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Year Album Artist
2018 Got You Michael Calfan Composer
2018 100% Clubland: EDM Bangers Composer
2017 Summer Dance Vibe Composer
2017 Pitch Perfect 3 [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] Composer
2017 Electronic Nature: The Mix 2017 Jonas Blue Composer
2016 This Is Future Pop Composer
2004 Summer Dance Composer
Workout Music Hits 2020 Composer
Workout Dance Tempo Composer
Work Beats Composer
Winter Fitness Hits 2020 Composer
Warm-Up 2021 Composer
Virgin Radio 2019 Composer
Verano Con Dance Composer, Vocals
Vacation at Home Composer
Vacation Mode Composer
Ultimate Summer 2021 Composer
Tropical House Composer
Tropical Hits [2021] Composer
Top Verao 2021 Composer, Vocals
Top Hits, Vol. 2 Composer, Vocals
Top Hits Acústico Composer
Thing for You David Guetta Composer
The Biggest Hits From Europe Composer
The Post COVID-19 Mixtape: Acoustic Edition Composer
Team Bride Composer
Sunny Vibes Composer
Summer Party 2021 Composer, Vocals
Summer Party 2021 Composer, Vocals
Summer Mix [Universal] Composer
Summer Mix 2021 [Universal] [#1] Composer
Summer Lounge 2020 Composer
Summer Jams [2021] Composer, Vocals
Summer Hit Mix 2017 Composer
Summer Festival [Universal] Composer
Summer BBQ: EDM Composer, Vocals
Study Vibes 2020 Composer
Spring Break [2020] Composer
Sport au Soleil Composer
Sport Vacances 2020 Composer
Sport Rentrée 2020 Composer
Sport Dance Composer
Spinning Music 2021 Composer
Sons Para O Verao Composer, Vocals
Sonando Fuerte en el Verano Composer, Vocals
Sommer 2021 [Universal] [#2] Composer, Vocals
Soft Pop Hits 2020 Composer
Shut Up Lets Dance, Vol. II Composer
Shut Up Lets Dance Composer
Running Motivation Composer
Running Ete 2020 Composer
Rentree Feel Good Composer
Relaxing Music 2020 Composer
Rave Composer, Vocals
Raise Your Head Up Composer, Vocals
Que suene el Beat Composer
Pure Party Composer, Vocals
Pumped Pop Composer
Pump It 2020 Composer
Power House Composer
Pop Right Now Composer, Vocals
Pool Party, Vol. 2 Composer, Vocals
Pool Party Chill Vibes, Vol. 2 Composer
Pool Party 2020 Composer
Places Martin Solveig Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 22 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 11 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Dance & Disco Hits 1 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Hymnen 2021 Composer, Vocals
New Years Eve Party 2021 Composer, Vocals
Never Going Home Gerd Janson / Kungs / Toby Romeo / Domenico Torti / Upsilone Composer, Vocals
Música Electrónica de Fiesta Composer
My Love Martin Solveig Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Musiques pour Courir Composer
Musique en Famille Composer
Motivation Sport Composer
Motivation Rentrée 2020 Composer
Motivation Ménage Composer
Motivation 2020 Composer
Ministry of Sound: House Heads Composer
Military Workout 2021 Composer
Matin Sport Composer
Massive Dance Hits [Universal] Composer
MMA Workout 2021 Composer
Lounge Music 2021 Composer
Ljeto 2021 Composer, Vocals
Lipstick Kungs Composer, Vocals
Leto 2021 Composer, Vocals
Let's Dance Composer
La Mejor Fiesta Dance Composer
Kids Zone Composer
Ibiza Hits 2021 Composer, Vocals
Ibiza Anthems Composer
I love Pop Composer, Vocals
House Party [Universal] Composer
House Party 2021 Composer
Hot Tracks Composer, Vocals
Hot Summer Vibes☀ Composer, Vocals
Hot Summer Nights Composer, Vocals
Hot Party Summer 2021 Composer, Vocals
Home Workout [Club/Dance] Composer
Home Workout Hype Composer
Home Workout Dance Composer
Home Workout 2021 Composer
Hits zum Mitsingen [2021] Composer
Hits Ete 2021 Composer, Vocals
Hits Acoustiques Composer
Hiking Music 2020 Composer
High Energy Pop Composer, Vocals
Hello Starmakers Karaoke Band Composer
Happy Place Composer
HOT PARTY BACK2SKOOL [2021] Composer, Vocals
HIIT Workout Mix Composer
Gym Songs 2021 Composer
Gym Motivation [2021] Composer, Vocals
Gym Motivation Composer
Girls Only: Addio al Nubilato Composer
Get Off the Couch Composer
Gaming Music: Electronic Composer
Gaming Electronic Composer
Gaming EDM 2021 Composer
Footing Ete 2020 Composer
Fitness at Home Composer
Fitness Ete 2020 Composer
Fitness Beats Composer
Feel Good Dance Zone Composer
Exercise Beats Composer
Estate Chill 2021 Composer
Estate 2021 Hits Italia Composer, Vocals
Essential Summer Tracks: Dance Composer, Vocals
Electrónica Vieja Y Poderosa Composer
Electronic Music Composer, Vocals
Electro Pop 2020 Composer
EDM Classics Composer
Down With DJ Composer
Do It Right Martin Solveig Composer
Deviltime Composer
Deep House Music Composer
Deep House Mix Composer
Deep House 2021 Composer
Deep House 2020 [October 7] Composer
Deep House 2020 Composer
Dance with the Devils Composer
Dance Party 2020 [August, 2020] Composer
Dance Fitness Composer
Dance Driving Composer
Dale Al Play!: Deporte Composer
Dale Al Play!: Chill Composer
Crowd Pleasers Composer
Courir En Musique Composer
Cooking at Home [Dance Edition] Composer
Club Anthems 2021 Composer, Vocals
Class of '17 Composer
Chillout Hits Composer
Chillout 2020 Composer
Cape Town Beach Party Composer
Canciones De Siempre: Chill Composer
Cafe Del Cape Town Composer
Caedio Music [2021] Composer
Bride to Be Composer
Best of 2017 [August 2020] Composer
Best Dance Party Hits Composer
Beach Party 2020 Composer
Beach & Pool Party Composer, Vocals
Autumn Hits 2021 Composer, Vocals
Autumn 2021 Composer, Vocals
Aqua Blue Vibes: Summer Playlist Composer
Apero at Home Composer
Apero Hits Composer
All Stars Martin Solveig Composer
Addio al Nubilato Composer
Acoustic Dance Composer
60 Minutes Cardio Composer
2021 Summer Anthems Composer, Vocals
100 Greatest Motivation Songs Composer