Mark Bunce


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Year Album Artist
2017 New Music from Bowling Green, Vol. 7: Shen, Ye, Herchenrödel, Blake, Marshall Bowling Green Philharmonia / Emily Freeman Brown Engineer, Assistant Producer
2016 Rushing Past Willow Nick Zoulek Mastering
2015 Boyadjian: Armenian Suite; Retzel; Tamarind for Orchestra; Yeagley: Wessi Vah-Peh David Oberg / Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Editing, Mastering
2015 Elements 2012 & 2014: Winning Works of the 2012 & 2014 Bassoon Chamber Music Composition Competitions Susan Nelson Engineer, Editing
2015 Gradient Jeffrey Heisler / I-Chen Yeh Producer, Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2015 Vãyu: Multi-Cultural Flute Solos from the Twenty-First Century Nina Assimakopoulos Engineer, Mixing, Editing, Mastering
2013 Works for Horn, Piano & Violin Trio Quelque Chose Engineer
2012 Elizabeth Vercoe: Kleemation and Other Works Engineer, Session Producer
2012 Narong Prangcharoen: Mantras; Whispering; Between Heaven & Earth; Antahkaranal Bencharong; Vedana Mixing, Recording
2012 Sebastian Currier: Clockwork; Entanglement; Aftersong Yehonatan Berick / Laura Melton Producer, Engineer
2011 Sebastian Currier: Piano Music Laura Melton Producer, Engineer, Editing
2009 Aurelio de la Vega: Orchestral Works Digital Transfers, Editing, Mastering
2009 Works by Moross, Still, Osborn & Dietz Toledo Clarinets Engineer
2008 Samuel Adler: Of Musique, Poetrie, Art, and Love; Flute Sonata; Piano Concerto No. 3; Pasiphae Laura Melton Engineer
2008 The Voice of the Composer Emily Freeman Brown Engineer
2007 Perspectives: Sound and Rhythm Velvet Brown Editing, Engineer, Technical Producer
2007 Points of Entry: The Laurels Project, Vol. 2 Editing, Mastering, Producer, Recording
2007 Season of Change Russell Schmidt Engineer, Mixing, Photography
2006 John Donald Robb: Hispanic Folksongs of New Mexico; Art Songs Leslie Umphrey Computer Consultant, Consultant, Editing
2006 We Just Burned This for You! Time for Three Engineer
2005 New Music from Bowling Green, Vol. 4 Emily Freeman Brown Assistant Producer, Editing, Engineer
2005 Superflute Leonard Garrison Engineer
2004 New Music From Bowling Green, Vol. 3 Bowling Green Philharmonia Engineer
2003 I Can Pick My Friends Chris Buzzelli Engineer, Mixing, Mastering
2002 Anthony Iannaccone: Orchestral Works Anthony Iannaccone Digital Editing
2002 Shadows and Dawning John Sampen Editing, Engineer, Mastering, Producer
2002 The Voice of the Composer: New Music from Bowling Green, Vol. 2 Bowling Green Philharmonia Engineer
2001 Distand Visions: Music of Brian Bevelander Brian Bevelander Digital Editing
2001 Iannaccone: String Quartet No. 3/Rituals Digital Editing
2001 Max Schubel: Cyrèniäde; Esquisses en désarroi; Recherche pour la Vision au delà The National Polish Symphony Orchestra in Katowice Engineer
2001 Visions in Metaphor John Sampen Engineer, Editing, Mastering, Production Engineer, Recording
2000 Cafe Shadeaux Tom Gorman Producer, Engineer
2000 Winds and Voices Engineer, Post Production
1999 Allen Sapp: Piano Sonatas Lambis Vassiliadis Engineer
1999 New Music From Bowling Green Bowling Green Philharmonia Engineer
1998 First Chairs: Cantos for Solo Instruments by Samuel Adler Engineer
1998 Iannaccone: Sea Drift, etc. Clarion Wind Symphony / Max Plank Digital Editing
1997 A Halo of Dark Stars Pete Terry Editing
1997 Grand Designs Editing
1997 The Electric Saxophone John Sampen Producer, Engineer, Editing, Digital Mastering, Composer
1997 Vassiliadis Plays Liszt Lambis Vassiliadis Engineer
1997 What Goes Around Chris Buzzelli Mastering
1996 Barber; Martinu; Bartok; Bavicchi Frances Burnett / Gordon Epperson Editing, Engineer
1996 New Music for Clarinet & Piano by Japanese Composers Kazuko Tanosaki Editing
1995 Schumann: Davidsbündlertänze, Op. 6; Sonata in G minor, Op. 22 Jerome Rose Engineer
1994 Charles Duvernoy: Concerto No. 3 en si bémol; Francois Devienne: Première Sonate Roy Samuelsen Mastering
1994 Clementi: Four Sonatas for Fortepiano Maria Rose Engineer
1992 The Contemporary Saxophone John Sampen Engineer, Editing
1990 Hummel: Three Sonatas for Pianoforte Maria Rose Engineer
1988 New Music Festival Virtuosi Recording Technician
Delusions de Grandeur Sax 4th Avenue Engineer, Producer
Electric Clarinet Editing, Recording
Electric Saxophone II John Sapen Composer, Editing, Engineer, Mastering, Producer
Ernest Levy: Symphony Number Twelve David Oberg Editing, Musical Coordinator, Producer
Ernst Levy & Frank Levy: Cello Concertos Scott Ballantyne / Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Engineer
Ernst Lévy: Sonata Strophica; Sonata for Ten David Oberg Editing, Project Coordinator
Harry Hewitt: Symphony No. 1; 24 Preludes for Strings; Symphony No. 32 David Oberg Editing
Hewitt: Prelude to Spoon River; Yeagley: HaNitzol; Mauldin: Petroglyph; etc. Polish National Symphony Orchestra Editing
John Donald Robb: Piano Concerto; Hayg Boyadjian: Second Symphony Polish National Symphony Orchestra Engineer
John Donald Robb: Symphony Number One; Concerto for Viola and Orchestra Polish National Symphony Orchestra Engineer
Junk and Jubilee: An Epidrama/Rubber Court III: TH Max Schubel Conductor
Levy: Third Suite for Orchestra David Oberg / Polish Radio Symphony Orchestra Engineer
Max Schubel: Elation; Guale Engineer
Music by Mary Jeanne van Appledorn, Stephen Weber, Donald Keats Engineer, Recording Technician
Music for Velvet Velvet Brown Editing, Engineer, Technical Producer
Music from Bowling Green Engineer
Music of Brian Bevelander Brian Bevelander / Federico Cortese / Toledo Symphony Orchestra Digital Editing, Mastering, Recording
Points of Entry: Contemporary Works for Solo Flute by American Women Nina Assimakopoulos Digital Editing, Mastering
Richard Moryl: Das Lied & Ernst Levy: Symphony No. 11 Transfers
Slink Auction Project / David Bixler Mastering
Thalberg: Piano Music Ian Hominick Engineer
The Nearest Exit May Be Inside Your Head David Bixler Mastering