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Year Album Artist
2015 Rivers and Streams Lubomyr Melnyk Mastering
2014 CI Diamond Version Mastering
2014 Is (Is Superpowered) Kyoka Mastering
2013 Moody Coup Co La Mastering
2012 All Moments Matt Carlson Mastering, Cut
2012 Ascetic Ideals Suum Cuique Mastering, Cut
2012 Assimilating the Shadow Ricardo Donoso Cut
2012 Elemental Demdike Stare Mastering
2012 Elemental Part 4: Iris Demdike Stare Mastering, Cut
2012 Fiorucci Made Me Hardcore/Greenscreenrefrigerator Mark Leckey Cut
2012 From Dusk to Dawn Pillow Mastering
2012 Micro Mega Strip Steve Mastering
2012 Music for Reliquary House/In 1980 I Was a Blue Square Rene Hell / Oneohtrix Point Never Mastering, Cut
2012 Panorama Bar 04 Nick Höppner Mastering
2012 Slime Code Sculpture Cut
2012 The Daphne Oram Tapes, Vol. 1 Daphne Oram Mastering, Cut
2011 Elemental Parts 1 & 2: Chrysanthe & Violetta Demdike Stare Mastering, Cut
2011 Fatty Folders Roman Flügel Mastering
2011 Felt Nils Frahm Cut, Master Lacquer
2011 In Aufruhr Extrawelt Mastering
2011 Owl Splinters Deaf Center Mastering, Cut
2011 Restless Format:B Mastering
2011 Sólaris Daníel Bjarnason / Ben Frost Mastering
2011 Waco Taco Combo Eric Copeland Mastering
2010 Forest of Evil Demdike Stare Mastering, Cut
2010 Liberation Through Hearing Demdike Stare Mastering
2010 Liumin Echospace Mastering
2010 Multistability Mark Fell Mastering
2010 Something That Has Form and Something That Does Not On Mastering
2010 UL8 Mark Fell Mastering
2010 Voices of Dust Demdike Stare Mastering
2009 The Black Book of Capitalism Sylvain Chauveau Remastering
2005 Bahian Coastal Highway Multicast Remastering, Mastering
Kippschwingungen Frank Bretschneider Mastering
Town in One Bodi Bill Mastering