Lukasz Pohl

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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Love Affair, for piano 04:12 Keyboard
First Love, for piano 02:13 Keyboard
For the Love of a Dog, for piano 03:50 Keyboard
Complicated Love, for piano 03:29 Keyboard
When someone loves you..., for piano 04:22 Keyboard
Love at First Sight, for piano 02:15 Keyboard
Romance with the Devil, for piano 07:53 Keyboard
Requited Love, for piano 02:40 Keyboard
Somebody is here... lost soul, for piano 03:45 Keyboard
Youthful Love, for piano 02:26 Keyboard
Anguish and Hope, for piano 03:00 Keyboard
Love Letter, for piano 02:00 Keyboard
Engagement, for piano 04:06 Keyboard
Unrequited Love, for piano 02:07 Keyboard
Dreams of a Little Boy, for piano 01:32 Keyboard
Possessive Love, for piano 03:30 Keyboard
Forgiveness, for piano 03:54 Keyboard
Fulfilled Love, for piano 02:38 Keyboard
Time Pressure, for piano 04:33 Keyboard
Undying Love, for piano 05:10 Keyboard
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