Slide Guitar, Vocals (Background), Composer
1987 The Collection Motörhead Composer
1986 Deaf Not Blind Motörhead Composer
1986 Hear 'n Aid Composer
1986 Orgasmatron Motörhead Composer
1984 No Remorse Motörhead Composer, Guitar
1982 Iron Fist Motörhead Composer
1981 No Sleep 'Til Hammersmith Motörhead Composer
1980 Ace of Spades Motörhead Composer, Guitar
Black Gold Jettblack Composer
MotorHEMI: A Tribute to Motorhead Hemi Composer
Orgasmatron Sepultura Composer, Lyricist
Roadrunner Undercover Composer, Lyricist
Snaggletooth: A Tribute To Lemmy Composer
You'll Get Yours: The Best of Motörhead Motörhead Guitar