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Year Album Artist
2022 Mestizo Diego Rivera Producer
2021 New Sounds New Faces Producer
2019 Promethean Theo Hill Producer
2018 No Arrival Nick Finzer Producer
2017 Chasing the Unicorn Roxy Coss Producer
2016 Out & About Steve Bernard / Will Bernard Producer
2014 Standard Deviation Ralph Bowen Producer
2013 Bridges David Ake Producer
2012 Swing Shift Doug Webb Producer
2011 Power Play Ralph Bowen Producer
2011 Noble Path Art Hirahara Producer
2011 Chronos Mike DiRubbo Producer
2010 Trigonometry Jacám Manricks Producer
2010 Modern Life Ehud Asherie Producer
2010 Images: The Hartford Suite Steve Davis Producer
2010 Faith in Action Orrin Evans Producer
2010 Boiling Point Brandon Wright Producer
2010 1000 Rainbows Jim Rotondi Producer
2009 Uptown Wayne Escoffery Producer
2009 Supersonic Jared Gold Producer
2009 Solids and Stripes Jared Gold Producer
2009 Repercussion Mike DiRubbo Producer
2009 Out with It David Ashkenazy Producer
2009 Fullview Ken Fowser Producer
2009 Dedicated Ralph Bowen Producer
2009 Consequences John Escreet Producer
2009 After Dark Jeremy Manasia Producer
2009 A Little Somethin' David Gibson Producer
2008 Swing Set Ehud Asherie Producer
2008 Sleep Like Flamingos Matthew O'Toole Executive Producer
2008 Skyline Dreams William Ash Producer, Audio Production
2008 Resonation David Ashkenazy Executive Producer
2008 Outlook Steve Davis Producer
2008 Four of a Kind Jim Rotondi Producer
2008 3 to Go Spike Wilner Producer
2007 Still Rollin' M.F. Bird Producer, Lyricist, Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Bass), Bass, Package Concept, Concept Coordination, Group Member, Composer
2007 Sound Awake Fred Executive Producer
2007 Lockout Ehud Asherie Producer
2006 Firewerks Sean Nowell Executive Producer
2004 Celebration Sam Rivers Producer
2002 Venice Cafe Joe Gaeta Producer, Audio Production
2001 Moodswings Steve Blackwood Executive Producer
1998 Sun Sound Phil Farris Producer
1998 Sound & Time David Ake Producer
1997 Art of the Workingman Joe Gaeta Producer
Wheelhouse Tom Tallitsch Producer
Walk of Fire Behn Gillece Producer
Venture Inward David Weiss & Point of Departure / Point of Departure / David Weiss Producer
Urgency of Now Brent Canter Producer
Upstream Alex Sipiagin Producer
Upper West Side Ehud Asherie Producer
Triptych Josh Lawrence Producer
Triple Play Doug Webb Producer
Toe the Line Dan Pratt Producer
Three on Two Joe Magnarelli Producer
This Should Be Fun Patrick Cornelius Producer
There You Are Idan Santhaus Producer
The Kung-Fu Masters Sean Nowell Producer
The Business Nick Hempton Producer
The Whisperer Orrin Evans / Ben Wolfe Producer
The Way You Say It Walt Weiskopf Producer
The Future Is Female Roxy Coss Producer
Sunward Bound Art Hirahara Producer
Straight Forward New Faces Producer
Still Doing Our Thing Behn Gillece Producer
Speechless Champian Fulton Producer
Soul Tree Ed Cherry Producer
Solid Moments Idle Hands Producer
Slipstream Noah Haidu Producer
Rippin' & Runnin' Farnell Newton Producer
Right On Time Ken Fowser Producer
Renovations Doug Webb Producer
Relentless Michael Dease Producer
Reality Check Theo Hill Producer
Reaching Out Michael Dease Producer
Reach Within Works for Me Producer
Ralph Bowen Ralph Bowen Producer
Pride & Joy Lioness Producer
Posi-Tone Swingtet: One for 25 Producer, Liner Notes
Playdate Noah Baerman / Wayne Escoffery Producer
Play On Out To Dinner Producer
Parallel Universe Behn Gillece Producer
Overdrive Walt Weiskopf Producer
Open Sky Art Hirahara Producer
Open Road Walt Weiskopf Producer
One-Track Mind Becoming Quintet Producer
Once & Future Will Bernard / Brian Charette / Steve Fidyk Producer
On Up Front Jon Davis Producer
Odd Man Out Nick Hempton Producer
Now Hear This! Ken Fowser Producer
New Monsters Steve Horowitz Producer
Never More Here Michael Dease Producer
Moving Right Along Jon Davis Producer
Mother's Touch Captain Black Big Band / Orrin Evans Producer
Morning Light Ken Fowser Producer
Mindset Behn Gillece Producer
Metropolitan Rhythm Jared Gold Producer
Message in Motion Peter Brendler Producer
Maximum Enjoyment Something Blue Producer
Lookin' Up Joe Magnarelli Producer
Libations & Meditations Art Hirahara Producer
Lake Effect David Ake Producer
Koan Spike Wilner Producer
Juxtaposition Vinnie Sperrazza Producer
Just Like Downtown Will Bernard Producer
Jazz Jukebox Jordan Young Producer
It's All Good Ed Cherry Producer
Interstellar Adventures Theo Hill Producer
Inner Flights Benjamin Drazen Producer
Inner Agent David Gibson Producer
Indigenous Diego Rivera Producer
Humanities David Ake Producer
Happy Juice Jon Davis Producer
Gratitude Tom Tallitsch Producer
Good Tipper Brian Charette Producer
Golden Year Tony Davis Producer
Glitter Amanda Monaco Producer
Give It All You Got Michael Dease Producer
Gettin' It Done Steve Davis Producer
Get Right! Markus Howell Producer
Generations Shauli Einav Producer
Fountain of Youth Walt Weiskopf Producer
Force Field Sam Dillon Producer
First Things First Boris Kozlov Producer
Firefly Alex Tarantino Producer
Feel the Love Farnell Newton Producer
Father Figure Michael Dease Producer
Fast Friends Doug Webb Producer
Elegant Traveler Jocelyn Gould Producer
Due Reverence Ralph Bowen Producer
Don't Look Down Ken Fowser Producer
Different Flavors Out To Dinner Producer
Decisions Michael Dease Producer
Dare To Be Behn Gillece Producer
Dandelion Clock Sarah Manning Producer
Cymbal Melodies Jordan Young Producer
Contrast Josh Lawrence Producer
Connections Diego Rivera Producer
Color Theory Josh Lawrence Producer
Cloud Nine Jacám Manricks Producer
Clarity Alexa Tarantino Producer
Changes Over Time Jon Davis Producer
Central Line Art Hirahara Producer
Bright Side Doug Webb Producer
Borough of Kings Eric Wyatt Producer
Boom! David Gibson Producer
Bonafide Michael Dease Producer
Bliss Lauren Sevian Producer
Beginnings Bruce Harris Producer
Balance Point Art Hirahara Producer
Back to Earth Farnell Newton Producer
Back East Doug Webb Producer
Apples & Oranges Doug Webb Producer
Alphabet City Brian Charette Producer
Allied Forces Steve Fidyk Producer
All Together Now Tom Tallitsch Producer
All These Hands Michael Dease Producer
Action City Kenny Shanker Producer