Crafting a shambling, uniquely Midwestern take on British post-punk and psychedelic pop sounds, Indianapolis' Marmoset began playing in the '90s with the lineup of bassist/vocalist Jorma Whittaker, guitarist LonPaul Ellrich, guitarist/vocalist Dave Jablonski, and drummer Jason Cavan. After signing with Secretly Canadian, they released the 1998 debut EP Hiddenforbidden, which featured an abrasive yet catchy sound and songs that barely passed the two-minute mark. Their sprawling debut album, Today It's You, arrived early the following year and broadened the band's sound (even though the length of their songs stayed as short as ever). In 2001, the band returned with The Record in Red, a darker, trippier set of songs; the following year's Mishawaka EP featured cleaner production, more abstract soundwriting, and more detailed arrangements.
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