Mark Rubel


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Year Album Artist
2014 Chopin: The Complete Works, Vol. 11 - The Way to Arcady Ian Hobson Editing
2014 Everything She Touches Changes Amasong Mixing
2014 Metal Cicadas: New Music for Violin and Cello Anna Cromwell / Duo XXI / Mira Frisch Engineer
2013 Martinu: Early Orchestral Works, Vol. 1 Ian Hobson / Sinfonia Varsovia Editing, Mastering
2013 Push/Pull Elsinore Assistant
2012 Chopin: The Complete Works, Vol. 10 - Knights and Demons Ian Hobson Recording Editor
2012 Chopin: The Complete Works, Vol. 9 - Cannons Among Flowers Ian Hobson Editing, Mastering
2012 What a Heavenly Dream: The Fats Waller Rhythm Project Paul Asaro and the Fat Babies Engineer
2009 After the Sun Goes Down Paul Asaro Engineer
2009 Still Awake at Dawn, Part One Peace of Mind Orchestra Mixing, Post Production
2009 White Linen White Linen Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Percussion, Vocals (Background), Bass, Assistant
2008 Songs from Shows (Dimwit Mandatory Observations of an Orchestral Catastrophe) Jenny Magnus Engineer
2007 Introducing the Solars Danny Marks Mixing
2007 Late Night Conversations on Carter Street Dunn By Faith Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Guitar (Bass), Vocals (Background), Hand Percussion
2007 Penumbra The Greytones Producer, Engineer, Tambourine
2007 Riding in Fast Cars with Your Momma Animate Objects Engineer
2007 Song of Times Starcastle Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Production Supervisor
2007 The Rumor Mill Angie Heaton Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Audio Production
2007 The Unseen Fortyminusone Mixing, Mastering
2006 Kill Them With Kindness Headlights String Engineer
2006 Rudolf Haken: Concerto for Five-String Viola; Clarinet Concerto; Oboe Concerto Engineer
2005 Knight Job Knights of Crisis Producer, Engineer
2005 More Ways Than Three Mastering, Tracking
2003 Calling Off Today The Red Hot Valentines Producer, Engineer
2003 Laulu Voim: The Power of Song Amasong Digital Editing, Mixing, Producer, Recording
2003 Smoking Popes Tribute Engineer
2003 Summer Fling The Red Hot Valentines Producer, Engineer
2003 The High Price of Living Too Long With a Single Dream Pinebender Engineer
2003 Youth Gone Mad Featuring Dee Dee Ramone Youth Gone Mad Sequencing, Mastering
2002 Alabaster The Emily Shrine Producer, Engineer
2002 Morris Minors Morris Minors Producer, Engineer
2002 Mud Puddle Playoffs: A Mud Records Compilation, Vol. 1 Producer, Engineer
2002 Question What You Believe Humpty Dumpster Producer, Engineer, Mixing
2002 Sands Lanterna Assistant
2002 Terror of Technology Amazing Kill O Watts Producer, Synthesizer
2002 Toby Twining: Chrysalid Requiem Toby Twining Engineer, Mixing, Recording
2001 Amai Amasong Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Recording
2001 Romancin' the Blues Kathy Watson Engineer
2000 Starless Shiner Engineer
2000 The Life & Death Of Hot Glue Gun Engineer
1999 It's Not You It's Me First Grade Crush Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1999 Karoshi Salaryman Engineer
1999 Live Music in the Apartment Torben Floor Producer, Engineer
1999 Lucky Number Seven Herring Boys Engineer, Mixing, Tambourine
1999 To Another Day Blue Audio Executive Producer
1998 Surveying the Damage Outnumber Sitar
1997 Continuous Shows Vertebrats Engineer, Remixing
1997 Downward Is Heavenward Hum Producer, Engineer
1997 Gadzooks: The Homemade Bootleg Mojo Nixon Producer
1997 Over Here the Water Is Sweet Amasong Engineer, Mixing, Editing
1997 Shoulder to Shoulder Brother's Keeper Engineer
1996 Better Off At Home Bludgers 12-String Bass Guitar, Percussion, Soloist
1996 Charcoal Sarge Engineer, Mixing
1996 Their Titanic Majesty's Request Titanic Love Affair Engineer, Assistant Engineer
1995 Cold Kickin' J'Von Dale Engineer
1995 Menthol Menthol Engineer
1995 Pravda Records: 10 Year Anniversary Producer
1993 Loserville New Duncan Imperials Producer, Sitar
1984 Big Daddy Sun & the Outer Planets Big Daddy Sun & the Outer Planets Engineer, Vocals
1983 The Martyrs The Martyrs Engineer, Producer
All the Pretty Things Ashley Riley Producer, Engineer, Synthesizer
Andrew Rosborough and the Umbrella Parade Andrew Rosborough Producer, Percussion, Bass
April's Empire The Duke of Uke & His Novelty Orchestra Engineer
Baby Boogie: Music & Rhymes For Infants & Toddlers Composer
Bridges of Song Amasong Engineer, Mixing, Digital Editing
Disaster Days Knights of Crisis Producer, Engineer
Golden Delicious Pamela MacHala Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Tambourine, Shaker
John Allemeier: Dark Dances Engineer
Live! At the Red Lion The Rave Engineer
Misery Makes Strange Bedfellows Jared Bartman Engineer
Natural Diversion The Travis Wesley Trio / Travis Wesley Engineer
Pipeliners Blues: Doin' Time Creole Stomp Tracking
Sweet Jazz Music: Music of Jelly Roll Morton Paul Asaro / The Fat Babies Engineer
The Return of Phineas McBoof Doctor Noize Engineer