Max Bowers


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Year Album Artist
1998 Feeling Right Phil Wright Mastering
1998 I Know How to Do It Barbara Morrison Mastering
1997 Anaconda Randy Edelman Digital Editing
1997 Leave It to Beaver Randy Edelman Digital Editing
1997 Rebirth Final Conflict Digital Editing
1997 Ten Years Later...The Comp Mastering
1996 Go Exotic Huntington Cads Editing
1996 Idol Pleasures Tiki Tones Engineer, Editing
1996 Just a Word Ep Suppression Swing Editing
1996 Kicked in the Teeth Again Welt Mastering
1996 Scratch 'N' Surf Neptunas Mastering
1996 Think It's Time Knockout Editing
1995 Abandoned Bonesaw Digital Editing
1995 Better Days Welt Editing
1995 Fall from Grace Aversion Mastering
1995 Hoodlum Town Quick Mix D Lyrical Digital Editing
1995 Kelley Hunt Kelley Hunt Mastering
1995 Menudo Incident Manic Hispanic Editing
1995 Pets Sound Just Plain Big Mastering
1995 Speed of Sound The Texas Instruments Digital Editing
1995 The Way I Am The Grabbers Digital Editing
1995 While You Were Sleeping [Original Motion Picture Score] Randy Edelman Digital Editing
1994 Another Month of Mondays Joyride Digital Editing, Digital Mastering
1994 Die Alone Remain Digital Editing
1993 Spunk! Swamp Zombies Digital Editing
1990 Dirt 3D Picnic Assistant Engineer
1987 E-bone-ix Buster Cooper Mastering