Max Richter

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Blending classical and electronic elements in his music, Richter divides his time between scores and stand-alone albums.
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Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Vivaldi's Four Seasons, re-composition for violin, harpsichord & orchestra Concerto
Sleep 2013 Keyboard
Vladimir's Blues Keyboard
The Leftovers, television series score 2014 Film Score
Songs from Before, for pre-recorded readings, 2 violins, viola, 2 cellos, piano & electronics Chamber Music
Written on the Sky Keyboard
Mercy, for violin & piano Chamber Music
Black Mirror: Nosedive, television episode score 2016 Film Score
Memoryhouse, for soloists, ensembles & orchestra Orchestral
The Congress, film score 2013 Film Score
Electronic Soundscapes, for violin & synthesizer Chamber Music
Berlin by Overnight, for violin & double bass (from 24 Postcards) Chamber Music
Perfect Sense, film score 2011 Film Music Film Score Soundtracks Stage & Screen
The Blue Notebooks, for piano Keyboard
On the Nature of Daylight Chamber Music
Horizon Variations, for keyboards Keyboard
Three Worlds: Music from Woolf Works, suite from the ballet for narrator, soloists & orchestra Orchestral
Wadjda, film score 2013 Film Score
The Last Days on Mars, film score 2013 Film Score
Andras, for piano Keyboard
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