Marco Antonio Cavazzoni

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Marco Antonio Cavazzoni was a notable Renaissance-era Italian composer known for his keyboard works. He was also the father of Girolamo Cavazzoni, who was also a distinguished composer of keyboard, as…
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Plus, ne regres 03:05 Miscellaneous (Classical)
L'autre jour, pour un matin 03:50 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Recercata, Tocata 03:03 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Benedictus-Osanna, Sanctus 02:13 Choral
Madame vous avez mon coeur 03:58 Keyboard
Persone Moi Sie Folie 03:19 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Sanctus Dominus Deus, Sanctus 01:38 Choral
Pleni sunt coeli-Osanna, Sanctus 02:38 Choral
Recercare Primo 04:53 Keyboard
Salve Virgo 03:27 Miscellaneous (Classical)
Quit tollis peccata mundi, Gloria 02:13 Choral
Crucifxus, Credo 01:20 Choral
Kyrie II, Kyrie eleison 02:05 Choral
Et resurrexit, Credo 00:47 Choral
Et in Spiritum Sanctum, Credo 02:46 Choral
Kyrie, Kyrie eleison 02:05 Choral
Christe, Kyrie eleison 02:16 Choral
Gloria in excelsis Deo, Gloria 02:07 Choral
Domine Deus, Gloria 01:18 Choral
Si bona suscepimus, Officium 05:01 Miscellaneous (Classical)
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