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Year Album Artist
2020 Re//Choired House Gospel Choir Composer
2020 Latch House Gospel Choir Composer
2020 Gypsy Woman (Place to Stay) House Gospel Choir Composer
2020 Gypsy Woman (Place to Stay) House Gospel Choir Composer
2019 Confessions of a Dangerous Mind Logic Composer
2017 Squeezebox: The Complete Works of "Weird Al" Yankovic Weird Al Yankovic Composer
2017 Pump Up the Jam BurtNinja Composer
2014 100 Bombes Dancefloor Spring 2014 Composer
2013 Rewind MC Mario Composer
2012 Hamburg Brennt!! Jan Delay Composer
2012 Back to Reality Composer
2010 Wir Kinder Vom Bahnhof Soul: Live! Jan Delay Composer
2010 Tekno! 56 Composer
2010 Tanecní Liga, Vol. 123 Composer
2010 Le Son Dancefloor 2011 Composer
2010 Big Tunes: Back to the 90s, Vol. 2 Composer
2009 The Dance Years: 1989 Dave Pearce Composer
2009 Juno Awards 2009 Composer
2009 Golden Instrumentals, Vol. 1 Composer
2008 Kids Dance Party The Party Cats Composer
2008 How to Make Friends FM Belfast Composer
2008 DJ Pelos: La Bomba Composer
2008 100% Belpop Composer
2007 Ibiza Residence [2007] Composer
2006 Retrohits: Dance Hits, 1970-1990 Composer
2005 X-Tremely Fun Aerobic High Low Composer
2005 Trance 2006, Vol. 1 Composer
2005 Rhythm of the 90's Composer
2005 Pump Up the Jam 2005 Bass Frog Composer
2005 Pop Goes the 90's Composer
2005 Drew's Famous 60 Greatest: One Hit Wonders & Disco Songs Composer
2005 Crazy Frog Presents Crazy Hits Crazy Frog Composer
2004 Ultra Mix: Dance Hits of the 80s and 90s Composer
2004 Radio Disney: Ultimate Jams, Vol. 1-6 [CD & DVD] Disney Composer
2004 Pure 80's Dance Composer
2004 Kid's Dance Classics Kid's Dance Express Composer
2004 Grandmix: The 90's Edition Composer
2004 Fan Jams: A Collection of Stadium Fight Songs Composer
2004 Ataque Ochentoso, Vol. 1 Composer
2004 90's Rewind MC Mario Composer
2004 60 Greatest Party and One Hit Wonders Composer
2003 Twogether Techno Dance Composer
2003 Tony Little's Fit Trax: Cardio Rock Tony Little Composer
2003 Tony Little's Fit Trax: Cardio Funk Tony Little Composer
2003 The Power [Razor & Tie] Composer
2003 More Explosive Dance Sports Composer
2003 Drew's Famous Kon Tiki Luau Party Drew's Famous Composer
2003 Absolutely the Best of the 90's Composer
2003 100% Pure Old Skool Club Composer
2002 Then: 1988-1989 Composer
2002 Retro 80's, Vol. 4 Composer
2002 Party Central Composer
2002 Ibiza Classics Composer
2002 Holiday Non Stop Euro Pop Composer
2002 Hit Me With Your 80's Box Composer
2002 Explosive Dance Party Composer
2002 Drew's Famous Dance Party Favorites Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Drew's Famous 30 Greatest One Hit Wonders Drew's Famous Composer
2002 Dance Hits: Move This The Countdown Singers Composer
2001 The Ultimate Party Mix Composer
2001 The Non-Stop Party Album Composer
2001 Sounds of the 90's: Into the 90's [Time Life] Composer
2001 Shape Fitness Music: Walk Plus, Vol. 2 Composer
2001 Pulse [Original Motion Picture Soundtrack] [Special Limited Edition] Composer
2001 Mega House Composer
2001 Frequency 99: Greatest Hits of '90s [2 CD] Composer
2001 36 Hits: Ultimate Dance Composer
2000 Ultramix Composer
2000 Ultimate Dance Party Mix 2000, Vol. 2 Countdown Mix Masters Composer
2000 Ultimate Dance Party Mix 2000 Countdown Mix Masters Composer
2000 Smash Hits: Party Mix [Two Disc] Composer
2000 Smash Hits: Party Mix Composer
2000 Pump Up the Hits Technotronic Composer
2000 Party Time [SPG] Composer
2000 Party Pack Composer
2000 Monsters of Rap, Vol. 1 Composer
2000 Mega Techno, Vol. 4 Composer
2000 Let It Rock 1992 Composer
2000 Let It Rock 1990 Composer
2000 Jock Fever Composer
2000 Grandmix: The Millennium Edition Grand Mix Millennium Edition Composer
2000 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1992 Composer
2000 Entertainment Weekly: The Greatest Hits 1990 Composer
2000 Do It Again [ZYX] Composer
2000 Dance Club Hits [Delta] Composer
2000 Club Dance: The 90's Composer
2000 Boys and Girls Composer
2000 Billboard Top Hits: 1990 Composer
2000 Best Mix... Ever! Composer
1999 US Dance Party, Vol. 9 Composer
1999 The Greatest Hits of the 80s [Box Set #1] Composer
1999 Sports Illustrated for Kids: Game Time Composer
1999 Radio Disney: Kid Jams Composer
1999 Party Hard 2000 Composer
1999 Frequency 99: The Greatest Hits of 90's Composer
1999 Dance Party 2000 Composer
1999 Dance Now Composer
1999 Back to Back Technotronic Composer
1999 Are You Ready to Rumble, Vol. 3 Composer
1999 Alive in the 90's, Vol. 8 Composer
1999 Alive in the 90's, Vol. 2 Composer
1999 Alive in the 90's, Vol. 1-3 Composer
1998 Ultimate Sports Jams Composer
1998 The Very Best of House Nation, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 The Party Mix Album Composer
1998 The Party CD Composer
1998 The Best of the Party Zone Composer
1998 The Best of Dance Mix USA, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Sports Rock, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 Rock On 1992 Composer
1998 Rock & Roll Relix: 1988-1989 Composer
1998 Rock & Roll Relix: 1980-1989 Composer
1998 Party Time, Vol. 3 Composer
1998 Now: 1990 [1998] Composer
1998 Now: 1989 [1999] Composer
1998 Move This Composer
1998 Keine Feier Ohne Meier Composer
1998 Greatest Sports Rock and Jams [Box] Composer
1998 Essential Hits Collection Composer
1998 Decades of Dance: The 90's Composer
1998 Decades of Dance: The 80's Composer
1998 Dance Superstars of the 90's Composer
1998 DJ Mix: 25 Years of Dance Composer
1998 Club Mix: The 90's Composer
1998 Club Cosmo: Through the Decades Composer
1998 Chicago Bulls Greatest Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
1998 Chicago Bulls Greatest Hits, Vol. 1 Composer
1998 Chicago Bulls Complete Collection: Greatest Hits, Vol. 1-3 Composer
1998 Basketball's Greatest Hoop Hits Composer
1998 A Night at the Roxbury [Soundtrack] Composer
1998 90's Now, Vol. 1-3 Composer
1998 90's Dance Hits Composer
1997 This Beat Is Technotronic Technotronic Composer
1997 Teknotheque, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Stitched Up Composer
1997 Shape Fitness Music: Walk, Vol. 3 Composer
1997 Shape Fitness Music: Cardio, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 Rock On: 1985-1989 Composer
1997 Hit Mix '97 Composer
1997 Greatest Sports Rock and Jams, Vol. 2 Composer
1997 Free to Be, Vol. 8 Composer
1997 Drew's Famous Sports Jams Party Music Drew's Famous Party Singers Composer
1997 Disco Queens: The '90s Composer
1997 Best of Dance Mix USA Composer
1997 90's Now, Vol. 1 Composer
1997 18 Dance Mix Classics Composer
1997 100% Party, Vol. 2: Hits of the 90's Composer
1996 Shut Up and Dance!: The 90's, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 Rock On: 1989 Composer
1996 Robi-Rob's Clubworld Robi-Rob's Clubworld Composer
1996 Retro Dance Club, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 Pump Up the Jam D.O.N.S. / Technotronic Composer
1996 Power Rotation, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Party Time, Vol. 1: Ultimate Party Album Composer
1996 Only Rock 'N Roll 1990-1994: 20 Pop Hits Composer
1996 Mickey's Sports Songs Disney Composer
1996 Hit Mix '96, Vol. 2 Composer
1996 Dance Mix USA, Vol. 1 [Box] Composer
1996 Dance Mix USA 1996 Composer
1996 Dance Max, Vol. 1 Composer
1996 Club Hitz of the 90's, Vol. 1 Composer
1995 The Greatest Hits of the '80s, Vol. 3 Composer
1995 Recall Technotronic Composer
1995 On the Move The Real McCoy Composer
1995 Mega Dance Hits, Vol. 2 Composer
1995 Jock Jams, Vol. 1 Composer
1995 Hit Mix '95 Composer
1995 Best of House Music: Disco Nights, Vol. 5 Composer
1995 Best of 1980-1990, Vol. 11 Composer
1994 Techno Dance Classics, Vol. 2: Feel the Beat Composer
1994 Techno Dance Classics, Vol. 1: Pump up the Jam Composer
1994 Shake It Up [JCI] Composer
1994 Dance Mix USA [Quality] Composer
1994 Cosmopolitan, Vol. 8 Composer
1994 Brilliant! The Global Dance Music Experience, Vol. 1 Composer
1993 Teenage Mutant Ninja Turtles III Composer
1993 Rock the First, Vol. 8 Composer
1993 Now: 1990 [1993] Composer
1993 Now: 1989 [1993] Composer
1993 Master Mix 1993 Composer
1993 Greatest Hits [Castle] Technotronic Composer
1993 Dance Mix '93 [Quality] Composer
1993 2 Awesome Composer
1992 Rock the First, Vol. 3 Composer
1992 One World Nation Ya Kid K Producer, Programming, Percussion Programming, Vocals (Background), Multi Instruments, Composer
1992 Greatest Hits of Dance, Vol. 1 Composer
1992 Best of Hip Hop [Priority] Composer
1991 Awesome: You Are My Hero Ya Kid K Composer
1990 Yo! Rap Hits Composer
1990 Trip on This! The Remixes Technotronic Composer
1990 Pump Up the Jam [Remixes] Technotronic Composer
1990 Get Up (Before the Night Is Over) Technotronic Composer
1989 Pump Up the Jam: The Album Technotronic Composer
¡Suena Pride! Composer
Zwift Workout Composer
Workout Playlist 2020 [October 2, 2020] Composer
Workout From Home Composer
Winners: Greatest Hits – X, Vol. 2 Composer
Wedding Party 2020 Composer
We Love House Composer
Viaje a 1989 Composer
Turn Up the Bass: 1990 Megamix Composer
Top Chart Summer Edition Composer
Toddler and Children Singalong, Vol. 4 Composer
Time to Play Composer
Tik Tock Hits 2021 Composer
The Biggest Hits From Europe Composer
The Workout Mix: 5k and 10k Playlists Composer
The Hits Album '89 Composer
The Collection Global Deejays Composer
Sweat Off the Stress Composer
Summer Sound Waves 2020 Sweden Composer
Summer Party Hits [Universal] Composer
Summer Mix [Universal] [2020] Composer
Summer Feeling [September, 2020] Composer
Summer Anthems 2021 Composer
Summer 90's Party Composer
Spring Break 2021 Composer
Shower Music Composer
Sale Dance Composer
Running Mix 2021 Composer
Reset Esterly Composer
Remix Hip Hopero Composer
Rap Mix Composer
Radar de Éxitos: Ejercicio Composer
Radar de Exitos: Sabado Composer
Radar de Exitos: Remember Composer
Radar de Exitos: 2000s Composer
Pump Up the Jam: Do Not Cover, Pt. 3 Swingrowers Composer
Pump Up the Jam Keanu Silva Composer, Lyricist
Pump Up the Jam Thomas Gold Composer
Pump Up the Jam Edu Luke Composer
Pride 2022 Composer
Pre-School Singalong: Dance Party Composer
Pra Ficar Fortinho! Composer
Pop Tv Composer
Pop Kids Composer
Pony Club Kampen, Vol. 3 Composer
Pigiama Party Canzoni per Bambini Composer
Pega-Pega Composer
Pasaporte a los 80s Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Instrumentals, Vol. 21 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: Billboard Top 40 Karaoke, Vol. 6 Composer
Party Tyme Karaoke: 80s Hits, Vol. 3 Party Tyme Karaoke Composer
Party Summer Sound Waves Composer
Party Bangers 2020 Composer
Outdoor Workout 2022 Composer
Outdoor Fitness Hits Composer
Os Cumplices das Criancas Composer
One Hit Wonders [International Version] Composer
Old But Gold 90's Composer
Noughties Smash Dance Hits Composer
Noches de Retro Composer
Nineties Party Music Composer
New Years Eve Party 2020 Composer
New Year's Eve [November 23, 2022] Composer
New Year's Anthem Composer
Neuer Deutscher: Party Rap Composer
NOW That's What I Call a Workout Throwback Edition Composer
Mis Peluches Favoritos Composer
Meu Melhor Amigo Composer
Melhores Amigos Para Sempre Composer
Mega Cover, Vol. 1 Composer, Lyricist
Love Tonight [October 29,2021] Composer
Living in the '90s [Razor & Tie] Composer
Let's Go 90s Party! Composer
La hora del Postre Composer
LOUD & PROUD: 90's Pride Composer
LOUD & PROUD: 80's Pride Composer
Kids Zone [2022] Composer
Kids Zone Canzoni per bambini Composer
Kids Songs: Party Songs 2022 Composer
Kids Road Trip Composer
Kids Adventure Composer
Karneval Stimmungs Hits Composer
KIDS PARTY [2021] Composer
Juegos en la Guarderia Composer
In Bed with Space: Ibza Club Sounds, Vol. 14 Dabruck & Klein / That Kid Chris Composer
I Love the 90's Composer
I Love Videoclips Vol. 2: The Best Dance Classics [DVD] Composer
House: The Deluxe Session 3.0 A.C.K. Composer
House Music Top 2000: The Ultimate Megamix, Vol. 2 Composer
House Club Affairs Sunloverz Composer
Home Workout [Club/Dance] Composer
Hip Hop Golden Hits Composer, Vocals
Happy New Mixtape [2022] Composer
Happy Classics Composer
Happy Birthday Canzoni Per Bambini Composer
Génération 80 [2021] Composer
Greatest Hits of the 90's Composer
Grandes Temazos Para Niños Composer
Good Morning Music: Classic Dance Composer
Give me the beat Composer
Giochiamo insieme Canzoni per Bambini Composer
Get on the Dancefloor Composer
Get Up Loona / Rebelfox Composer
Gay Party Composer
Forgotten 90's Hits Composer
For Kids Only [2021] Composer
Football Party 2021 Composer
Floorfillers [2020] Composer
Fliesentisch Romantik 2 Finch Asozial Lyricist
Fitness Mix 2021 Composer
Fitness Beats Composer
Fick Mich Finch Finch Asozial Lyricist
Festa Infantil [2021] Composer
Fashion Kids Composer
Explosive Hits Son of Dave Composer
Evviva il Carnevale Canzoni per bambini Composer
Eurodisco 2009, Vol. 2 Composer
Electrónica Viejas Clásicas Composer
Electrónica de Oro Composer
Electronic Smash Hits Composer
Electro Beat Collection, Vol. 2 Composer
Drew's Famous Party Music, Vol. 5 Drew's Famous Party Singers Composer
Drew's Famous Instrumental Pop Collection, Vol. 1 The Hit Crew Composer
Dos Décadas Dance: 1986-1993 Composer
Do Not Cover Swingrowers Composer
Disco Sour Composer
Disco Sound Composer
Disco Boom Composer
Dijam Marula Boom Stars Composer
Dial Hip Hopero Composer
Design on Sound D.O.N.S. Composer
Dance Stars Composer
Dance Dance Composer
Dance Classics & Hits Composer
Dance Anthems [2019] Composer
Dale Al Play!: 80s Composer
Cup Cake Music Composer
Crianças Curtindo o Feriado! Composer
Cottage Music: Throwback Dance Composer
Coriandoli in Festa Composer
Confetti Party Composer
Club Saint Tropez 2011 Composer
Club House Classics Composer
Closing Ceremonies Composer
Chicos Cool Composer
Capodanno 2020 Canzoni Per Bambini Composer
Canzoni Per Bambini: Playlist Per La Festa Composer
Candy Songs Composer
CAR MUSIC Composer
Bubble Gum Composer
Brincar de Lutinha Composer
Bom dia, Criançada Composer
Bimbo Dance Party Composer
Billboard Karaoke: Top 10 Box Set, Vol. 6 Composer, Composer/Lyricist
Billboard 90s, Vol. 6 Composer/Lyricist
Best of Technotronic Technotronic Composer
Best of Maxi Club Mix, Vol. 6 Composer
Best of Canzoni per Bambini Composer
Best of 90s Composer
Best of 80s [2021] Composer
Best Workout Playlist Composer
Best Fitness Playlist Composer
Belpop Classics Composer
Belpop 2021 Composer
Belpop Composer
Belgium Essentials Composer
Bass Generation: The Ultimate Trap & Dubstep Collection Composer
Back to the nineties Composer
Back to School Kids 2021 Composer
Baby Party Composer
As Crianças Amam Composer
As Crianças Adoram Composer
Alla tiders hits 80 & 90-talet Composer
Active Summer Composer
Active Spring Composer
Acoustic Clubbin': The Complete Sessions Composer
90s Summer Party Composer
90s Summer Anthems Composer
90s Party Anthems Composer
90s Dance Throwback Composer
90s Dance Hits [Universal] Composer
90's Throwback Party Composer
90's Party Mix [Universal] Composer
90's One Hit Wonders Composer
90's Mixtape Composer
90's Hits [Universal] Composer
90's Hits Night Composer
90's Hits Euro Dance Remix Classics, Vol. 2 Composer
90's Floorfillers Composer
90's Dance Hits [Universal] Composer
90's Club Hits Composer
80s New Year's Party Composer
80s Dance Classics Composer
80's Party Mix [Universal] Composer
80's Hits Night Composer
8-Bit Arena Anthems 8-Bit Misfits Composer
45 Minutes Workout Composer
45 Min Workout Composer
2022 Buon Anno Composer
2000's Dance Hits Composer
100% Éxitos: Verano, Vol. 2 Composer
100% Driving Composer
100 Dancefloor Hits: Spring 2014 Composer

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