Masayo Takise


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Year Album Artist
2008 Best of the Bestest Bennie K Mastering
2008 Bestest Bennie K Show Bennie K Mastering
2008 Euphoriam Kazumasa Hashimoto Mastering
2008 Ghosts & Angels Art-School Mastering
2008 Man From New Town Your Song Is Good Mastering
2007 Era of Queen's Origa Mastering
2007 Sounds Freetempo Mastering
2006 Samurai Champloo, Vol. 2 Mastering
2005 Bleach 03 Bleach 03 Mastering
2005 Loco Princess Taimane Gardner Mastering
2005 Samurai Champloo: Music Record Katana Mastering
2004 Before Turning Off the Light The Group Mastering
2004 Director's Cut Tatsuya Oe Mastering
2004 Endangered Species Ex-Girl Mastering
2004 Stayin/Alive/Fame/Pan American Beef Stake Art Federation 2 Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden Mastering
2004 Structure et Force Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden Mastering
2003 Fueled for the Future, Vol. 1 Kyoto Jazz Massive Mastering
2003 Fueled for the Future, Vol. 1-5 Mastering
2003 Fueled for the Future, Vol. 3 Toshio Matsuura Mastering
2003 Musical from Chaos Date Course Pentagon Royal Garden Mastering
2003 Night Is Indigo Natural Calamity Mastering
2003 ONJQ+OE ONJQ+OE Mastering
2003 Physical Fiction O.E. Mastering
2003 Stars Kazufumi Kodama Mastering
2002 Dying for Seagulls Seagull Screaming Kiss Her Kiss Her Mastering
2002 Future in Light Ken Ishii Mastering
2002 Once in a Lifetime Opportunity Silent Poets Mastering
2002 Through Ultra Living Mastering
2001 ABBA Ibiza Caliente Mix Engineer
2001 Easy Filters FLR Mastering
2001 Feather Float OOIOO Mastering
2001 Hi-Posi 4N5 Mastering Engineer
2001 King Jammy Meets Dry and Heavy in the Jaws of the Tiger Dry & Heavy Mastering
2001 Ready for Love Hi-Posi Mastering
2001 Tribute to Bad Brains Mastering
2001 Vision Creation Newsun Boredoms Mastering
2000 Adventure of Inevitable Chance Yann Tomita Mastering
2000 Astral Astronauts Spoozys Mastering
2000 Bong Audio Active Mastering
2000 Finale: For Issey Miyake Men by Naori Takizawa Nobukazu Takemura Mastering
2000 Full Contact Dry & Heavy Mastering
2000 Rock 'n' Roll Etiquette Guitar Wolf Mastering
1999 Jet Generation Guitar Wolf Mastering
1999 Milano: For Issey Miyake Men by Naoki Takizawa Nobukazu Takemura Mastering
1999 Opa*q Rei Harakami Mastering
1999 Super Roots, Vol. 8 Boredoms Mastering
1999 Ultra Mix Shonen Knife Mastering
1999 View ROM=Pari Mastering
1999 Vision Creation Newsun [EP] Boredoms Mastering
1998 Alien to Whom? Max Brennan Mastering
1998 Ki-Oku DJ Krush / Toshinori Kondo Mastering
1998 Music for Living Sound Yann Tomita Mastering
1998 S/N Dumb Type Mastering
1998 Super Ae Boredoms Mastering
1998 Tatsuya Oe Presents: Encounter with Captain Funk Captain Funk Mastering
1998 The Best of Trattoria Years Plus More Kahimi Karie Mastering
1998 Unrest Rei Harakami Mastering
1997 Super Roots, Vol. 7 Boredoms Mastering
1996 Masters of Zen: Ugetsufu Kuniyoshi Sugawara Mixing