Luigi Cherubini

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Luigi Cherubini was an important contemporary of Beethoven whose greatest contribution was in the development of opera comique.
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Composition Highlights

Title Year Avg. Duration Genre
Requiem No.1 (à la mémoire de Louis XVI), for chorus & orchestra in C minor 1816 46:21 Choral
Médée (Medea), opera in 3 acts 1797 01:24:45 Opera
Symphony in D major 1815 29:00 Symphony
Mass No. 5, for chorus & orchestra in D minor 1811 25:10 Choral
Sonata (Concert Etude) for horn & strings (or piano) No.2 in F major 1805 06:58 Chamber Music
Harpsichord Sonata No.1 in F major 1780 10:21 Keyboard
Les Deux journées, ou Le porteur d'eau, opera in 3 acts 1800 01:06:58 Opera
Requiem No.2, for male chorus & orchestra in D minor 1836 51:05 Choral
Ave Maria, for soprano, clarinet (or English horn) & orchestra 1816 04:47 Vocal Music
Harpsichord Sonata No.6 in E flat major 1780 13:48 Keyboard
In Paradisum, antiphon for chorus 1820 07:51 Choral
Harpsichord Sonata No.2 in C major 1780 11:10 Keyboard
Funeral March, for orchestra 1820 05:47 Orchestral
Harpsichord Sonata No.4 in G major 1780 10:52 Keyboard
Harpsichord Sonata No.3 in B flat major 1780 10:38 Keyboard
Mass No. 11, for chorus & orchestra in A major ("For the Coronation of Charles X") 1825 49:45 Choral
String Quartet No. 1 in E flat major 1814 31:21 Chamber Music
Harpsichord Sonata No.5 in D major 1780 10:27 Keyboard
Sonata for 2 organs 1780 07:53 Keyboard
Veni, Jesu, Amor Mi, for chorus (spurious) 02:47 Choral
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