Mataro Misawa


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Year Album Artist
2008 Catchy Best Exile Percussion
2008 DepaNatsu: Drive! Drive!! Drive!!! Depapepe Percussion
2008 Diary Kiroro Percussion
2008 Drive! Drive! Drive! Depapepe Percussion
2008 My Short Stories Yui Percussion
2005 Cowboy Bebop Tank: The Best Percussion, Group Member
2005 Stand Alone Complex, Vol. 2 Percussion
2004 .hack//Sign: Original Soundtrack [Original Soundtrack] Percussion
2004 Arjuna: Into the Another World [Pioneer] Percussion
2004 Chobits: Character Song Collection Percussion
2004 Fooly Cooly, Vol. 1: Addict Percussion
2004 Ghost in the Shell [Sony Playstation Soundtrack] Percussion
2004 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex Percussion
2004 Trust the DJ: PF03: Eclectic Patrick Forge Percussion
2003 Do Swing Kiroron Percussion
2003 Nadeisco the Movie: The Prince of Darkness (Original Soundtrack) Percussion
2003 Readymade Digs Disney Bongos
2002 Ghost in the Shell, Vol. 7: Stand Alone Complex 2nf Gig [DVD/CD] Percussion
2002 Ghost in the Shell: Stand Alone Complex - 2nd Gig, Vol. 1 Percussion
2001 Cowboy Bebop: Knockin' on Heaven's Door O.S.T. Future Blues Percussion, Vocals (Background)
2000 Escaflowne: The Movie - Ultimate Edition Percussion
2000 Room 508 Sakura Producer, Arranger, Percussion
2000 The Fifth Release from Pizzicato Five Pizzicato Five Musician
1998 Cowboy Bebop Percussion
1998 Soul Liberation Original Love Congas
1996 Katsuhiro Otomo Presents: Memories Percussion, Latin Percussion
1995 Macross Plus II [Original Soundtrack] Yoko Kanno Percussion
Cowboy Bebop [Original Soundtrack] Yoko Kanno Percussion