Mark Riddick


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Year Album Artist
2016 King Fleshgod Apocalypse Artwork
2016 Only Filth Will Prevail Whipstriker Cover Art
2013 Perpetual Blasphemies Necroven Cover Art, Layout
2013 Skewered in the Sewer Gutslit Cover Art
2012 Blood-Nurtured Nature Macabra Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Bass, Artwork, Visuals, Logo, Group Member, Layout
2012 God of Death & Disease Morgion Cover Art
2012 The Coils Of Apollyon Kryptos Artwork
2011 Pestilent Formation Claws / Gravewax Illustrations, Graphics, Bass, Composer
2010 Rites Of The Pentagram Gravehill Artwork
2010 Starve For the Devil Arsis Illustrations
2009 Feast of Flesh Bone Gnawer Graphic Design
2009 Mesmerized Jay Soto Producer, Mixing
2009 Nailed Destruktor Cover Art
2009 Rites of the Pentagram Gravehill Artwork
2008 We Are the Nightmare Arsis Illustrations, Design
2007 Death Rap Necro Illustrations, Graphic Design
2007 Nocturnal The Black Dahlia Murder Graphic Design
2007 Pleasures of the Scalpel Fetid Zombie Illustrations, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming, Sampling, Bass, Logo, Text, Group Member, Composer, Lyricist
2006 Cold Memories & Remains Violet Tears Graphics
2006 United in Regret Arsis Illustrations, Graphic Design
2005 A Diamond for Disease Arsis Graphic Design, Graphics
2005 Dancing, Dreaming, Longing... Dawn Desiree Recorder (Tenor), Synthesizer, Programming, Electronics, Graphic Design
2005 Mirror of the Middle Ages The Soil Bleeds Black Group Member
2005 Mythological Occult Metal: 1991-2001 Absu Artwork, Layout Design, Inlay Descriptions
2005 The Soil Bleeds Black & Psychonaut 75 Present: Nekrocrafte Hexentanz Group Member
2005 Trilateral Progression Neuraxis Graphic Design
2005 Zero Comfort Margin Circle of Dead Children Graphic Design
2004 A Celebration of Guilt Arsis Illustrations, Graphic Design, Logo Design
2004 Fractured Capharnaum Graphic Design
2004 Imperialism Vulgar Pigeons Graphic Design
2004 Nekrocrafte Hexentanz Group Member
2004 One for the Ages Andy Cooney Producer, Engineer, Keyboards, Synthesizer Bass, Musician
2003 Human Harvest Circle of Dead Children Graphic Design
2003 Midian Cabal Logo
2003 Searching for the Sun Brave Artwork, Design
2003 Synthetics Commit Suicide Graphic Design
2002 Halls of Amenti Cephalic Carnage Graphic Design
2001 Quintessence The Soil Bleeds Black Illustrations, Graphic Design, Group Member
1999 Alchemie The Soil Bleeds Black Group Member
1998 Enter My Megaron Memorial Logo
1992-1994 Discography Timeghoul Liner Notes
A Trail of Death Overtorture Logo
Anareta Horrendous Back Cover, Band Logo Design
Ashes of Oppression Bitter Peace Photography, Logo
Cannibal Crematorium Bone Gnawer Vocals
Corrosive Revelation Endseeker Cover Art
Ecdysis Horrendous Illustrations, Logo
Grotesque Creation Fetid Zombie Producer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Keyboards, Drum Programming, Sampling, Bass, Artwork, Visuals, Text, Layout, Composer, Guest Artist, Soloist
Holy Destroyer Fetid Zombie Producer, Mixing, Vocals, Guitar, Drum Programming, Bass, Artwork, Visuals, Text, Layout
Hymns for the Wicked Druid Lord Artwork
Majestic Strike Strike Master Cover Illustration
Opprobrium Destruktor Cover Art
Opus II Bitter Peace Logo, Cover Art
Perdition's Den Poisonous Cover Illustration
Perversions and Blasphemy Execution Artwork
Portable Darkness Where Evil Follows Logo
Revelation of Chaos Deathrite Artwork
Satan, Rebellion, Metal Invincible Force Cover Art
Satanae Tenebris Infinita Imprecation Artwork
Stalagmire Cauldron Black Ram Artwork
Sweet Blasphemies Horrendous Logo, Back Cover
The Enslavement Conquest Begrime Exemious Artwork
Under the Ancient Oak Moonroot Vocals, Guitar (Acoustic), Guitar (Electric), Hammer Dulcimer, Sopranino Recorder, Recorder (Soprano), Alto Recorder, Recorder (Tenor), Synthesizer, Guitar (Bass), Bodhran, Programming, Sampling, Low Whistle, Effects, Graphics
Untrodden Corridors of Hades Varathron Paintings, Layout
Up for the Massacre Strike Master Cover Illustration
Vicious Nightmare Strike Master Artwork, Layout
Yeast Mother: An Electroacoustic Mass Snares of Sixes Illustrations