Massonix is an alias used by pioneering British electronica producer Graham Massey for live performances and occasionally studio recordings. Massey emerged in the 1980s as part of the band Biting Tongues, which released an album and a couple EPs on Factory Records in 1985-1986, and much more notably as the founding member of 808 State. Under his leadership, 808 State released several groundbreaking electronica productions (e.g., "Pacific," 1989; "Cübik," 1990) and was active for a decade (culminating in 808:88:98, a best-of compilation covering 1988-1998). In the 1990s Massey employed himself as a producer and remixer for hire, most notably collaborating with Björk on her second album, Post (1995). Though Massonix was primarily reserved as an alias for his live performances, Massey made his recording debut as such in 1990 with Just a ...
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