Matt Vickerstaff


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Year Album Artist
2017 The Symbol of Death Disbelief Design, Layout
2016 Apex III (Praise for the Burning Soul) Mars Red Sky Layout
2016 Arctic Thunder Darkthrone Illustrations, Design
2016 Behind the Wall of Doom Candlemass Design, Layout
2016 Ferryman's End Izegrim Layout
2016 Heavy Over the Home Sanzu Layout
2016 Infernal Machine New Keepers of the Water Towers Design, Layout
2015 Captivity & Devourment Armageddon Layout
2015 Feel the Misery My Dying Bride Design, Layout
2015 Resonance, Vols. 1 & 2 Anathema Layout
2014 The Vaulted Shadows My Dying Bride Layout
2014 Tourniquets, Hacksaws and Graves Autopsy Layout
2013 Death Awaits Tormented Layout
2013 Flesh Is Heir The Amenta Design, Layout
2013 Life Sentence Satan Layout, Graphics
2013 The Headless Ritual Autopsy Logo, Layout
2013 The Underground Resistance Darkthrone Design, Layout
2012 Deeply from the Earth Moonloop Layout
2012 Dreams Like Deserts Aura Noir Design, Layout
2012 Kindred Spirits Waylander Design, Layout
2012 Sempiternal Past: The Darkthrone Demos Darkthrone Design, Layout
2012 The Manticore and Other Horrors Cradle of Filth Artwork
2012 Vanquish in Vengeance Incantation Design, Layout
2011 Evinta My Dying Bride Design, Layout
2011 Macabre Eternal Autopsy Layout
2010 Darkly, Darkly, Venus Aversa Cradle of Filth Artwork, Layout
2009 Rotten Death Tormented Layout
2007 Supervillain Outcast Dødheimsgard Layout
2005 Antithesis of Light Evoken Layout
2005 Rape of the Bastard Nazarene Akercocke Layout
2005 Sardonic Wrath Darkthrone Layout
2005 WW Gehenna Layout Design
2004 Redemption Process Anorexia Nervosa Layout
2002 Phantom Khold Layout
2001 Plaguewielder Darkthrone Layout
2001 Quietus Evoken Layout
2001 Terra Incognita Gojira Layout
2000 Murder Gehenna Layout
1999 666 International Dødheimsgard Graphics
1999 Gracefallen Unholy Layout
1999 Kronet Til Konge Dødheimsgard Layout
1999 Ravishing Grimness Darkthrone Layout
1999 The Second Ring of Power Unholy Layout
1998 In the Streams of Inferno Mysticum Cover Art, Layout
1997 Goatlord Darkthrone Layout
1997 Live in Leipzig Mayhem Design, Layout
1997 Rapture Unholy Layout
1996 Transmissions from Empire Algol Neptune Towers Layout
1995 For All Eternity Morta Skuld Layout
1995 For Funerals to Come Katatonia Design, Layout
1995 Total Death Darkthrone Layout
1994 Abduction Ritual Fallen Christ Layout
1994 Caravans to Empire Algol Neptune Towers Artwork
1994 Sublime Dementia Loudblast Layout
1994 Transilvanian Hunger Darkthrone Layout
1993 Cross the Threshold Loudblast Design, Layout
1993 Under a Funeral Moon Darkthrone Layout
1992 A Blaze in the Northern Sky Darkthrone Layout
1992 Mental Funeral Autopsy Layout
1990 Soulside Journey Darkthrone Layout
1987 Nightfall Candlemass Layout
1986 Epicus Doomicus Metallicus Candlemass Reissue Layout
Abyss Masterpiece Heavenwood Artwork, Logo
After the Cutting Autopsy Design, Layout
All Tomorrow's Funerals Autopsy Layout
Atom by Atom Satan Photography, Layout, Graphics
Black Death and Beyond Darkthrone Design, Layout
Burial Ground Loudblast Layout
Celebrating Impending Chaos Primitive Graven Image Concept, Cover Art
Codes of Consequences Izegrim Artwork, Layout
Contra Rationem Centurian Layout
Demonization Lock Up Layout
Disincarnate Loudblast Layout
Dying Remains Morta Skuld Layout
False Prophecies Undead Artwork
Grand Morbid Funeral Bloodbath Layout
High Decibels '77 Logo, Layout
IV: Beyond the Reef of Sanity Kayser Layout
In Concert 2007-2014 Mos Generator Artwork, Layout
Kult des Hasses Acheron Layout
New Waste Black Wizard Layout
Palace of Vision Saviours Layout
Phase Reverse Phase Reverse Design, Layout
Receive Gift of Gods / Nocturno Culto's Gift of Gods Layout
Stay of Execution Hellish Outcast Artwork, Logo Design, Layout
Stoner Rock Bong Layout
Summoning the Bygones Bilocate Illustrations, Art Direction, Digital Art, Layout
Superunnatural 11 Paranoias Layout
The 7th Offensive Panzerchrist Cover Art, Layout
The Omega Experiment The Omega Experiment Cover Art, Layout
There Was Death My Silent Wake Logo
This Is Rock 'N' Roll Sticky Boys Layout
Trail of Fire: Live in North America Satan Layout, Graphics
Yggdrassil Enslaved Artwork, Layout