Mei Ling Xiong

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Year Album Artist
2009 Alan Tam & Hacken Lee Live 2009 Hacken Lee / Alan Tam Composer
2007 Wu Jin de Ai Sarah Chen Composer
2007 Bonjour/My Love Tracy Huang Composer
2005 Warner 23rd Anniversary Greatest Hits Sally Yeh Composer
2005 True Love for the Whole Life Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Rose Love Alicia Kao Composer
2005 Polygram Forever Superstar Chang Ho Chirl Composer
2005 My Lovely Legend Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Mandarin Album Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Journey to the Stars Concert Deanie Ip Composer
2005 Another Day with You Again Sally Yeh Composer
2005 Alan Tam [DSD Series] Alan Tam Composer
2005 24K Mastersonic Compilation Sally Yeh Composer
2005 13 Greatest Hits Sally Yeh Composer
2004 Best of Alan Tam, Vol. 2 [Sacd Series] Alan Tam Composer
2002 Zhen Jin Dian: Andy Lau Andy Lau Composer
2000 Huan Qiu Yi Shuang Qing Yuan Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
1999 Huan Qiu 2000 Chao Ju Xing Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
1997 Sally Yeh Mandarin 24K Mastersonic Compilation Sally Yeh Composer
1995 Polygram Forever Superstar [3 CD] Michael Huang Composer
1990 Let Love Free Tracy Huang Composer
Zui Mei Li De Zhe Mo Kim Pei Shan Composer
You Are the Only in My Heart Hu Gua Composer
Yin He Sui Yue: The 40th Anniversary Alan Tam Composer
Yi Jie Ren Sheng Jody Chiang Composer
Xi Shuo Shu Na Chiang Shu Na Composer
Wo Zhen De Bu Shi Gu Yi De Chang Ho Chirl Composer
Wo Hai Nian Qing Stella Chang Composer
When Will You Love Me Lui Fong Composer
Wen Na 25 Zhou Nian Yan Chang Hui'98 The Wynners Composer
There's a Cloud in the Wind Mong Ting Wei Composer
The Sun Has Come Out Tsai Chin / Tsai Ching Composer
The Classics (1) Alicia Kao Composer
The Best of Andy Lau Andy Lau Composer
The Collection of Kao Sheng-Mei (5) Alicia Kao Composer
Tenderness Unknown Hacken Lee Lyricist
Superwoman, Vol. 2 Composer
Superwoman [Gold Typhoon] Composer
Sing For You Deanie Ip Composer
Sammi by My Side Birthday Gig Sammi Cheng Composer
Polaroid Classics: Mandarin Golden Melody Composer
Polaroid 50: Classic Mandarin Composer
Millennium Greatest Hits, Vol.2 Composer
Lover Diana Yang Composer
Ku Jiu de Tan Ge Chiang Hui Composer
Jiu Shi Qing Ge Hacken Lee Composer
Jin Die Zhi Zun Jing Xuan Composer
Hong Qing Ting De Meng May Lan Composer
Hits Chang Ho Chirl Composer
Hacken Lee Into the Third Dimension Hacken Lee Composer
Greatest Hits of Alicia Kao Alicia Kao Composer
Forever Love [WM Taiwan] Composer
Favourite Mandarin Hits From ... PolyGram 50th Anniversary Composer
Best Wishes to Jody Chiang Jody Chiang Composer
Believe in Mi Sammi Cheng Composer
Bao Li Jin Ji Pin Yin Se Xi Lie Alan Tam Composer
Autumn Goes Autumn Comes Sally Yeh Composer
Ai Yu Shen Xin Yu Ning Michael Shih Composer
Adore Diana Yang Composer
Absolute Voice Composer