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Year Album Artist
2020 Curse of Entropy Teeth Vocals
2016 Pleiades' Dust Gorguts Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Logo, Composer
2010 Thee Arcane Progeny Sarcolytic Guest Artist, Vocals
2008 The Thin Line Between Neuraxis Guest Artist, Vocals
2004 Considered Dead/The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts Member of Attributed Artist, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Piano, Cover Art Concept, Logo, Composer
2003 Into the Blizzard Canadian Assault Composer
2001 From Wisdom to Hate Gorguts Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar (Rhythm), Assistant Engineer, Graphic Layout, Logo Design, Composer, Introduction, Lyricist
2001 Fire on the Brain, Vol. 1 Vocals, Guitar, Composer
1998 Six Feet Under [Disky] Composer
1998 Obscura Gorguts Lyricist, Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Viola, Artwork, Layout Design, Logo, Computer Graphics, Composer
1998 Metal Millenium Composer
1993 The Erosion of Sanity Gorguts Lyricist, Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Piano, Logo, Group Member, Composer
1991 Considered Dead Gorguts Liner Notes, Vocals, Guitar, Guitar (Acoustic), Design, Concept, Logo, Lead, Group Member, Composer
Nucleus Deeds of Flesh Guest Artist, Vocals, Featured Artist
Lifetime in Hell Wicked Maraya Vocals (Background)
Ecliptic Dimensions of Suffering Flesh Consumed Guest Artist, Vocals
Beyond the Flesh Skeletal Remains Composer

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