Matthias Pintscher

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Matthias Pintscher writes: "I have attempted to shape a situation which is designed to give the listener the impression that he is in the middle of this 'space', that he is being directly addressed...even…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Hérodiade-Fragmente, dramatic scena for soprano & orchestra 1999 Vocal Music
towards Osiris, for orchestra Orchestral
Music from Thomas Chatterton, for baritone voice & orchestra 1998 Vocal Music
Figura I-V, for accordion & string quartet 1997 Chamber Music
Lieder und Schneebilder, for voice & piano 2000 Vocal Music
Study No. 4 for Treatise on the Veil, for string quartet 2009 Chamber Music
Sur "Depart", for 3 orchestral groups, 3 solo cellos & 16 womens' voices Choral
Choc, antiphons for large ensemble 1996 Orchestral
A Twilight's Song, for soprano & 7 instruments 1997 Vocal Music
On a Clear Day, for piano 2004 Keyboard
Je dois m'abbattre, piano Keyboard
Janusgesicht, for viola & cello 2001 Chamber Music
Dernier Espace avec Introspecteur, Betrachtung einer Raumplastick von Joseph Beuys, for accordion & cello 1994 Chamber Music
Bereshit, for large ensemble 2011 Orchestral
Tableau/Miroir, for piano ("Threnos in zwei Teilen") 1991 Keyboard
She-Cholat ahavah ani (shir ha-shirim V), for mixed chorus a cappella 2008 Choral
Monumento No. 5, for 8 female voices, 3 cellos & chamber ensemble 1998 Vocal Music
Transir, for flute & chamber orchestra Concerto
In Nomine, übermalung for solo viola 1999 Chamber Music
Uriel, for cello & piano 2011 Chamber Music
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