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Year Album Artist
2018 Aeolus / Untouch Christopher Fox / Gráinne Mulvey Record Label
2018 Anairesis: Music by Mahir Cetiz and Panayiotis Demopoulos Anairesis Ensemble / Matthew Coorey Record Label
2018 Christopher Fox: Headlong Heather Roche Record Label
2018 Marcus Blunt: Orchestral Works Stephen Threlfall Record Label
2018 Mihailo Trandafilovski: Diptych Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2018 Symphonic Visions: Music for Silent Films by Ed Hughes Ed Hughes Record Label
2017 David Braid: Songs, Solos + Duos Record Label
2017 Fumiko Miyachi: Transitional Metal Record Label
2017 Ghost Dialogues Chris Gekker / Christopher Gekker / Clara O'Brien / Rita Sloan / Chris Vadala Record Label
2017 Kevin Raftery: Chamber Music Animare Ensemble / Berkeley Ensemble / Heath Quartet Record Label
2017 Mandala 3 Gemini Record Label
2017 Michael Alec Rose: Il Ritorno Diana Mathews / Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2017 Piccolo Works Jan Philip Schulze / Natalie Schwaabe Record Label
2017 Rob Keeley: Twists and Turns Record Label
2017 The Silver Hound and other songs by Betty Roe Record Label
2017 Vale Richard Craig / Richard Craig Record Label
2016 Dancing in Daylight: Contemporary Piano Trios from Ireland Fidelio Trio Record Label
2016 Hohler Fels: New Works for Flute Karin de Fleyt Record Label
2016 I am Wind on Sea: Contemporary Vocal Music from Ireland Dearbhla Collins / Aylish Kerrigan Record Label
2016 James Weeks: Signs of Occupation Record Label
2016 Michael Finnissy: Singular Voices Clare Lesser / David Lesser / Carl Rosman Record Label
2016 Miniaturised Concertos; Maché Kate Halsall Record Label
2016 Sea to the West Elizabeth Hilliard Record Label
2015 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 6 Neil Heyde / Dov Scheindlin / Aaron Shorr / Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2015 David Gorton: Orfordness Neil Heyde / Zubin Kanga / Kreutzer Quartet / Milton Mermikides / Christopher Redgate Record Label
2015 Gothic: New Piano Music from Ireland Mary Dullea Record Label
2015 Isn't This a Time? American Music for Clarinet Ian Mitchell Record Label
2015 New Sounds from Manchester Quatuor Danel Record Label
2015 Nicholas Marshall: Songs and Chamber Music Harvey Davies / James Gilchrist / Manchester Chamber Ensemble / Tim Smedley / John Turner Record Label
2015 Orchestral Concert Franz Anton Krager / Moores Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2014 A Clockwork Operetta Ebb Trio / Fidelio Trio / Manchester Sinfonia Record Label
2014 Edvard Grieg: Piano Quintet, EG.118 (Completed by FInnissy); Michael Finnissy: Grieg-Quintettsatz Roderick Chadwick / Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2014 Electrfying Oboe Christopher Redgate Record Label
2014 Eric Craven: Piano Sonatas Nos. 7, 8 & 9 Mary Dullea Record Label
2014 Grist: New Music for Flute and Electronics Jos Zwaanenburg Record Label
2014 Karl Fiorini: Violin Concertos Marta Magdalena Lelek / Emanuel Salvador / Sudecka Philharmonic Orchestra / Bartosz Zurakowski Record Label
2014 Kevin Malone: The Music of 9/11, Vol. 1 Victoria Daniel / Christian Eliott / David Heyes / Richard Howarth / Manchester Sinfonia / New World Ensemble / Dan Styffe Record Label
2014 Michael Finnissy: Mississippi Hornpipes - Music for Violin and Piano Mary Dullea / Michael Finnissy / Darragh Morgan Record Label
2014 Observations: Seventeen Songs and a String Quartet Cavaleri Quartet / Michael Cox / David Dubery / James Gilchrist / Adrienne Murray Record Label
2014 Pandora's Last Gift: Chamber works by Christopher Wright Record Label
2014 Robert Fokkens: Tracing Lines Mary Dullea / Fidelio Trio / Robin Michael / Darragh Morgan / Carla Rees / Patricia Rozario Record Label
2014 Say I am You (Mevlana) Hezarfen Ensemble / Lucas Vis / Vocaallab Nederland Record Label
2013 Anthony Burgess: The Man and His Music Harvey Davies / John Turner Record Label
2013 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 5 Aaron Shorr / Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2013 Ed Hughes: When the Flame Dies Carlos Del Cueto / Edward Grint / Emily Philips / Julian Podger / Lucy Williams Record Label
2013 In Dust We Trust: Chamber Music of Thomas Fortmann Andrzej Grabiec / Carlo Alessandro Lapegna / Akemi Masuko / Manrico Padovani / Misha Quint Record Label
2013 Michael Finnissy: Unknown Ground Richard Jackson / New Music Players Record Label
2013 Mixed Doubles Michael Cox / Matthew Jones / Richard Simpson / Alison Teale / John Turner Record Label
2013 New Music for a New Oboe, Vol. 1 Michael Finnissy / Christopher Redgate / Stephen Robbings Record Label
2013 Rising at Dawn: Chamber Music with Brass by Carson Cooman Chris Gekker / Mark Nelson Record Label
2013 TIDE Apartment House / Anton Lukoszevieze / Christopher Redgate / Andrew Sparling Record Label
2013 Tapestry: Chamber Music by Elliott Schwartz Kreutzer Quartet / Longbow / Aaron Shorr / Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2012 Christopher Fox: Natural Science Trio Scordatura Record Label
2012 Dark Formations: Music by Ed Hughes Richard Casey / New Music Players / New Music Vocal Ensemble Record Label
2012 John Ramsay: String Quartets Nos. 1-4 Fitzwilliam String Quartet Record Label
2012 Paul Pellay: Thesaurus of Violinistic Fiendishness Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2012 Quartet Choreography Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2012 Voix Voilees (Veiled Voices) Marilyn Nonken Record Label
2011 Chamber Music by John Veale and Robert Crawford Adderbury Ensemble Record Label
2011 David Dubery: Songs and Chamber Music Adrienne Murray / Craig Ogden / John Turner Record Label
2011 George Rochberg: Caprice Variations; Violin Sonata Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2011 White Dawn: Songs and Soundscapes by David Lumsdaine Martyn Brabbins / Gemini / Peter Lawson / Lesley-Jane Rogers / John Turner Record Label
2010 Borderlands Jonathan Lorentz Record Label
2010 David Gorton: Trajectories Roderick Chadwick / Neil Heyde / Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2009 Chanticlare: Contemporary Vocal Music Clare Lesser Record Label
2009 Christopher Fox: Catalogue Irraisoné Exaudi Record Label
2009 Greatest Hits of All Time James Clarke / Christopher Fox / Kreutzer Quartet / Christopher Redgate Record Label
2009 Northern Lights: String Quartets by John Casken, Robert Saxton, Judith Weir Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2009 Paul Whitty: Thirty-Nine Pages Mary Dullea / Darragh Morgan Record Label
2009 Silence of the Night: Music by Jeffrey Lewis David Jones / Caroline MacPhie / Zheng-Yu Wu Record Label
2009 Thomas Fortmann: Sax Music Record Label
2008 Ave Maris Stella: Chamber Music by Sir Peter Maxwell Davies Gemini Record Label
2008 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 3 Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2008 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 4 Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2008 Berg, Bernstein, Salonen, Brotons, Honegger, Bax Cristo Barrios Record Label
2008 Edwin Roxburgh: Oboe Music Christopher Redgate Record Label
2008 Judith Bailey: Instrumental Music Davey Chamber Ensemble Record Label
2008 Laurence Crane: 20th Century Music Michael Finnissy Record Label
2008 William Mathias: Three String Quartets Medea Quartet Record Label
2007 A Night in Tunisia: Apollon Quartet plays Jazz Dizzy Gillespie Record Label
2007 Brian Ferneyhough: Choral Works BBC Singers / Lontano / Odaline de la Martínez Record Label
2007 Christopher Fox: Straight Lines in Broken Times Ives Ensemble Record Label
2007 Herbert Howells: To Chosen Hill... Michael Collins / Lyric Quartet / Andrew West Record Label
2007 Lost Lands Christopher Redgate Record Label
2007 Nicholas Sackman: Scorpio Record Label
2006 Darnkess Visible: Music by Philip Grange Gemini Record Label
2005 Contours Kate Romano Record Label
2005 Mystery Lights & Nightflower Clive Bell Record Label
2005 New French Song Alison Smart Record Label
2005 Niccolò Castiglioni: Piano Music Sarah Nicolls Record Label
2005 Night Fire Sun Silence Record Label
2005 Sweet Nomad Girl: Folk Music from Afghanistan John Baily / Veronica Doubleday / Abdul Wahab Madadi Record Label
2005 Tristan Murail: The Complete Piano Music Marilyn Nonken Record Label
2004 Ambiguous Dialogues Philip Clemo Record Label
2004 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 2 Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2004 George Crumb: The Complete Piano Music Philip Mead Record Label
2004 George Rochberg: Caprice Variations Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2004 Gerhard Stäbler: The Complete Piano Music Paulo Alvares Record Label
2004 Romanian Concertos Barrie Webb Record Label
2003 Beethoven Explored, Vol. 1 Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2003 Beginner's Mind: The Piano Works of Walter Zimmerman, 1975-1988 Ian Pace Record Label
2003 Detours: Music by Gordon McPherson Psappha Record Label
2003 Michael Finnissy: Lost Lands Michael Finnissy Record Label
2003 Multiplicities: Music for Flute Nancy Ruffer Record Label
2003 Peter Maxwell Davies: Chamber Works, 1952-1987 Record Label
2003 Sacred Physic: Music by Julia Usher Record Label
2003 Sadie Harrison: The Light Garden Trilogy with Traditional Afghan Music Record Label
2003 Tenebrae: Works for Piano by John McCabe Tamami Honma Record Label
2003 This Church: Music by Michael Finnissy Michael Finnissy Record Label
2003 Wilfred Josephs: Music for Clarinet Linda Merrick Record Label
2003 Wolfgang Rihm: Lieder Clare Lesser Record Label
2002 Even Such is Time Judy Martin / Voces Sacrae Record Label
2002 Flowforms: Music by Richard Emsley Topologies Record Label
2002 Invisible Cities: Music by Alwynne Pritchard Topologies Record Label
2002 Long Journey Back: Piano Music by James Clapperton James Clapperton Record Label
2002 No Title Required Double Image Record Label
2002 Plot in Fiction Record Label
2002 The Japan Project Barrie Webb Record Label
2002 Varied Air: The Piano Music of Charles Ives Philip Mead Record Label
2001 Inner: Cello Music by Christopher Fox Anton Lukoszevieze Record Label
2001 Justin Connolly: Night Thoughts Record Label
2001 Michael Finnissy: Music for Piano Ian Pace Record Label
2001 Rochberg: Quartet No. 3; Schwartz: Bellagio Variations Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2001 Star Preludes: Violin Music by Rawsthorne and McCabe Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
2001 Taking Flight: Chamber Music by Sadie Harrison Kreutzer Quartet / Lesley-Jane Rogers / Aaron Shorr Record Label
2001 Wind-up: Chamber Music by Fitch & Archbold Record Label
2000 Animal Heaven Record Label
2000 Anthony Powers: Fast Colours Psappha Record Label
2000 Catalan Works for String Quartet Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
2000 Feasibility Studies Scottish Flute Trio Record Label
2000 Finnissy: Gershwin Arrangements, More Gershwin Ian Pace Record Label
2000 J. S. Bach: The Well-Tembered Clavier, Book II Diana Boyle Record Label
2000 Letters to the World: Chamber Music by George Nicholson Record Label
2000 Sandra Lissenden: Nursery Recital Record Label
2000 Septembral: Chamber Music by Geoffrey Poole Record Label
2000 Étude Philharmonique: Music for Solo Violin By Henze; Matthews; Smirnov; Hakim Peter Sheppard Skærved Record Label
1999 Finnissy: Seven Sacred Motets Record Label
1999 Harper: Fanny Robin [Complete] Edward Harper / Scottish Chamber Orchestra Record Label
1999 Jane Wells: Occasional Music Composers Ensemble Record Label
1999 Kreutzer Quartet plays Michael Finnissy Kreutzer Quartet Record Label
1999 Peripheral Visions: British Works for Voice and Piano since 1970 Alison Smart Record Label
1999 Prague Jazz Fresh Uncles Record Label
1998 20th Century British Clarinet Music Record Label
1998 Bach: Toccatas Katharine Durran Record Label
1998 Michael Finnissy: Folklore Michael Finnissy Record Label
1996 Gerhard: Piano Trio / Cello Sta / Chaconne / Gemini Record Label
1995 Michael Tippett: Sonata No. 2; Nicholas Sackman: Sonata; Robert Saxton: Chacony for Left Hand Steven Neugarten Record Label
1995 Sta #1 / Sonata / Matthews: 11 Studies / Lambert Record Label
1993 Michael Tippett: Sonata No. 3; John McCabe: Fantasy on a Theme of Liszt... Graham Caskie Record Label
1992 Organ of St Patrick's Cathedral Andrew Johnstone Record Label
1990 Complete Adventures TMNT Record Label
1990 Return Of Shredder TMNT Record Label
Bach+ Ulrich Heinen Record Label
Chamber Music by Brian Ferneyhough Ensemble Exposé / Roger Redgate Record Label
Eric Craven: Set for Piano Mary Dullea Record Label
Inward: Contemporary Flute Music Richard Craig Record Label
Joshua Fineberg: Sonic Fictions Record Label
Keith Barnard: Cosmic Light Jeffrey Grossman Record Label
Macroscopia Daniel Carter / Claire Debrunner / Ken Silverman / Tom Zlabinger Record Label
Michael Finnissy: The History of Photography in Sound Ian Pace Record Label
Morton Feldman: Clarinet and String Quartet; Christopher Fox: Clarinet Quintet Roger Heaton Record Label
Out of the Cool Andrew Ball / Susan Milan Record Label
Pipings and Bowings Richard Howarth / Peter Lawson / Manchester Chamber Ensemble / John Turner Record Label
Premonitions: Lindisfarne Stone/Chinese Puzzles Record Label
Reflections Record Label
Solo [Video] Mathias Reumert Record Label
Transparent Things Record Label
Venus in Landscape (Tape Works) Record Label