Melanie Nissen


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Year Album Artist
2017 New Trick Skating Polly Photography, Artwork
2014 Supernova Ray LaMontagne Photography
2013 Weeping Cherry Ambrosia Parsley / Ambrosia Parsley & the Elegant Too Photography
2010 The Singer Songwriter Collection Amy Grant Design
2007 Home at Last Billy Ray Cyrus Photography
2006 Bleeding Heart Graffiti Nina Gordon Photography
2006 Everybody's Gone to War Nerina Pallot Cover Photo
2006 Let Love In Goo Goo Dolls Photography
2006 Sophia Nerina Pallot Photography
2005 Double Standards Lea DeLaria Photography
2005 Fires Nerina Pallot Cover Photo
2005 Into the Rush Aly & AJ Photography
2005 Living End/Roll On The Living End Photography
2005 Retrospective: The Videos of Suzanne Vega [DVD] Suzanne Vega Photography
2005 That Was Then This Is Now The Lucy Show Photography, Cover Photo
2005 Who's Got Trouble? Shivaree Photography, Art Direction
2004 Beautiful Soul Jesse McCartney Photography
2004 Breach Shivaree Photography
2004 Pawn Shoppe Heart The Von Bondies Photography
2004 That's Life Julia Fordham Photography
2004 The Best: Make the Music Go Bang X Quotes Researched & Compiled
2004 The Essential Red Collection Sammy Hagar Photography
2004 Trouble Bonnie McKee Photography
2004 True Music Photo Courtesy
2003 20th Century Masters: The Millennium Collection: The Best of Lone Justice Lone Justice Photography, Tray Photo
2003 Retrospective: The Best of Suzanne Vega Suzanne Vega Photography
2003 The Complete A&M Years Dennis Brown Cover Design
2003 Tiny Voices Joe Henry Photography
2002 Concrete Love Julia Fordham Photography
2002 International Affairs v1.0 Vikter Duplaix Photography
2002 Rough Dreams Shivaree Photography, Art Direction
2001 Beautiful Creatures Beautiful Creatures Photography
2001 Doc Holliday Rides Again Doc Holliday Photography, Design
2001 Scar Joe Henry Photography
2001 Songs in Red and Gray Suzanne Vega Photography
2001 Steady Pull Jonatha Brooke Photography
2001 Ultimate High Carly Hennessy Photography
2000 Dim the Watershed Mary Karlzen Photography
2000 Greatest Hits Lenny Kravitz Photography, Inlay Photography
2000 Green Velvet Green Velvet Photography
1999 A Day in the Life Eric Benét Photography
1999 Fuse Joe Henry Photography, Artwork
1999 Have You Got a Name for It? Splendid Photography, Art Direction
1999 I Oughtta Give You a Shot in the Head for Making Me Live in This Dump Shivaree Photography
1999 Live Jonatha Brooke Photography
1999 ShanDozia ShanDozia Photography
1999 The Color Within Me Janice Robinson Art Direction
1999 This World Is Not My Home Lone Justice Photography
1998 Dizzy Up the Girl Goo Goo Dolls Photography
1998 Human Being Seal Art Direction
1998 Is This Real? Lisahall Art Direction
1998 Rock Goddess/Hell Hath No Fury Rock Goddess Design
1998 Speak of the Devil Chris Isaak Photography
1998 The Living End The Living End Photography
1997 Blue Cinderella Kami Lyle Photography, Stylist
1997 Marching to Mars Sammy Hagar Photography
1997 Sins of the Father Camus Photography
1997 Terra Incognita Chris Whitley Photography
1996 Ain't Nobody Diana King Photography
1996 Coo CO.RO Photography
1996 Dead Spy Report Craig Ross Photography
1996 Forever More Puff Johnson Photography
1996 Howard Boxing Gandhis Photography
1996 Suckerpunch Suckerpunch Photography
1996 Wax Ecstatic Sponge Photography
1996 Wither Blister Burn & Peel Stabbing Westward Photography
1996 Year of Mondays Mike Johnson Photography
1995 Bloom Billy Pilgrim Photography
1995 If My Heart Had Wings Melissa Manchester Art Direction
1995 Lemonade and Brownies Sugar Ray Photography
1995 The X Factor Xavier Photography
1995 Yelling at Mary Mary Karlzen Photography
1994 Endangered Species Lynyrd Skynyrd Photography
1994 Fearless Francis Dunnery Photography
1994 Fireman's Wedding Joe Henry Photography
1994 Revelation Cyrus Chestnut Art Direction
1994 The Madcap Adventures of the Avocado Overload The Hatters Photography
1993 (MIA): The Complete Anthology Germs Photography
1993 12 Inches of Snow Snow Photography, Art Direction
1993 Bump Ahead Mr. Big Art Direction
1993 El Moodio Eleventh Dream Day Art Direction
1993 For Real Tho' LeVert Art Direction
1993 Funky Dinosaur Deep Jimi & the Zep Creams Art Direction
1993 I'm No Angel Carole Davis Art Direction
1993 Kindness of the World Joe Henry Photography, Art Direction, Design
1993 Live Thunderchicken The Hatters Photography
1993 Neva Again Kam Art Direction
1993 Nino Nino Tempo Art Direction
1993 Psychoderelict Pete Townshend Art Direction
1993 Pucker-Up Sweet N Lo' Art Direction
1993 Slave to the Vibe Aftershock Photography
1993 Smooth Is the Way Around the Way Photography
1993 Sounds of the South [4 CDs] Art Direction
1993 Wandering Spirit Mick Jagger Art Direction
1992 Bend Origin Photography, Art Direction
1992 Cracker Cracker Photography
1992 It's Only Time Mark Curry Photography
1992 Love for the Future Nona Gaye Art Direction
1992 Play Me Backwards Joan Baez Photography
1992 Put Ya Boots On Double XX Posse Art Direction
1992 Radio Fusion Radio College Boyz Art Direction
1992 Rocks in the Head Roger Daltrey Art Direction
1992 Secret Island Bobby Lyle Art Direction
1992 That What Is Not Public Image Ltd. Art Direction, Design
1992 The Very Best...And Beyond Foreigner Art Direction
1992 Wisconsin Hayride Gumball Photography
1991 Asphalt Ballet Asphalt Ballet Art Direction
1991 Beyond the Mix Frankie Knuckles Art Direction
1991 Christmas Comes Anew New York City Gay Men's Chorus Art Direction
1991 Cruel Inventions Sam Phillips Art Direction
1991 Divinyls The Divinyls Photography, Art Direction
1991 For Crying out Loud Loudhouse Art Direction
1991 Jahmekya Ziggy Marley / Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Art Direction
1991 Laughter & Lust Joe Jackson Art Direction
1991 Live at the Hollywood Palladium (December 15, 1988) Keith Richards / The X-pensive Winos Art Direction
1991 Love Lives on New York City Gay Men's Chorus Art Direction
1991 Mama Said Lenny Kravitz Art Direction
1991 Neopolitan Odds Photography
1991 Spellbound Paula Abdul Art Direction
1991 The Album with No Name Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. Art Direction
1991 The String Machine Richard Greene Art Direction
1991 Weird World, Vol. 1 The Weirdos Photography
1990 Aftershock [1990] Aftershock Art Direction
1990 Brent Bourgeois Brent Bourgeois Art Direction
1990 Cockadoodledoo Momma Stud Art Direction
1990 Eroica Wendy & Lisa Art Direction
1990 Hispanic Causing Panic Kid Frost Photography, Mastering
1990 Lalah Hathaway Lalah Hathaway Art Direction
1990 Livin' on the Edge of the Night Iggy Pop Photography
1990 Mark Isham Mark Isham Art Direction
1990 Ordinary Story Kipper Jones Art Direction
1990 Paw Paw Patch Gunbunnies Art Direction
1990 Radartown Mark Germino & The Sluggers Photography
1990 Refugees of the Heart Steve Winwood Art Direction
1990 Shut Up and Dance: Dance Mixes Paula Abdul Art Direction
1990 The Greatest Hits, So Far Public Image Ltd. Art Direction
1990 The Origin Origin Art Direction
1989 A Shade of Red Redhead Kingpin and the F.B.I. Art Direction
1989 After 7 After 7 Art Direction
1989 Let Love Rule Lenny Kravitz Photography, Design
1989 Mystery Girl Roy Orbison Art Direction
1989 One Bright Day Ziggy Marley / Ziggy Marley & the Melody Makers Photography, Art Direction
1989 Surprise Syd Straw Art Direction
1989 Wild Weekend NRBQ Art Direction
1988 Colin James Colin James Design
1988 Lead Me On Amy Grant Design
1988 One Love - One Dream Jeffrey Osborne Design
1988 Our Beloved Revolutionary Sweetheart Camper Van Beethoven Photography
1988 The Indescribable Wow Sam Phillips Photography
1988 Under the Sun Paul Kelly / Paul Kelly & the Messengers Cover Design
1988 Union Toni Childs Art Direction
1988 Used Guitars Marti Jones Design
1987 Electricity Paul Janz Cover Design
1987 Every Night About This Time Dave Alvin Design
1987 Maria Vidal Maria Vidal Design
1987 Miracle Willy DeVille Art Direction, Design
1987 Solitude Standing Suzanne Vega Art Direction, Design
1986 Boomtown David + David Photography, Art Direction, Design
1986 Mania The Lucy Show Photography
1986 Match Game Marti Jones Art Direction
1986 Shelter Lone Justice Photography
1986 Shockadelica Jesse Johnson Art Direction
1986 Vesta Vesta Design
1985 Jesse Johnson's Revue Jesse Johnson Design
1985 The Vision Howard Johnson Design
1984 Dream Street Janet Jackson Design
1984 I Got a Woman and Some Blues George Benson Photography
1984 Medicine Show The Dream Syndicate Art Direction, Design
1983 Doin' It My Way Howard Johnson Design
1983 Hell Hath No Fury Rock Goddess Design
1981 Fiyo on the Bayou Neville Brothers Design
1981 I Want You Booker T. Jones Design
1981 Winners The Brothers Johnson Design
1979 (GI) Germs Photography
1979 10-Inch Record [EP] Reds Design
1979 Dreams of Tomorrow Marilyn Scott Design
1977 Destroy All Music The Weirdos Photography
1977 Oh Yeah! Banjos, Boisterous Ballads and Buck Buck Trent Design