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Year Album Artist
2008 The Dawn of Recording: The Julius Block Cylinders Record Label
2001 Arthur Loesser in Recital Arthur Loesser Record Label
2001 Jacques Urlus, Heroic Tenor Jacques Urlus Record Label
2001 Rosa Ponselle: On the Air, Vol. 2 Rosa Ponselle Record Label
2000 Bizet: Carmen Emmy Destinn Record Label
2000 Clara Butt: The Acoustic Years Clara Butt Record Label
2000 Early Years Claudio Arrau Record Label
2000 Haydn, Beethoven: Forgotten Genius Vol. 2 Ernest Levy Record Label
2000 In Their Own Voices: The U.S. Presidential Elections of 1908 and 1912 Record Label
2000 On the Air, Vol. 1: 1934-36 Rosa Ponselle Record Label
2000 The Edison Trials: Voice Audition Cylinders of 1912-1913 Record Label
2000 Three Tenors of the Opéra-Comique Louis Cazette / Charles Friant / Jean Marny Record Label
2000 Verdi: Le Trouvère Charles Fontaine Record Label
1999 Bizet: Carmen (Opera-comique) Marguerite Merentie Record Label
1999 Claire Croiza: Champion of the Modern French Mélodie Claire Croiza Record Label
1999 Jane Bathori: The Complete Solo Recordings Jane Bathori Record Label
1999 The Complete Johanna Gadski, Vol. 2 Johanna Gadski Record Label
1998 Charles Hackett Charles Hackett Record Label
1998 Complete Josef Hofmann, Vol. 6 Josef Hofmann Record Label
1998 Donizetti: La Favorite Ketty Lapeyrette / Francois Ruhlmann Record Label
1998 Emil von Sauer: Complete Commercial Recording Emil von Sauer Record Label
1998 Emma Calve Emma Calvé Record Label
1998 Hermann Jalowker Hermann Jadlowker Record Label
1998 Rosa Raisa Complete Recordings Rosa Raisa Record Label
1998 The Complete Adelina Patti & Victor Maurel Victor Maurel / Adelina Patti Record Label
1998 The Complete Solo Gramophone Recordings, 1909-1933 Marcel Journet Record Label
1998 Three Edison Tenors Giuseppe Anselmi / Alessandro Bonci / José Mojica Record Label
1997 Alma Gluck Alma Gluck Record Label
1997 Massenet: Manon Henri Büsser / Fanny Heldy Record Label
1997 Ninon Vallin-The Complete Pathé-Art Recordings, 1927-1929 Ninon Vallin Record Label
1997 The Complete Gramophone And Pathe Recordings (1913-1921) Tito Schipa Record Label
1997 The Complete Gramophone Recordings 1901-1908 Maurice Renaud Record Label
1997 The Complete Josef Hofmann, Vol. 5 Josef Hofmann Record Label
1997 The Complete Olimpia Boronat Olimpia Boronat Record Label
1997 Victor Recordings, Vol. 1 (1903-1909) Johanna Gadski Record Label
Ernst Levy Plays Beethoven, Liszt & Levy Ernst Levy Record Label
Eugenia Burzio: Verismo Soprano Eugenia Burzio Record Label
Falling in Love Is Wonderful Rosemary Benson / Ward Marston Record Label