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Year Album Artist
2016 The Unforgiving Road Withem Artwork, Layout
2015 Trapped in the Shadows Manimal Artwork, Layout
2012 Soliloquy Teodor Tuff Artwork, Design
2011 Primo Victoria Sabaton Artwork, Layout
2011 More Than Meets the Eye Patrick Hemer Cover Art
2011 Changes Alyson Avenue Logo Design
2010 Unwritten Pages, Pt. 1: Noah Unwritten Pages Artwork
2009 The Reckoning Arise Logo
2009 Molecular Heinosity Derek Sherinian Artwork
2009 A Mind's Portrait Aeon Zen Artwork
2008 X to the Power of Ten Lanfear Logo
2008 Torn Evergrey Artwork
2008 The Prestige Illdisposed Cover Illustration
2008 The Incurable Tragedy Into Eternity Artwork
2008 Slaves for Life Amaseffer Artwork
2008 Jazzraptor's Secret Jack Foster III Cover Art
2008 Global Drama Cloudscape Artwork
2008 Equilibrio Xystus Logo
2008 Ashes and Madness Avian Artwork, Cover Art, Layout
2008 Allegory Divinity Artwork
2007 World Full of Grey Eyefear Cover Art
2007 Under a New Sign Knight Area Artwork
2007 The Divine Conspiracy Epica Art Direction, Design
2007 Quantum Planet X Artwork
2007 Pathosray Pathosray Artwork, Logo
2007 No Excuse Jamie Robertson Graphic Design
2007 Metalizer Sabaton Artwork
2007 Isolate Circus Maximus Artwork, Layout Design
2007 Ghost Opera Kamelot Artwork, Layout Design
2007 Elevation Jamie Robertson Graphic Design
2007 Defiance Kyrbgrinder Cover Art
2007 As Our Army Grows Intense Artwork, Design
2007 A Storm to Come Van Canto Cover Art
2006 Walking on H20 Mind's Eye Artwork
2006 The Naked Truth Ureas Artwork
2006 The Scattering of Ashes Into Eternity Artwork, Layout Design, Logo
2006 Spheric Univers Experience Spheric Universe Experience Artwork
2006 Phenomenation Richard Zeier Cover Art
2006 Optical Illusion Time Requiem Artwork, Design
2006 One Cold Winter's Night Kamelot Artwork
2006 Nowhere Land Slamer Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Monday Morning Apocalypse Evergrey Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Live in the Real World Stream of Passion Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Last Exit for the Lost Code of Perfection Artwork, Design
2006 Landscape Made from Dreams Daniel Palmqvist Cover Art
2006 Flying High Again: The World Greatest Tribute to Ozzy Osbourne Cover Painting
2006 Flies & Lies Raintime Cover Art
2006 Edge of Infinity Lunatica Artwork, Design
2006 Dead City Dreaming Crystal Eyes Cover Art
2006 Crimson Skies Cloudscape Artwork, Design
2006 Cold Reality Winterborn Artwork
2006 City of the Damned Raise Hell Artwork, Layout Design
2006 Blood of the Snake Derek Sherinian Artwork, Design
2006 Attero Dominatus Sabaton Artwork
2006 Astralism Astral Doors Artwork
2005 Underworld The Storyteller Layout Design, Cover Design
2005 Unchained Unchained Cover Art
2005 The Ultimate Andersson Collection Richard Andersson Artwork, Layout Design
2005 The Black Halo Kamelot Artwork, Layout
2005 The Astral Episode Space Odyssey Artwork, Layout Design
2005 Stratovarius Stratovarius Cover Art
2005 Soundtrack of a Soul Liberty N' Justice Artwork
2005 Section X Beyond Twilight Illustrations, Cover Art
2005 Resurrection Dungeon Artwork, Concept, Cover Art Concept
2005 Nine Platitude Artwork
2005 Madrid las Ventas [DVD] Mägo de Oz Artwork
2005 Madrid las Ventas Mägo de Oz Artwork
2005 Louder Than the Dragon, Pt. 2 Cover Art
2005 Legend of the Bone Carver Pyramaze Artwork
2005 Into the Enchanted Chamber Timeless Miracle Artwork
2005 Interaction Brunorock Artwork
2005 Imagine Stride Cover Art
2005 From the Depths of Time Avian Layout Design, Cover Art
2005 Embrace the Storm Stream of Passion Artwork, Layout Design, Logo
2005 Confessions of the Maker Crystal Eyes Logotype, Cover Art
2005 A Perfect Forever Anubis Gate Logo, Cover Art
2004 Theocracy Theocracy Cover Illustration
2004 The Human Equation Ayreon Booklet, Layout
2004 Mythology Derek Sherinian Artwork, Design
2003 Of Wars in Osyrhia Fairyland Logo
2003 II = I Andromeda Artwork
2003 Black Utopia Derek Sherinian Cover Art
2002 Against the Seasons: Cold Winter Songs from the Dead Summer Heat Woods of Ypres Layout
2002 A Flame to the Ground Beneath Lost Horizon Artwork, Layout Design, Computer Graphics, Layout, Graphics
Voice of Reason Cloudscape Booklet, Cover Art
Veni Vidi Vici Twins Crew Cover Art, Booklet Design
Transcendence Ravenword Logo, Cover Art, Layout
Thirteen Eight Fredde Gredde Artwork
The Law of One Echoterra Artwork
The Illuminated Sky Prospekt Artwork, Design, Layout
The Colourless Sunrise Prospekt Artwork, Design, Layout
One Last Ride Midnight Sin Cover Art
Into Eternity Into Eternity Artwork, Logo, Layout
In-Between Alias Eye Artwork
His Blood is Yours Warnot Artwork
Enigma Aeon Zen Artwork, Layout
Divanity The Murder of My Sweet Artwork
Beth out of Hell The Murder of My Sweet Artwork
Atomic Ark Lalu Logo

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