Mark Senasac

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Year Album Artist
2010 Word to the Wise Bill Kirchen Engineer
2005 Here I Am Again Lanza Mixing
2001 Anthology Jonathan Cain Mastering
1998 Life in the Moment Gerry Schubert Mastering Assistant
1997 Love 94 Sampler Mastering
1997 Strange Tattoo Deborah Pardes Mixing Consultant
1996 4:20 Puzzlefish Mastering
1996 Acadia Jim Chappell Mastering
1996 Classical Daydreams Tim Gorman Mastering Assistant
1996 Classical Sonos Sonos Handbell Ensemble Engineer
1996 Crossroads Nicholas Gunn Mastering
1996 Dr. Octagonecologyst Dr. Octagon Mastering
1996 Essa 3 Essa 3 Mastering
1996 Glory Bound Steve Haun Mastering
1996 Language of Love Gary Lamb Mastering
1996 Life is Like That Jerry Miller Mastering
1996 Mary Her Majesty the Baby Mixing
1996 National Parks Series Box: Grand Canyon/Yosemite/Olympic National Park/Great Smoky Moun Mastering
1996 Sf Claremont High Junket Mastering
1996 Soul to the Pleasure Ring Mastering
1996 The Instrumentalyst (Octagon Beats) Dr. Octagon Mastering
1995 500 Miles to Glory Mastering
1995 A Tale of Gin and Salvation Loveless Mastering
1995 Christmas with Sonos Handbell Ensemble Sonos Handbell Ensemble Engineer, Mastering
1995 Escape Mars Lasar Mastering
1995 Heat Beat Michael Pluznick Mastering
1995 Late Night at the Upper Room Midnight Voices Mastering
1995 Maria Fatal Maria Fatal Mastering
1995 Once in a Life Brian BecVar Mastering
1995 Passion & Grace Govi Mastering
1995 Piano with a View Jonathan Cain Mastering
1995 Plugged The Bobs Mastering
1995 Revisited, Vol. 2 Waterhouse Mastering
1995 Senor Cementerio Ley De Hielo Mastering
1995 Songs of the Caucasus Kavkasia Engineer, Mastering
1995 Speed of Balance Doc Lew Childre Mastering
1995 The Event Horizon [1995] Mastering
1995 The Music of the Grand Canyon Nicholas Gunn Mastering
1995 The Spirit of Surf The Sandals Digital Mastering
1995 Why Things Burn The Nukes / Nukes Mastering
1995 Without Tears Joanie Komatsu Engineer
1994 Dancing with My Soul Ayman Mastering
1994 Dis Unu Fi Hear Beenie Man Mastering
1994 Killa Sound Mastering
1994 Larry Shaw Larry Shaw Mastering
1994 Roof International Mastering
1994 Selector's Choice Mastering
1994 Squeeze This! Those Darn Accordions! Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
1994 The Earthsea Series, Vol. 1 Jim Chappell Mastering
1994 This Is Real Music 1994 Sampler Take Two Mastering
1993 Cuchama Govi Mastering
1993 MK Ultra MK Ultra Mastering
1993 The Price for Love The Loved Ones Mastering
1993 Twelve Promises Gary Lamb Mastering
1991 2Pacalypse Now 2Pac Engineer
1991 Sons of the P Digital Underground Engineer, Mixing
1991 World Entertainment War World Entertainment War Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1990 Impact Is Imminent Exodus Mixing
1990 One Heart Wild Danny Heines Engineer
1989 The Big Picture Michael Shrieve Engineer
1989 The Leaving Time Michael Shrieve Engineer
1989 Where the Rain Is Born Michael Pluznick Engineer, Remixing
1987 Love Is Such a Funny Game Michael Cooper Mixing
1987 Pleasures of the Flesh Exodus Producer, Engineer, Mixing
1985 Bonded by Blood Exodus Remixing
Right Hand Man, Vol.1 Mike Schermer Producer