Marquis Classics


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Year Album Artist
2016 Beethoven: Favorite Piano Sonatas Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2016 De Profundis: String Quartets by Norman Palej, Krzysztof Penderecki Penderecki String Quartet Record Label
2016 Haydn: Sonatas Timothy Steeves Record Label
2016 J.S. Bach: Six Sonatas for Violin and Piano Duo Concertante Record Label
2016 Narratives on Life: Music for Cello and Piano Joan Harrison / Elaine Keillor Record Label
2016 The Musical Clock & other Timeless Masterpieces Suzanne Shulman / Valerie Tryon Record Label
2016 Words Fail Yevgeny Kutik Record Label
2015 Mendelssohn & MacDonald: Double Concertos for Violin, Piano and Orchestra Marc David / Duo Concertante / Newfoundland Symphony Orchestra Record Label
2015 Virtuosi of the Baroque: Teleman, Vivaldi, Graun, Fux, Graupner Victoria Baroque Players Record Label
2014 Beethoven: Diabelli Variations Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2014 Beethoven: String Quartets Nos. 15 & 16 Penderecki String Quartet Record Label
2014 Cinema Verismo Mak Grgic Record Label
2013 All in a Garden Green: A Renaissance Collection Toronto Consort Record Label
2013 Beethoven: Complete Sonatas for Violin and Piano Duo Concertante Record Label
2013 Exoticism: The Music of Karol Szymanowski Jerzy Kaplanek / Stéphan Sylvestre Record Label
2013 Full Well She Sang Toronto Consort Record Label
2013 SouNZsCApes: From Our Lands Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2013 Tangos Brasileiros: The Music of Ernesto Nazareth Christina Petrowska Quilico Record Label
2012 Beethoven: The Complete Piano Sonatas Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2012 Beethoven: The Middle Sonatas Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2012 Connections: Music by Franck, Debussy, Chausson and Fauré Connie Shih / Winona Zelenka Record Label
2012 Homage to the Old Master: Sonatas for Keyboard by Carlos Seixas Anya Alexeyev Record Label
2012 Meditation: The Most Beautiful Classical Melodies Record Label
2012 Navidad: Christmas Music from Latin America and Spain Toronto Consort Record Label
2011 Tchaikovsky: Piano Concerto No. 3, Op. 75; Symphony No. 5, Op. 64 Vladimir Lande / Maxim Mogilevsky Record Label
2010 Bach: Six Suites for Solo Cello Winona Zelenka Record Label
2010 Beethoven: The Late Sonatas Stewart Goodyear Record Label
2010 Chopin: Piano Trio in G minor, Op. 8; Schumann: Piano Trio No. 3 in G minor, Op. 110 Manhattan Piano Trio Record Label
2010 Strauss, Franck: Violin Sonatas Catherine Manoukian / Xiayin Wang Record Label
2007 A Song for All Seasons Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2007 It's Like That Here Charlotte Cornfield Record Label
2007 Thru the Wounded Sky Glenn Buhr Record Label
2006 Boccherini: Six Sonatas for Flute & Harpsichord, Op. 5 Sheridan Stokes Record Label
2006 Mozart: Quintets K.452 & K.407; Oboe Quartet K.370 Fine Arts Quartet / Frank Glazer / New York Woodwind Quintet Record Label
2006 Sonatas for Violin & Harpsichord Steven Staryk Record Label
2006 Tchaikovsky: Trio in A Minor, Op. 50; D'Indy: Violin Sonata in C Major, Op. 59 Jeffrey Solow / Doris Stevenson / Henri Temianka Record Label
2006 The Art of Laurindo Almeida Laurindo Almeida Record Label
2006 Vivaldi: Beatus Vir Record Label
2006 Voodoo Térez Montcalm Record Label
2005 A Baroque Harp Judy Loman Record Label
2005 Afternoon Rêverie James Campbell Record Label
2005 Aria Fresca Quartetto Gelato Record Label
2005 Brahms: Piano Trios Nos. 1 & 3, Opp. 8 & 101 Trio Solisti Record Label
2005 Mosiacs Trio Lyra Record Label
2005 Serenade Canadian Chamber Ensemble / Susan Hoeppner / Chosei Komatsu Record Label
2005 Starry, Starry Night Robert Silverman Record Label
2005 The Best of Aled Jones Aled Jones Record Label
2004 A Ceremony of Carols Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2004 An Indigo Christmas: Live Nathaniel Dett / Nathaniel Dett Chorale Record Label
2004 Fantaisie Française Susan Hoeppner Record Label
2004 Musique de Chambre Française Susan Hoeppner / Judy Loman Record Label
2004 Start Again Alfie Zappacosta Record Label
2003 Illuminations Judy Loman Record Label
2003 Latin American Journey: Music for Two Pianos Duo Turgeon Record Label
2003 Listen to the Lambs: The Music of R. Nathaniel Dett Nathaniel Dett Record Label
2003 Remembrance Stuart Laughton / Peter Tiefenbach Record Label
2003 The Parlour Grand: Piano Favorites from a Bygone Era Robert Silverman Record Label
2002 Favourites Judy Loman Record Label
2002 Flying Solo Jens Lindemann Record Label
2002 Lyricism Catherine Manoukian Record Label
2002 Trio Norté Trío Norté Record Label
2001 Flight of the Nightingale: Music for Clarinet and Piano Jerome Summers Record Label
2001 Forgotten Songs, Forgotten Loves Wendy Nielsen Record Label
2001 Real Emotional Girl Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
2000 Bryn Terfel Sings the Welsh Songs of Meirion Williams Bryn Terfel Record Label
2000 Carl Maria von Weber: Concerto No. 1; Grand Duo Concertant; Heinrich Baermann: Quintet for Clarinet & String Quartet James Campbell Record Label
2000 Come, Ye Makers of Song Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2000 Manhattan Echoes James Campbell Record Label
2000 Songs of the Lights Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
2000 Tunes Until Dawn David Greenberg Record Label
2000 Very Best of Welsh Male Choirs Record Label
1999 Chopin on Violin Akira Eguchi / Catherine Manoukian Record Label
1999 Enesco: Impressions Orfeo Duo Record Label
1999 Learning to Fall: Music of Glenn Buhr Penderecki String Quartet Record Label
1999 Romantic Dances for Piano Duet Duo Turgeon Record Label
1999 Slow Fox Patricia O'Callaghan Record Label
1999 Soaring with Agamemnon Amanda Forsyth / Peter Longworth Record Label
1999 The Little Barley-Corne: Christmas Revels from the Renaissance Toronto Consort Record Label
1998 Blue Gardenia: Latin American Music of Hal Isbitz John Arpin Record Label
1998 Bouchard: Exquisite Fires Trevor Pinnock Record Label
1998 Elegies & Rhapsodies Akira Eguchi / Catherine Manoukian Record Label
1998 Galaxy Trio The Galaxy Trio Record Label
1998 Music from Banff Record Label
1998 O'Carolan's Harp Siobhan McDonnell Record Label
1998 Soaring Agememnon Amanda Forsyth Record Label
1997 InTime plays Piazzolla InTime Quintet / Astor Piazzolla / Tampere Philharmonic Orchestra Record Label
1997 Kinloch's Fantasy Record Label
1997 Love's Old Sweet Songs Donna Bennett Record Label
1997 Marin Marais: Suite to Suit Strange Tastes Markku Luolajan-Mikkola Record Label
1997 Passion and Piety Paul Nicholson / Catherine Robbin Record Label
1997 The Parlour Grand, Vol.2 Robert Silverman Record Label
1996 20th Century Masterworks for Harp Judy Loman Record Label
1996 Bach Meets Cape Breton Record Label
1996 Britten: String Quartet No. 3; Shostakovich: String Quartet No. 3 Penderecki String Quartet Record Label
1996 Britten: The Canticles; Purcell: Three Divine Hymns Record Label
1996 Celtic Memories Burns Musical Society Record Label
1996 Dmitri Shostakovich: Piano Quintet Op. 57; Alfred Schnittke: Piano Quintet Penderecki String Quartet Record Label
1996 Erotikos Logos Record Label
1996 Histoire du Tango Rachel Gauk / Susan Hoeppner Record Label
1996 How Do I Love Thee: Love Songs for the Romantic at Heart John Axelrod / Marco Beltrami Record Label
1996 Liszt: Elegies Nos. 1 & 2 for Violin & Piano; Grand Duo Concertant; Epithalam; Romance Oubliée; Duo Sonata Endre Granat / Françoise Régnat / Evelinde Trenkner Record Label
1996 My Heart Soars: A Canadian Celebration of Life, Laughter, Love and Praise Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
1996 Panorama Rachel Gauk Record Label
1996 Schubert: Sonata in A major/Brahms: Quintet in F minor Record Label
1996 The Joy of God, Great Hymns Across the Ages Choir of Yorkminster Park Baptist Church Record Label
1995 An American Affair Upper Valley Duo Record Label
1995 Beethoven: Three Duos for Violin and Cello; Cello Sonata in F major; Variations from The Magic Flute Bonnie Hampton / Ruggiero Ricci / Nathan Schwartz / Mihaly Virizlay Record Label
1995 Harp Sonatas by Rosetti and Dussek Susann McDonald Record Label
1995 Rustic Chivalry Quartetto Gelato Record Label
1995 Samuel Coleridge-Taylor: 24 Negro Melodies, Op. 59 Frances Walker Record Label
1995 Scarlatti: Sonatas Rachel Gauk Record Label
1995 The Parlour Grand: 18 Favorites of a Bygone Era Robert Silverman Record Label
1994 Antonín Dvorák: Music for Violin Thomas Bagwell / Scott St. John Record Label
1994 Chamber Music for Horn James Mason / Rena Sharon / James Sommerville Record Label
1994 Charm & Passion of Youth Finnish Brass Ensemble / Jukka-Pekka Saraste Record Label
1994 Dvorak: Piano Quintet, Op. 81; Mozart: Piano Quartet, K478 Prague String Quartet / Gloria Saarinen Record Label
1994 Johannes Brahms: Sonatas for Clarinet; Gustav Jenner: Sonata for Clarinet and Piano, Op. 5 Record Label
1994 Lullabies for Benjamin Record Label
1994 Music For Viola and Harp Record Label
1994 The Romantic Flute Record Label
1994 Toward the Sea Rachel Gauk / Susan Hoeppner Record Label
1993 After Hours James Campbell Record Label
1993 Quartetto Gelato Quartetto Gelato Record Label
1993 Susan Hoeppner: Flute Susan Hoeppner Record Label
1991 Schubert: Schwanengesang Bryn Terfel Record Label
1990 Dancing Day Toronto Children's Chorus Record Label
1990 Marquis Records Sampler Record Label
1989 Benjamin Britten: Songs and Proverbs of William Blake; Vaughan Williams: Five Mystical Songs Kevin McMillan Record Label
1989 Celtic Mass for the Sea Scott MacMillan Record Label
1988 Patton: Speaking in Tongues Record Label
1985 Catherine Robbin, Mezzo-Soprano Catherine Robbin Record Label
1985 Spirituals Elmer Iseler / Elmer Iseler Singers Record Label
1985 Stolen Gems Allegri Quartet / James Campbell Record Label
1984 Andrew Davis Plays at the Roy Thomson Hall Andrew Davis Record Label
1983 Folksongs of the British Isles Judy Loman / Lois Marshall Record Label
1983 Willan, Gabrieli, Vaughan Williams and others Jon Washburn Record Label
1978 Stravinsky: L'Histoire du Soldat; Hoffert: Concerto for Contemporary Violin Paul Hoffert Record Label
5 Quartets Record Label
Beethoven: Final Sonatas Robert Silverman Record Label
Incarnation Duo Concertante Record Label
Michel Corrette: Sonatas for Harpsichord & Violin Op. 25 Michael Jarvis / Paul Luchkow Record Label
Moonlight Ekaterina Shelehova Record Label
Mostly Britten Record Label
Schubert: Schwanengesang/Lieder Kevin McMillan Record Label
The Chinook Trio Chinook Trio Record Label